Judaizers Need Light of Truth!

"Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they be sound in the faith: Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth."

(Titus 1:13-14)

For years many of you have written to me expressing questions and concerns about the explosive topic of the Jews and the nation of Israel. God has spoken to my heart on this matter and has compelled me to devote many hundreds of hours studying His Word, praying, and accomplishing research.

The Apostle Paul over and over tearfully warned the Christian Church about the "accursed gospel" of the Judaizers (Galatians 1). How sad that, today, the same Judaizer untruths and heresies are widespread.

Indeed, it being the last days, the chief and most blasphemous heresy found inside the Christian Church today involves the poisonous fables spread about by the Judaizers.

Doubly pitiful is that many sincere people have bought into the Judaizer doctrines. This is a telling sign that Jesus spoke the truth when he prophesied that in the end-time, the deception would be so seductive and smooth that, "If it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived" (Matthew 24:24).

The Number One Problem Plaguing the Church

I am persuaded that the "accursed gospel" (Galatians 1) of the Judaizers is the number one problem plaguing the weakened, apostate Christian Church. If a man or woman buys this lie, he will be sucked into believing every lie! This is the leaven that spoils the whole. The Judaizer Lie is the very Lie and Abomination that the Antichrist, the Son of Perdition, will someday soon declare from the pulpit of a rebuilt, unholy, last days Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem (see II Thes. 2).

Moreover, as I have demonstrated in my videos and audiotapes, the reconstructed, national House of Israel—Israel after the flesh—made up of Jews in Israel, in the U.S.A. and around the globe—is clearly identified in the prophetic Scripture as "Mystery, Babylon the Great."

This sordid, Christ-hating global Jewish Entity is the fount of almost every evil on earth. Indeed, I produce a mountain of evidence proving this in my groundbreaking video, Cauldron of Abaddon. The book of Revelation calls this Jewish Entity by the horrible, but descriptive, codename, "Sodom and Egypt" (Revelation 11:8). The Jewish Entity is the head of the fearsome satanic Beast that was once wounded in 70 AD, but lives. It is now using America as its proxy to conquer the Middle East by military force. No wonder God has called me to expose this hideous, all-destructive system of wickedness.

At God's urging, fully realizing that the very forces of hell would come against me for telling the truth, I have produced an entire series of powerful audiotapes and videos exposing the satanically led Jewish Entity. Scripturally based and packed with vital information, these are must have resources.

Please, order these audiotapes and videos, one at a time if you cannot afford all of them up front. If you are confused about the topic of the Jews and Israel or have questions, you desperately need these resources. Many Christian brothers and sisters have already written to report they have been blessed and inspired by them. Often, I am told by good Christians that never before had they understood the truths discovered. Truly, their lives are now changed.

Free At Last!

Especially poignant are the letters received from men and women who say they are uplifted and joyous in discovering that it is faith in Jesus Christ that brings the gifts of salvation and a new creation in Christ and that God is no respecter of persons. As one Christian sister wrote and exclaimed, "Finally, I am free. I know of my heritage. Before, I had bought into the lie that only Jews were God's Chosen. Now I recognize that I, a Gentile saved by grace, am one of God's Chosen, and that He loves all people. Yes, Texe, I have liberty in Christ. I am heir to the Promises given Abraham. Praise God!"

Yet another friend wrote and said, "Texe, when my friends and I read your more recent newsletter, we all rashly thought you had gone over the edge. We even concluded you were an anti-Semite. Boy, were we wrong!"

"After we received your newest audiotapes and videos and carefully studied the Bible verses you provided, we realized you were absolutely correct, inspired. God's Word does not lie. There are not two separate races of God's people, Jew and Gentile. Truly, we are all one in Christ Jesus. We had been misled by false teachers and had bought into the terrible dispensational lie that there is a wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles."

"Thanks to your God-inspired work, we are now able to discern the Truth. How wonderful for us to discover that God is not a racist! We understand now that born again Christians are truly God's Chosen and His elect. We now understand that born again Christians are chosen from all races and nations. Now we follow after the spiritual and not the carnal. Jesus is our only guide, and we are not in bondage anymore to the Rabbis and the "Christian" Judaizers. Thank you, Texe Marrs, for opening our eyes!"

And then there is the Pastor who wrote to thank me: "Your research has given me prophetic knowledge that I sorely lacked. I knew that the Jewish supremacist dispensationalist teachings of the Judaizers were wrong, even racist, but until I got your resources, I couldn't put it all together."

"Now," he continued, "I have the insight and understanding I need to teach my congregation the truth. From Genesis to Revelation, Bible prophecy has come to life for me. What a blessing!"

Power of Prophecy at Forefront Combatting Racism

And there's this telling letter from a Power of Prophecy friend: "Dear Texe, I can't tell you how much your biblical insight means to me. Your ministry is at the forefront in combatting the grievous sin and vice of racism and bigotry. You do not tolerate Jewish supremacism. Neither did Jesus and Paul. Galatians 3 says that God is no respecter of persons and that all who are Christ's are Abraham's seed. All! That means all of any race! Yours is the only ministry I know teaching this vital truth. Please keep preaching it. You have my warm and enthusiastic support!"

You see, dear friends, what is happening? In Daniel 12:10 is a promise from God. It says that in the last days, the wicked shall not understand. But, say the scriptures, God's people will understand! Wow! There you have it.

Pope John Paul II is a leader among the many "Judaizers" afflicting the Christian Church. This Pope has soft-pedaled the Masonic Lodge, a Jewish institution. He has also published The New Catholic Catechism, for the first time instructing all Catholics that the Jews do not need to convert to Jesus for salvation. The Pope is a bigoted racist who believes entirely in the heresy of Jewish blood supremacy.

For Fear of the Jews

For fear of the Jews, through-out the centuries so many Christians have cowered and hidden, afraid to speak the truth. Too frightened to acknowledge the Truth or to study the Word for themselves. And so, the majority have just compromised and gone along with the "Accursed Gospel" of the Judaizers, never realizing the acidic and corrosive effect this was having on their souls.

Power of Prophecy Ministries, however, is founded on the proposition that nothing else matters but Truth. Nothing! That's why the establishment hates me so much. That's why many vainly try their best to ridicule me and you, to intimidate and bully us. Being racists and bigots themselves, they love to call us names: "Conspiracy theorist! Anti-Semite! Accuser! Hater! Fearmonger!"

Well, too bad for them because I simply don't care what they say and write about Texe Marrs. And I don't believe what misguided people might say about you, either, dear friend. Only the Truth matters. Only that. As Jesus said, "The Truth shall make you free."

Let's Help The Ignorant

Sadly, most people who criticize and malign Texe Marrs have never read even one of my books. They've never listened to one of my audiotapes nor viewed a single one of my many videos. So, they are supremely ignorant-and willingly so. I forgive them their stupidity, but I refuse to get down into the mire and muck and wallow with them in the polluted mudpuddle of false doctrine.

You would be doing such people a great favor by giving them some of my books, tapes, and videos on this subject as gifts. It could just change their life. And even if they refuse your help, so what? You can't be faulted for doing your duty. Indeed, God praises His servants most of all simply for their faithfulness!

As a great Christian, John Quincy Adams, America's sixth President, once so sagely remarked, "Duty is mine. Consequences are God's." Thus, it is incumbent on each of us to shine the light of truth by exposing what the Apostle Paul warned are nothing more than "Jewish fables."