The Jehovah's Witness Cult

Charles Taze Russell,
founder 1879

Joseph "Judge" Rutherford, 2nd President

Watchtower Headquarters

Historical Background

Missing girl needs blood
Jehovah's Witnesses get DUMBO plan OK
Witness Protection
Moscow to ban Witnesses: Prosecutors call zealous group a 'totalitarian sect'
Watchtower building sold
Russia Bans Religious Group
Witnesses win door-to-door right
Changing tactics speed growth of Jehovah's Witnesses
Watchtower site may soon be up for sale
Ex-church elders get prison for bilking elderly woman
Cast out: Religious shunning provides an unusual
background in the Longo and Bryant slayings

Four Facing Jehovah Ouster
Trouble at the Watchtower
'Hypocrite' Jehovah's Witnesses abandon secret link with UN
Jehovah's Witnesses link to UN queried
Elder resigns, protests faith's policy on abuse charges
Molestation victim, parents think church elders let them down
Changing the Watch At the Watchtower
Foes: Witnesses bracing for lawsuits
Preaching "the good news" - door to door to door
Jehovah's Witnesses Cap Convention With Baptism
Jehovah's Witnesses: A growing phenomenon
Jehovah's Witnesses have said "the end" is "very soon" for more than a century
Jehovah's Witnesses prepare for convention
Framework for faith: Industrious spirit fuels Jehovah's Witnesses' growth
Jehovah's Witnesses hit back at French authorities
What in God's name is going on?
Questons Posed in the Italian Parliament.
Jehovah's Witnesses Decide the End is Fluid
Taxes Not Paid by Witnesses Cost City $10 Million a Year
What Could Be More Tempting Than An Exclusive Club Run By God Himself
Jehovah's Witnesses Build Center of Dairy Farm
The Pessimistic Sect's Influence on the Mental Health of Its Members
The Mental Health of Jehovah's Witnesses


Personal Stories

Book explores child abduction
Turn of Faith
"I no longer live in fear of 'Satan's World and everybody in it'"
Reaching Out To The Shunned
From Sex God to Doorstep Bible Basher
The End of the World Isn't Nigh
Witnesses cost me my family
"Awakened to the Watchtower"
Jehovah's Witnesses speak out: - Part 2
Keep the Faith or lose the Family - Part 1
Air Force examines personal relationships of pilot who killed himself
Mother Seeks Help to Get Girl Back, Accusation of Brain-Washing Leveled


Jehovah's Witnesses and the Courts

Judge Orders Transfusion for Florida Boy
Jehovah's Witnesses Granted Legal Status
Moscow court upholds ban on Jehovah's Witnesses
Seoul court allows Jehovah's Witnesses to skip military duty
Jehovah's Witnesses Contest Moscow Ban
Why did Jehovah's Witnesses pay the largest cash settlement in its history?
Father to sue over death of Jehovah's Witness
Court upholds decision to dismiss Jehovah's Witness lawsuit
Court Strikes Down Curb on Visits by Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witness suit
Moscow Jehovah's Witnesses back in court
Court Hears Jehovah's Witnesses
Sect Loses in Moscow Court
Court Hears Church Confession Case
Jehovah's Witnesses win Moscow test case, beat ban
Russia resumes test case on Jehovah's Witnesses ban
Abduction case teen may visit dad soon
Top German court backs Jehovah's Witnesses' appeal
Russian court loosens bonds on religious groups
Jehovah's Witnesses protest against French curbs
The right to practise what they preach
Russian Panel To Study Jehovah's
Russia To Hear Religion Appeal
Religious breakthrough
Jehovah's Witnesses Registered Under New Law
Russia Renews Jehovah's Witnesses
70 Greek NGOs call for reform of law on conscientious objectors
Judge calls for experts to study Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia
Jehovah's Witnesses on trial in Moscow face ban
Jehovah's Witnesses Case Postponed
Russia May Outlaw Religious Group
Jehovah's Witnesses under fire in Russia
Jehovah's Witness lawsuit tests Russia's religious freedom
The Theocratic War Doctrine: Why Jehovah's Witnesses Lie in Court
You've no right to die
Dealing with Jehovah's Witness Custody Cases


Sexual Abuse

Ruling offers new basis for suits against churches
Child abuse cases allege Jehovah's Witness cover-up
Church faces abuse complaints
Was church legally bound to report child abuse?
Divining Liability
Religious sect faces slew of molest cases
Group renews charge that Jehovah's Witnesses indifferent to sexual abuse
Lawsuits allege abuse
Annandale church isn't liable in abuse suit
News in brief from California's North Coast
Silent Lambs conference to confront child abuse
Fifth man alleges sexual abuse at Placer congregation
Jehovah's Witness elder abused girl
Woman who won $5,000 in a sex abuse suit against church must pay legal costs
Lawsuit filed against Jehovah's Witnesses Church
Abuse Suits Point at Jehovah's Witnesses
Defendant responds to sexual abuse allegations
Jehovah's Witnesses asking woman to pay legal costs in sexual abuse lawsuit
Judge awards woman $5K in civil suit against Jehovah's Witnesses
Judge: Elders not required to report abuse
Elder charged with sexual abuse
Trial jury clears elder
Hearing slated for suit against church
Another Church Sex Scandal
East Providence man pleads guilty to sexual assault charges
Judge: Sisters may pursue church case
Sexual Abuse and The Jehovah's Witness Faith
Abuse lawsuit brings forth new allegations
Trial ordered for Jehovah's elder
Transcript of CBC Fifth Estate Program on Abuse in Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses under fire for abuse
Ex-church elder linked to molest
A Biography of Mike Moss
Witnesses to Pain
Minister Charged With Sex Crimes
Suit charges church coverup
Abuse claims raised against religious group
Banned church member sues Jehovah's Witnesses
Excommunicated Jehovah's Witnesses speak out on church's handling of child abuse
Elders erred in abuse case, court told
Jehovah's Witness abuse trial nears end
Colleagues concealed sex abuse to protect 'clean image' of Witnesses: elder
Church made her cover up sexual abuse, woman says
Former Jehovah's Witness weeps as she describes abuse at hands of father
'Silentlambs' speak out about sex abuse
Sexual Abuse Allegations Within Jehovah's Witness Denomination
Storm in the hall
Woman sues church
Connie Chung Interview
Man vows to appeal Witnesses' expulsion
Bowen learns of disfellowship
Bowen observes hearing from afar
Jehovah's Witnesses accused of building 'paedophile paradise'
Minnesota women file lawsuit against Jehovah's Witnesses
Man loses bid to sue Jehovah's Witnesses over sexual abuse
Witness To Shame
Child abuse with the Jehovah's Witnesses
Sect demands biblical proof
Expose on Jehovah Witnesses Pedophile Cover-Up
A battle rises within Jehovah's Witnesses
Another church facing charges of sexual abuse
Jehovah's Witnesses downplay sex abuse, women say
Whistleblower could lose her church, family
Jehovah's Witnesses Kick Out Couple
Jehovah's Witnesses face sex scandal
Jail for Jehovah's Witness
Jehovah's Witnesses congregation in Othello sued in sex abuse case
More Sexual Abuse Suits Against Jehovah's Witnesses Will Follow, Predicts Ex-Church Elder & Legal Expert
Judge blasts church over sex offences

Jehovah Witnesses and Blood

"Moral insanity, sexual perversions, repression, inferiority complexes, petty crimes...often follow in the wake of blood transfusion." --Watchtower, September 15, 1961, Page 564

Battle over blood substitute — Jehovah baby ‘doing fine’
Father takes protest to Legislature
Dead teen's dad sues sect
'Every decision I make, I apply God's standards'
Jehovah's Witness loses fight to reject blood transfusion
Jehovah's Witness, 14, loses fight to refuse transfusions
Girl, 14, wheeled into court to fight transfusion
Suit against sect members can proceed
Court rules doctors can override patient's wish
Father of dead teen back in court and ready to fight
'You've got to believe'
Police order blood transfusion to save Jehovah Witness girl
A Matter of Faith
Lawsuit targets church
Man died after religious beliefs delayed vital op
Negligence suit rejected; Patient refused blood transfusions
Jehovah's Witness Died After She Decline to
Have Blood Transfusion

Court Ruling Allows Blood Transfusion
Religious mother turned down life-saving treatment
Jury sides with family of woman who refused transfusion
Blood transfusions would have saved woman's life, doctor says
Greenwich stabbing poses legal quandary
Man arrested in mother's murder on suicide watch
'Beating heart' avoids blood spillage
Jehovah's Witnesses, CPS reach agreement over baby's care
Irreconcilable beliefs shattered family
High court refuses appeal by Jehovah's Witness
Woman bled to death after refusing transfusion
Patient refusing life giving blood transfusion
Church lets faithful opt for PolyHeme
Blood substitute is surgical solution for church member
Family court no jurisdiction for Jehovah's Witness blood case
Cardiologist wins malpractice suit
Background on Jehovah's Witnesses teachings
Jehovah's Witness wins in French transfusion case
Jehovah's Witness girl who fought transfusions gaining strength
Dying Jehovah's Witness teen awaits word on high court appeal
Jehovah's Witness teen not expected to survive; blood transfusions halted
Teen wants quick decision from Supreme Court on transfusions
Teen forced to have blood transfusions called prisoner
Boy's parents tried to block blood transfusions, despite their son's critical condition
Ill teenager looks to U.S. to avoid transfusions
Judge orders teen continue transfusions
Study reveals alarming death rate among JW women!
Court Rules Doctors Can Ignore Patients' Will
When belief and blood disease clash
Baby battles for life as parents reject blood transfusion
Religion, medicine clash
Blood rule still binds the faith
Jehovah's Witnesses deny u-turn on blood transfusions
Witnesses to accept blood swaps
Jehovah's Witness gives up faith to survive
Jehovah's Witnesses considering lawsuit over blood transfusion
Doctors in standoff with parents of girl who needs blood
Jehovah's Witness died after refusing transfusion
Jehovah's witnesses allowed right to die
Standing up for beliefs
A religious tug-of-war
Ruling clarifies minors' rights
Sect's Transfusion Ban Puts Believer at Risk
Doctors Get Way on Transfusion For Witness Boy
Jehovah's Witness Bleeds To Death After Giving Birth
You've no right to die
Boy Dies As Judge Orders Transfusion For Him
Vital Signs


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