The Rockefeller Family Fortunes

A Trail of Conspiracy, Bloodshed, and Evil

Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil The Monarchy of Money!!!

The House of Rockefeller is, first and foremost, THE Invisible Government of the United States. Invisible Government is described as "predatory capital controlling the wheels of government behind a smoke screen." (Bealle, The House of Rockefeller, p. 69).

 Rockefeller Presidential Power Grab Revealed at Last!!

Colonel E. L. Drake drilled the first oil well in 1859.

Colonel E. L. Drake drilled the first oil well in 1859.

Oil Creek, Pennsylvania.

Oil Creek, Pennsylvania.

The first U.S. oil discovery was in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, by Colonel Edwin L. Drake in the year 1859. Subsequently , oil was discovered in Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, California and the last great find was in Alaska. The industry grew rapidly until by 1900 it was one of the largest in the country. The invention of the automobile with the gasoline engine made oil the one indispensable commodity.

In 1870, the Standard Oil Company was incorporated in Ohio by John D. Rockefeller. It was illegal under Ohio law (and almost every other State) to control a company in another State. Rockefeller managed to secretly buy up and control the independent oil producers and refiners.

In 1883, he moved the seat of empire to the Empire State and set up headquarters in the Metropolis of Mammon at 26 Broadway in New York City. There he set up a TRUST or HOLDING company and began to ruthlessly devour all the independent oil producers and refiners both nationally and internationally:

No. 26 Broadway, former home of Standard Oil.

No. 26 Broadway, former home of Standard Oil. Notice the step pyramid on top!!

  "At the lower end of the greatest thoroughfare in the greatest city of the New World is a huge structure of plain gray stone. Solid as a prison, towering as a steeple, its cold and forbidding façade seems to rebuke the heedless levity of the passing crowds, and frown on the frivolity of the stray sunbeams which in the late afternoon play around its impressive cornices. Men point to its stern portals, glance quickly up at the rows of unwinking windows, nudge each other, and hurry onward, as the Spaniards used to do when going by the offices of the Inquisition. The building is No. 26 Broadway" (Lawson, Frenzied Finance, p. 5).

Rockefeller in 1888.

Rockefeller in 1888.

John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

The world's first billionaire!!


Rockefeller in 1904. He lost ALL his hair from worrying that oil reserves were going to run out and ruin his empire!!

Rockefeller in 1904.

When the Jesuits were expelled from every Catholic country in Europe, their only refuge was Russia, Great Britain and the United States. Thousands of them flocked to this country to carry on their war against the Reformation under the banner of American tolerance and freedom of religion for all. Among them were the Morgans, Roosevelts and German Roggenfelders. Roggenfelder was later changed to Rockefeller to make the name sound less German and more American!!

Roggenfelder Mill in Arinheller, Germany, operated by Johann Roggenfeder. Johann was the great-grandfather of Rockefeller and he came to America in 1722.

John D. Rockefeller's birthplace at Richford, New York, about 150 miles from New York City.]

John D. Rockefeller's birthplace at Richford, New York, about 150 miles from New York City.

By this time the horrible 30 Years' War in Germany was over but the Jesuits were not about to give up. There next attach would be from within and would be aimed at political and financial penetration in order to destroy the Protestant and freedom-loving nations who had escaped Rome's grasp. The Rothschild Bank (founded 1742), which worked so closely with the Rockefellers in later years, was part of this conspiracy.

Rockefeller was 22 when the Civil War began. He refused to fight for the Union.

  Rockefeller was 22 and already wealthy when the Civil War began. He refused to enlist when President Lincoln asked for 75,000 volunteers. Like J. P. Morgan and the father of Teddy Roosevelt, he paid for a substitute to fight for him. He even refused his younger brother the measly sum of $75.00 to meet enlistment expenses. The Rothschild controlled National City Bank of Cleveland gave him his first loan.

Rockefeller Billions Began with BOOZE!!!

Rockefeller had a partner by the name of William M. Flagler. Flagler married the niece of a man named Stephen V. Harkness. Harkness owned a WHISKEY DISTILLERY. Rockefeller made a fortune by selling WHISKEY to the Union army:

"Rockefeller had been watching Flagler, his neighbor in the Case Block. He had shrewdly appraised the talents of that gentleman. But he had also perceived something else. Flagler had married the niece of a man who had lately made a great fortune. This man was Stephen V. Harkness. Harkness owned a distillery near Monroeville, Ohio. Toward the end of the war when the government was raking the land with a fine-tooth comb for values to tax, it fell naturally upon whiskey. John Sherman knew the government was going to put a heavy excise upon whiskey and he mentioned the fact to his friend, S. V. Harkness. Harkness needed nothing more than this tip. He proceeded to buy up with all the funds he could collect every barrel of whiskey he could lay hold of. When the tax was levied, Harkness found himself with an enormous amount of untaxed whiskeys which he could sell at the high prices exacted because of the tax. He promptly turned his investment into cash. This provided him with one of the amplest fortunes in Cleveland. Rockefeller knew of this adventure. And here was Flagler, Harkness' nephew by marriage, at Rockefeller's very door. Here was an entree to Harkness' treasure chest" (God's Gold, p, 134).

Rockefellers control U.S. oil industry

The first giant trusts or monopolies were formed by the Morgans and Rockefellers. The Rockefellers set about to created a huge oil monopoly which would completely dominate the industry. The invention of the automobile and the gasoline engine gave them a virtual stranglehold on the country. Instead of conserving oil and finding an alternative to the wasteful gasoline engine they encouraged waste and consumption of a non-renewable resource.

"As a member of the board of directors of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, William Rockefeller had long ago struck up a warm friendship with James Stillman, the president of the National City Bank. The latter, stirred at all he learned of the efficiency of the Standard Oil management, and of its hierarchic and centralized government, so much like that of the Roman Catholic Church, modeled his own bank after it. He bought Standard Oil stock and became one of the family. Sphinx like, autocratic, silent, he came closer always to the Rockefellers whom he so much resembled" (The Robber Barons, p. 399).

Rockefellers issue "U.S." Money!!!

The U.S. government does NOT issue the U.S. "paper" money. The Federal Reserve Notes are issued by the Rockefeller founded and controlled Federal Reserve Bank. It is a PRIVATE Bank and is not part of the U.S. government. The Federal Reserve Bank has the power to create money out of nothing and with access to unlimited credit has financed ALL the wars of the 20th century and will finance the coming aggression against Iraq.

Former home of William Rockefeller on Jekyll Island, Georgia, This was where the 3rd Bank was secretly chartered leading to the greatest theft of the people's money in all the long history of crime.


Federal Reserve Note. This is Rockefeller "money" even though it says "United States of America."

Article I, Section 10, U.S. Constitution:

No State shall coin Money, emit Bills of Credit, make any
Thing but gold and silver Coin as Tender in Payment of Debts.

Rockefellers control U.S. "medical" profession

Around the turn of the century, when the alien force was hijacking the American Government, the Rockefeller Institute also created a sinister monopoly of the American medical profession. It's director was Simon Flexner a German Jew/Jesuit "doctor."

Here is a quote from one of their propagandists named Abraham Flexner who was part of the Rockefeller Institute:

"...The curse of medical education is the excessive number of schools. The situation can improve only as weaker and superfluous schools are extinguished." (Abraham Flexner 1910).

There you have it . . . . too many medical schools producing too many doctors. In those days, medical students attended college for 2 years and then learned the healing arts from other doctors. To the monopolists however, this great system did not allow for 8 years of brainwashing in Jesuit controlled universities and colleges.

Rockefeller used the same tactics with the medical schools as he did with his business rivals: sell out or be forced to close. From about 160 medical schools the number was reduced by half.

Rockefeller buys Encyclopedia Britannica!!!

Yes! the Rockefeller Syndicate owns the venerable old Encyclopedia Britannica that so many people consider the "final authority." In 1890, Rockefeller took over a Baptist Seminary called Morgan Park Theological Seminary and renamed it the University of Chicago.

In 1900 the Encyclopedia was bought from the publishers in Scotland. The University of Cambridge now did the editing for the new owners across the pond.

We don't know how much he paid as he always used proxies or front men . . . but you can be sure that it was the lowest possible price... Roman Catholic editors were soon put to work expunging all derogatory references to Rome:

"The revision of the Encyclopedia Britannica was undertaken with a view to eliminate matter which was objectionable from a Catholic point of view and to insert what was accurate and unbiased. The whole of the 28 volumes were examined, objectionable parts noted, and the reasons for their deletion or amendment given. There is every reason to hope that the new edition of the Britannica will be found very much more accurate and impartial than its predecessors (Lies and Fallacies of the Encyclopedia Britannica., p. 4)."
And they did exactly that... All the true history of the Papacy, the Jesuits, and the infernal Inquisition were removed along with all derogatory references to vaccination.

Rockefeller "buys" U.S. Government!!!

Rockefeller and 1911.

On May 15, 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Standard Oil Cartel was a menace to the Republic and ordered it to be broken up:

"For the safety of the Republic we (U.S. Supreme Court) now decree that the dangerous conspiracy must be ended by Nov. 15, 1911 "(John D. A Portrait in Oils, p. 154).

Rockefeller vowed revenge against the U.S. and used his vast fortune to BUY the U.S. government.

The breakup of the Standard Oil monolith resulted in about 37 new companies. Rockefeller still secretly controlled them all by owning a voting majority of stock in the new corporation. Thus Standard Oil would be known as Standard Oil New Jersey (Exxon), Standard Oil New York (Mobil), Standard Oil Indiana (Amoco), Standard Oil California (Chevron), Atlantic Refining (Arco) etc., etc. It was business as usual at 26 Broadway — the headquarters of the giant.

3 years later they ordered the Kaiser to invade Belgium and start W. W. I. Their plan was to keep Germany and England fighting until the U. S. intervened. Herbert Hoover (another Standard Oil employee) was put in charge of the Belgium Relief Commission.

Rockefeller control over U.S. "Education."

Rockefeller "Education" Board in 1915.

Rockefeller "Education" Board in 1915.

  Trustees of the General Education Board, the first Rockefeller foundation, at a retreat in Rockland, Maine, in July 1915. Front row, from left: Edwin A. Alderman, Frederick T. Gates, Charles W. Eliot (former president of Harvard University), Harry Pratt Judson (president of University of Chicago), Wallace Buttrick (executive officer of the Board). Second row, from left: Wickliffe Rose (head of the Rockefeller public health programs), Hollis B. Frissell, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., E. C. Sage, Albert Shaw, Abraham Flexner. Third row, from left: George E. Vincent (president of the Rockefeller Foundation), Anson Phelps Stokes, Starr J. Murphy, Jerome D. Greene.

Rockefeller the "Christian"

"Baptist" Rockefeller with bodyguard marching in the Easter parade in 1907.

  Rockefeller had the perfect disguise. He was a devout Baptist "Christian" and attended church regularly. He even led a Sunday school class in the Fifth Avenue Baptist church in New York City. However, by the turn of the century he was also the most hated man in America. His "handlers" recommended an image change. It was then that he started giving millions to charity. Now in the Bible that Rockefeller read there is a verse that says:

"Therefore when thou doest thine arms (charity), do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what they right hand is doing" (Matthew 5:2-3).

By owning all the newspapers in the country he was able to sound the trumpet loud and clear about his charitable contributions. Rockefeller Junior even built a church in New York City called the Riverside Church. It was there that Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous anti-war speech!!

Rockefeller did not let his left hand know what his right hand was doing!!!

When Jesus told the people in His Sermon on the Mount not to let your left hand know what your right is doing, He was talking about giving to charity or doing good deeds. Ultra secretive Rockefeller took that verse and applied it to his business instead!!

A flyer that was distributed in the oil regions about the predatory practices of the South Improvement Co.


The South Improvement Co. was the forerunner of the Standard Oil Company. Everybody involved with the company was sworn to the strictest secrecy. Men were warned not even to tell their wives of their activities. J. P. Morgan and the Rothschild Bank already owned the railroads and they were giving illegal rebates to the S. I. Co. This had the effect of ruining the independent refiners and forcing them to sell out at a tremendous loss or face financial ruin!!


The South Improvement Company was the forerunner of Standard Oil. It was chartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and was a front for the counter-Reformation Rothschild Bank. It's sphere of activity was virtually limitless. (See History of the Standard Oil Co., Vol. I, by Ida Tarbell, pages 56 and 75).


The Twin Towers were called David and Nelson Rockefeller!!!

Governor Nelson Rockefeller (left) with Mayor John Lindsay inspect model of Twin Towers.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller (left) with Mayor John Lindsay inspect model of Twin Towers.

David and Nelson on Wall St. during Nelson's 1970 race for Governor of New York State.

David Rockefeller was Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and provied the finance for the Twin Towers.

David Rockefeller was Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and provided the finances for the Twin Towers.

"The country, then, or New York State, therefore possesses two architectural monstrosities single-handedly produced by rivalrous Rockefeller brothers at taxpayers' expense. For at the end of the line the taxpayer in both these cases foots the bill, as he does for everything else financial politicos devise. The two structures therefore represent a double screwing.
The two oppressive structures stand, one in New York City, the other in Albany, like giant bookends of the gods, with Rockefellerland-on-the-Hudson stretching in between, the home domain. In the meantime, ordinary citizens crawl along in the overpowering structural shadows like bugs, reduced in physical proportion to their true spiritual proportions in the established scheme of things: nothings, serfs. Neither structure is anything the psyche can humanly absorb. Each repels" (The Rockefeller Syndrome by Ferdinand Lundberg, p. 24).

The Twin Towers were affectionately named David and Nelson Rockefeller because they were the driving force behind their construction. Immediately after their demolition on 9-11-01, the Rockefeller Syndicate controlled Pentagon invaded Afghanistan and set up bases by the Caspian sea. Caspian sea oil, controlled by Russia, was the main competition to Standard Oil since 1890!!

"Russian competition was the subject of many top-level conferences at the headquarters of the Trust at 26 Broadway in New York. One of the methods of meeting the threat was price-cutting" (The Rockefeller Billions, p.165).

Rockefeller's father was a con-man

William Rockefeller, father of John D. was also known as "devil Bill."

William Rockefeller, father of John D. was also known as "devil Bill."

The tombstone of William Avery Rockefeller --a.k.a. Dr. William Levingston -- in Freeport, Illinois.

The tombstone of William Avery Rockefeller —a.k.a. Dr. William Levingston — in Freeport, Illinois.

William Rockefeller, father of John D. was also known as "devil Bill."

William Avery Rockefeller was the father of John D. His neighbors called him "devil Bill." He was a horse thief, a rapist and a bigamist. He had 2 families and 2 wives at the SAME time. He was a medicine man and ran a traveling medical road show which dispensed cancer cures to the ladies. He was known in some towns as "Doc" Rockefeller and in other towns as "Doc" Levingson. It was from his father that the son got his interest in "medicine."

Rockefeller and the Russian Revolution

Joseph Stalin (1879 - 1953).

Joseph Stalin (1879 - 1953). A Rockefeller Syndicate employee!!!


By 1880, the Vatican-Rockefeller-Standard Oil cartel completely dominated the domestic and foreign markets for kerosene. All competition was ruthlessly crushed by this juggernaut. Then a rival appeared in the form of Russian oil. A Swede named Robert Nobel built a refinery in BAKU on the Caspian sea. He began to produce cheaper and better oil but was shut out of European and world markets by Standard Oil.

Rapid growth in Russian oil production had been achieved despite political upheaval that had enveloped the country since the turn of the century, much of which had been centered in the country’s oil capital, BAKU.  Strikes by oil workers had been a regular feature of the protests against the Tsar in 1903 and 1904, and were a major factor in the 1905 revolution, in which the former Josef Dzhugashvili played a significant, anti-Tsarist role. As a result of his revolutionary activity he fostered in BAKU at that time, Dzhugashvili was exiled to Siberia.  Later, he would become better known as Josef Stalin.

Rockefeller and the U.N.

United Nations building in New York City.

United Nations building in New York City.

John D. Rockefeller, III, (right) presents a check in the amount of $8,5000,000 to Trygve Lie, First Secretary General of the United Nations. The money is to purchase the land on Manhattan Island which will house the U.N. building.

John D. Rockefeller, III, (right) presents a check in the amount of $8,5000,000 to Trygve Lie, First Secretary General of the United Nations. The money is to purchase the land on Manhattan Island which will house the U.N. building.


Rockefeller the Tightwad

Rockefeller golfing in Florida.

Rockefeller golfing in Florida.


"Moneybags" Rockefeller got "teed off" when he lost a golf ball in a water hole. He was such a tightwad, skinflint and miser even thought he was the world's first billionaire.  He was an avid golfer and:

"Around water holes, Rockefeller insisted that they switch to old golf balls and marveled at profligate players who used new balls in these treacherous places. "They must be very rich!" he told Ames" (Titan: the Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., p. 611).
The Creature from Jekyll Island (the evil Federal Reserve Bank)

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As is often the case, some of the most remarkable patriotic and religious speeches are made by the most hideous, disloyal and sinful of men. Adolf Hitler professed to be a Christian and gave some very convincing speeches to the German public, but history reveals a much, much darker side of Hitler. The following quotation is permanently inscribed in New York at the Rockefeller Center, which gives a very false impression of the man John D. Rockefeller.

Here is the entire John D. Rockefeller, Jr. quotation as inscribed at Rockefeller Center:

“I believe in the supreme with of the individual and in his right to
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that every right
implies a responsibility, every opportunity, an obligation; every
possession a duty.

I believe that the law was made for man and not man for the law; that
government is the servant of the people and not their master.

I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that he
world owes no man a living but it owes every man an opportunity to
make a living.

I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living and that
economy is a prime request of a sound financial structure, whether in
government, business or personal affairs.

I believe in the sacredness of a promise, that a man's word should be
as good as his bond; that character-not wealth or power or position-
is of supreme worth.

I believe that the rendering of useful service is the common duty of
mankind and that only in the purifying fire of sacrifice is the dross
(waste matter) of selfishness consumed and the greatness of the human
soul set free.

I believe in all-wise-and all-loving God, named by whatever name, and
that the individuals highest fulfillment, greatest happiness, and
widest usefulness are to be found in living in harmony with His will.

I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone
can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.”

Ronald Reagan is still praised by many Americans, especially naive Christians, as a great man of faith and integrity, but Reagan was no hero, neither was Oliver North, nor the Bush Family. The Bible says we can know men by their fruits (Matthew 7:16,20), whether they be good or evil. Don't judge a man by his fair speeches, but by his actions and accomplishments. Jesus said the Devil would send his messengers and servants as wolves in sheep's clothing.

Romans 16:18, "For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple."