What is Humanism?

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ” (Colossians 2:8).

The pagan in Africa gets a piece of wood and builds him a god; the intellectual in the university gets his mind and builds himself a god.”
Dr. Jack Hyles, from the sermon titled, How We Got Here

By David J. Stewart

I have gleaned the following thoughts from listening to Pastor Jack Hyles' powerful and needful sermon, HOW WE GOT HERE. Dr. Hyles explains Romans Chapter one. Please listen to the MP3 sermon.

Anytime you find someone who denies Christ's deity, they are lowering Jesus to the level of humanity. That is humanism! Humanism is pulling God down and raising man up! Humanism is exalting man and bringing down God. When you have a little God and a big man, you have nothing but homosexuality, adultery, abortion, licentiousness and a wicked society. Idolatry is the forerunner of immorality and wickedness in any society. America turned idolatrous before she became immoral.

Anytime that man is exalted and God is lowered, apostasy results. This is why America is so evil today. We have brought God low in our schools, government, businesses and even churches. People today worship the church more than God. It is idolatry! People worship the body! People worship sports athletes and singers! We ought to love the church, but worship only God! We ought to love our families, but worship only God! We ought to praise the Lord continually. God alone deserves the place of worship in our heart.

Water baptism is good, but it's not the way of salvation. Don't worship baptism. Don't worship denominations. Don't worship men. Never put a man where only Jesus should be. Sometimes God takes from us the thing that you put in His place. Don't do it! Don't place anything over God in your mind. Intellectuals may not have an idol in their home, but they have an idol in their philosophies. They have an idol in their mind. WORSHIP ONLY GOD!!!

“Humanism is mental idolatry.” Dr. Jack Hyles, from the sermon titled, How We Got Here

Humanism is spreading today like an infectious disease, invading every area of America. It has rooted itself into our educational system and is attacking our nation’s most precious resource - our children.

The concepts of secular humanism are subtly dulling our national consciousness and are seen in radical feminism, the homosexual rights movement and the clamor for the individual right to abortion and suicide, the total exclusion of the right to prayer in public life and public schools.

Many intellectuals in some of our most prestigious institutions champion its philosophy. Humanism has infiltrated our nation news media and is assaulting our homes and families. Even in our religious ranks, some pastors denounce its concepts from the pulpit, while others embrace it.

Humanism contradicts and undermines our most sacred Christian beliefs. It is a well-planned false
“religion” which denies the very existence of God. It’s roots may be traced back as far as the middle ages.
The following humanistic beliefs are taken from the “Humanist Manifesto I,” written in 1933 by a group of 34 humanist liberals, and “Humanist Manifesto II,” written in 1973. These two published papers clearly define and set forth the basic concepts of humanism.

What do humanists believe about creation?

“Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.” Manifesto I.

How do humanists account for creation and man?

“Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he emerged as the result of a continuous
process.” Manifesto I.

“Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by modern science makes unacceptable any supernatural or cosmic guarantees of human values...Religion must formulate its hopes and plans in the light of the scientific spirit and method.” Manifesto I.

What does Humanism say about Christianity?

“We believe...that traditional dogmatic or authoritarian religions that place revelation, God, ritual, or creed above human needs and experience do a disservice to the human species... We find insufficient evidence of a supernatural; it is either meaningless or irrelevant to the question of the survival and fulfillment of the human... While there is much we do not know, humans are responsible for what we are and what we become. “No deity will save us; we must save ourselves.” ManifestoII.

Where do humanists look for their moral values?

“We affirm that moral values derive their source human experience. Ethics is autonomous and
situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction...We strive for the good life, here and now.” Manifesto II.

What does the humanist consider to be “the good life?”

“In the area of sexuality, we believe that intolerant attitudes often cultivated by orthodox religions and puritanical cultures, unduly repress sexual conduct. The right to birth control, abortion, and divorce should be recognized...the many varieties of sexual explorations should not in themselves be considered ‘evil.’” Manifesto II.

What other individual rights does humanism support that contradict Christianity?

“...It also includes a recognition of an individual’s right to die with dignity, euthanasia, and the right to suicide.” Manifesto II.

To what does humanism give its first allegiance?

“At the present juncture of history, commitment to all mankind is the highest commitment to which we are capable; it transcends the narrow allegiances of church, state, party, class, or race in moving toward a wider vision of human potential...” Manifesto II.

Humanism believes that man is the saviour of the world. Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is our only salvation. Paul, in Romans 1:25, could well have been speaking about religious humanism,

“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

Humanism has become the enemy’s stronghold. The Bible teaches that we are to FIGHT the enemy; to CAPTURE his strongholds; to OCCUPY his strongholds. Because humanism has entrenched its concepts in so many areas of our lives, we must fight on all fronts. The most strategic area of humanistic influence is in our educational system. It is the front line - the bottom line.

HUMANISM is spreading like a cancer across our nation. It is ruining our most precious resource, our children. Public schools are turning out millions who can’t read or figure above elementary school level.

Armed forces had to change instruction manuals so a 6th grade child could understand them. Most high school graduates can’t hold well paying jobs. Well, if they don’t teach what we always expected them to, what DO they teach? Children are made very much aware that modern educational concepts permit the pupil to feel that there are no rules, no right or wrong about anything. The individual makes his own rules. No old fashioned restraints. Just do what comes naturally.

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