Who said a Christian Can't be a Mason?

by Harmon Taylor

       The Hebrew word “Messiah” and the Greek word “Christ” both mean anointed; usually a consecrated person. When applied to Jesus, it means “God's anointed One.” The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is the Christ in many places but the most definitive statements are found in Mark 14:61, 62; Matthew 16:15-17; and John 4:25, 26.

1 John 2:22, 23 says, “who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the Antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father, the one who confesses the Son has the Father also.” Revelation 21:8 says that the unbelieving and liars will all be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone.

Masonic tradition teaches the worship of the supreme God, the Great Architect of the Universe. Who is this God? Investigate the words of Albert Pike, 33rd degree Mason and author of Morals and Dogma, p.226: "Masonry, around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahmin, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalim, must needs leave it to each of its Initiates to look for the foundation of his faith and hope to the written scriptures of his own religion.

God teaches in Exodus 20:3-5, that “You shall have no other gods before Me, you shall not make for yourself an idol... you shall not worship them or serve them...”
In Judges 1 and 2, the Israelites did not drive out the followers of false gods and God's verdict was, “They shall become as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare to you.” (Judges 2:3) God's commandment to us as Christians is not only should we not be bound together with unbelievers, (2 Corinthians 6:14-17) but we should seek to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20) by preaching the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.
Freemasonry is in direct conflict with the Bible in that Masonry condones communal worship of a generic deity:
"To respect all forms of worship, to tolerate all political and religious opinions; not to blame, and still less to condemn the religion of others; not to seek to make converts; but to be content if they have the religion of Socrates; a veneration for the Creator, the religion of good works, and grateful acknowledgment of God's blessings." (Morals and Dogma, p.333)
In order for Masonry to be acceptable to all faiths, it is necessary to relegate the Bible to a position of equality among all religious books:
"The Book of the Law shall be an indispensable article of the lodge furniture. This book, however, need not necessarily be the Holy Bible; but according to the religious faith of the members of the lodge. It may be the Koran, the Zend Avesta, or the Vedas or Shasters. (The Freemasons Pocket Companion, p.44-45)
This statement, by implication, makes Jehovah God one god equal to many; an interesting situation for the Masonic Christian whose all-knowing God knows of no others (Isaiah 44:8).
The final straw is laid on the proverbial camel's back when the deity of Jesus is denied by Albert Pike. On page 524 of Morals and Dogma, he states;
"We do not undervalue the importance of any Truth. We utter no word that can be deemed irreverent by anyone of any faith.
Jesus, in John 14:6, declares Himself to be the Truth, exclusively.
In the same paragraph, Pike makes the blasphemous statement:
“And as little do we tell the sincere Christian that Jesus of Nazareth was but a man like us, or His history but the unreal revival of an older legend."
In one paragraph, he destroys the very foundation of Christian beliefs and then, as if he was totally oblivious to his own writings, states on the facing page:
"Thus Masonry disbelieves no truth, and teaches unbelief in no creed, except so far as such creed may lower its lofty estimate of the Deity, degrade Him to the level of the passions of humanity" (Morals and Dogma, p.525)
The Gospel of the Bible is a gift to us from God and available to all who simply believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Redeemer, the one who died for sins and is resurrected. Christianity does not require a special meeting place to conduct secret rituals that are sealed with blood oaths (Matthew 5:34-37; Luke 12:1-3).
At your next lodge meeting, ask yourself if you are worshiping the Great Architect of the Universe, the God of all religions, or are you truly worshiping Jehovah God, the one true God of the Bible. If your answer is the latter, then you must ask yourself if your presence in the lodge is truly honoring and glorifying your God.
In answer to the question, "Who said a Christian can't be a Mason?", a modern paraphrase could be made from the words of God's prophet Elijah: "How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if the "Great Architect of the Universe" is God, follow him" (1 Kings 18:21).
And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name (besides Jesus) under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. He who has ears to hear, let him hear (Acts 4:12; Mark 4:9).

A Pastor and Freemasonry: What's a Pastor to do?

I write this article as a pastor and as a former Mason. I served as head of Welcome Lodge in Amsterdam, New York in 1980, and as Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York from 1983. Then a Christian brother's witness caused me to flee and to study the roots of Freemasonry. The more I have studied since November 25, 1984 when I renounced Freemasonry, the more embarrassed I have become that I was ever a member, much less spiritual supervisor of 150,00 Masons in New York State.
Pastors need to consider the relationship of their church, their ministry and their flock relative to Freemasonry. Masons are in the pulpits, in other positions of leadership in the church and in the pews. In every case they are either grossly deceived as I was for eleven years, or they are not truly Christians.
Charles G. Finney, the greatest of the 19th Century evangelists, left Freemasonry when he acknowledged Christ as Savior and Lord of his life. He wrote a book on the subject of Freemasonry. It has been reissued by Crown Publication, Burlington, Ontario, Canada under the title, The Antichrist of the Masonic Society. On page 139 he states:
"God hold the church and every branch of it, responsible for its opinions and actions in accordance with the best light, which, in His providence, is afforded them.
"While Masonry was a secret, the church had no light, and no responsibility respecting it... Hence God did not require the church to bear any testimony on the subject as long as Masonry was secret. "Freemasonry is now revealed. It is no longer a secret from any who wish to be informed.
"Since these revelations (the rituals) have been made, and both the church and the world can know what Masonry really is, God demands, and the world has a right to expect, that the church will take due action and bear a truthful testimony in respect to this institution. She cannot now innocently hold her peace. The light has come. Fidelity to God, and to the souls of men, require that the church, which is the light of the world, should speak out, and should take such actions as will plainly reveal her views of the compatibility or incompatibility of Freemasonry with the Christian religion.
"...How can we fail to pronounce Freemasonry an anti-Christian institution? .. Its morality is unchristian, ... its oath-bound secrecy is unchristian, .. taking of its oaths are unchristian, ... Masonic oaths pledge its members to commit most unlawful and unchristian acts, deliver each other from difficulty whether right or wrong, favor Masonry in political action and business transactions, sworn to retaliated, to persecute unto death the violators of Masonic obligations, ...its oaths are profane, the taking of the name of God in vain, ...the penalties of these oaths are barbarous and even savage, ...its teachings are false and profane, ...its design is partial and selfish, is an enormous falsehood.
"If churches who are known to have examined the subject withhold their testimony; if they continue to receive persistent and intelligent Freemasons; if they leave the public to infer that they see nothing in Freemasonry inconsistent with a creditable profession of the Christian religion, it will be justly inferred by other…churches, and by the world, that there is nothing in it so bad, so dangerous and unchristian as to call for their examination, action, and testimony.
"It is almost universally conceded that persistent Freemasons, who continued to adhere and cooperate with them, ought not to be admitted to Christian churches."
What shall we as pastors say to our flocks that contain perhaps a great number of professed Christians who are Freemasons? Again we look to Brother Finney: "Let them (Freemasons) have no more to do with it. Let Christian men labor with them, plead with them, and endeavor to make them see that their duty is to abandon it."
To these words of Brother Finney I can lend an "AMEN" What can pastors do? They can receive this article into their hands, perhaps from one of their lambs, and prayerfully consider it. They can study at their library. Albert Pike, Albert Mackey, 33rd degree, Henry Wilson Coil, 33rd degree, and Arthur Edward Waite are all recognized authorities by State Grand Lodges. They may contact me or this ministry for further information. They can read an excellent sermon, "Freemasonry and Christianity" by Dr. Alva J. McClain, founder and first president of Grace Theological Seminary.
A pastor is accountable to God Almighty for Christ's sheep in their flock. I would never become involved in Freemasonry if a pastor had preached even the poorest of sermons against Freemasonry in my youth. If he even whispered in my ear! I spent eleven years in Masonry. I defended it to my family, my church, my colleagues. God forgive me!
Thank God my teenagers didn't swallow my line. One went and educated himself and both of them prayed, one for four years, and one for two years, that I might be set free from the abomination of the cult of Freemasonry. The day came when a Christian brother and former Mason, had the courage to risk our friendship. He opened up his Masonic bible and shared the Light as he there had found it in Jesus, the Light of the World. That Light showed the light of Freemasonry to be darkness and deception. Each verse he shared brought out Masonic debris like "Salvation by Works" from the closets of my life. With the living room of my life now cluttered with the false doctrines of Freemasonry, I renounced it that very day! I will never forget the joy in the voices of my children as I told them over the phone! I will never forget the tears on my mother's cheeks as she exclaimed, "Another prayer answered! One more to go before I die!" Yes, and the joyous embrace of my obedient wife!
In the year after I renounced Freemasonry, I personally sat with each Mason in my congregation and shared my testimony. Most defended the Fraternity. Some even began a campaign against their pastor. So be it! "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!" Some left their positions of authority in the church without ever being asked. On October 13, 1985 I delivered a sermon entitled, "Mixing Oil With Water - Christianity & Freemasonry." That light exposed the darkness of Masonry and unrenouncing Masons still in positions of authority fled in shame. In their place God sent new people literally from across this country to take up the slack. Finances that were threatened by these Masonic families, instead, increased by 40%! The pledging units increased by 25%! Pastor, stand for God and He will bless!
I thank God for Bible-believing pastors. If you are one, know that in love I say to you, "Pastor, you preach the Word with me! Yes, there will be opposition. In the world you will have tribulation, said Jesus, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world."
Preach boldly as we are instructed in Acts 18:9, Col. 1:28, 2 Tim. 4:2-5, Heb. 2:11. Know that there will be rewards for any persecution that you may face as recorded in James 1:3, 12.
Pastor, did you know that Freemasonry will not permit the Name of Jesus to be used in any regular and well governed Lodge? Did you know that when they use a passage such as 1 Pet. 2:5 or 2 Thessalonians 3:6, they delete the phrase that includes the name of our blessed and only Savior, Jesus Christ? That is not just an oversight, as reference to it states (*slight, but necessary modifications have been made). Would you call deleting Jesus Christ a "slight" or "necessary" modification? No! No Christian should! 1 John 2:22-23 says "Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is Antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also." Read also 1 John 4:2 in relation to this same thought.
Pastor, Hosea 4:6 declares, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."
As fellow pastors, we must agree that we do not want to see anyone perish. Certainly, not the lambs in our own flock! Labor with me. As I share with you, 433 men have renounced Masonry and are living more productive Christian lives. They discovered that the "friendships" of the Lodge were based on a Masonic bond and not upon genuine friendship. In every instance they found Christians coming forward who had held back from fellowship with them, not knowing how to confront their Christian brother in his error. Without exception, they have confessed that their present friends are more genuine and more fulfilling to their lives than what they thought they had in the fraternity.
If you have Masons in the membership of your church, you, as pastor, need to become educated and confront them in love. I was delivered from my love of Freemasonry and left with an abiding love for Masons. I pray daily for their release from the cult of Freemasonry. With prayer, preparation, and sharing, they will come out of either Freemasonry or the Church.
Dwight L. Moody said, “I do not see how any Christian, most of all a Christian minister, can go into these secret lodges with unbelievers. They say they can have more influence for good: but I say they can have more influence for good by staying out of them, and reproving their evil deeds. Abraham had more influence for good in Sodom than Lot had.”
For this, D. L. Moody was challenged, “If you talk this way, you will drive all the members of secret societies out of your meetings and out of our churches.”
To this the bold pastor proclaimed, "But what if I did? Better men will take their places. Give them the truth anyway, and if they would rather leave their churches than their lodges, the sooner they get out of the churches, the better. I would rather have ten members who are separated from the world than a thousand such members. Better one with God than a thousand without Him."
If you are a pastor, thank you for listening and may God bless you as you serve Him and your flock for the glory of God. If you are a layman, your pastor needs your support and your help. Pray for your Pastor; then share this article. Continue to pray with expectation for your pastor and be ready to assist your pastor in proclaiming the Truth and setting free the oppressed.

A Grand Chaplain Speaks Out

REV. Harmon R. Taylor — Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of the state of New York Grand Chaplain 1983-1984: Dear Servant of God, knowing that you desire to serve the Lord with all your heart, I share this letter with you. Perhaps you have been struggling with the same situation. On November 22nd, I sent the facts contained in this letter to all Masonic bodies of which I am a member. I invite you to prayerfully read it. It will explain why I as a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York am requesting a demit from all bodies of the Masonic fraternity. There is much more that I could share. I would be happy to share more if it will help you in the Lord's service.
Many have asked me if Freemasonry is a religion. I have always responded "No". Others have told me that it is a religion. Study has revealed the fact that learned writers in the fraternity say Masonry is a religion. The Lord Jesus Christ said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word is established" (Matthew 18:16). In order to be brief, I will quote only four Masonic authorities that masonry is a religion.
1. Albert Mackey, one of the most well known Masonic authorities, wrote in A LEXICON OF FREEMASONRY (Pg. 402): "The religion, then, masonry, is pure theism...".
2. Albert Pike, the most important of all American Masonic authorities wrote in MORALS AND DOGMA (Pg. 213-214): "Every Masonic lodge is a temple of religion, and its teachings are instructions in religion... this is true religion revealed to the ancient patriarchs; which masonry has taught for many centuries, and which it will continue to teach as long as time endures."
3. J.S.M. Ward, a Masonic authority who has written several important books on masonry, wrote in his book FREEMASONRY: ITS AIMS & IDEALS (Pg.185): "I consider freemasonry is a significantly organized school of mysticism to be entitled to be called a religion." Ward continues on page 187, "Freemasonry...taught that each man can by himself, work out his own conception of god and thereby achieve salvation." It holds that there are many paths that lead to the throne of the all-loving father which all start from a common source. Freemasonry believes, according to Ward, "that though these paths appear to branch off in various directions, yet they all reach the same ultimate goal, and that to some men, one path is better and to other, another."
4. "Frank C. Higgins, a high mason, wrote in ANCIENT FREE MASONRY (Pg.10), "It is true that Freemasonry is the parent of all religion." These Masonic witnesses all agree in their doctrine that masonry is, indeed, a religion. It is necessary now to ascertain whether masonry is a true religion or a false religion. In an article entitled, "HOW TO RECOGNIZE A FALSE RELIGION" (Faith for the Family Nov/Dec 1974), a prominent Christian leader wrote: "All false religions, have some things in common. Here are three simple tests by which any religion should be judged:
FIRST: What is its attitude toward the Bible?
SECOND: Any religious teaching should be tested by this question; What is its attitude toward Jesus Christ?
THIRD: In judging a religious system, we should ask, What is its attitude toward the blood of Jesus Christ!
According to these three tests, masonry is a false religion manifesting a satanic attitude toward the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. In order to establish this charge, keep in mind the Word our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established."
Please consider now the testimony of Masonic authorities which reveal Masonry's satanic attitude toward the Bible, the Deity of Jesus Christ and the vicarious atonement for the sins of mankind by the shedding of Christ's blood on the cross.
Joseph Ford Newton, a famous authority and writer, in an article entitled "The Bible and Masonry" wrote: "The bible so rich in symbolism is itself a symbol...thus, by the very honor which masonry pays the Bible, it teaches us to revere every book of faith in which men find help for today and hope for tomorrow, joining hands with the man of Islam as he takes his oath on the Koran, with the Hindu as he makes covenant with God upon the book that he loves best."
Albert Pike, in Morals and Dogma, wrote (Pg.718): "Masonry propagates no creed except it's own most simple sublime one; that universal religion, taught by nature and reason." One who is truly born-again can see from the above statement that masonry totally rejects the doctrine of an infallible, God-breathed, inerrant Bible.
According to the second test, masonry is a false religion because it totally rejects the crucial doctrine of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
J.D. Buck, M.D., another Masonic writer of importance, in his book Symbolism of Mystic Masonry wrote (Pg.57): "In the early Church as in the secret doctrine, there was not one Christ for the world but a potential Christ in every man. Theologians first made a fetish of the impersonal, Omnipresent divinity; and then tore the Christos from the hearts of all humanity in order to Deify Jesus; that they might have a God-Man particularly their own."
One would have to look far and wide in the writings of false teachers to find statements more blasphemous than this about the person of Jesus Christ, my Lord.
According to the third test, masonry is a false religion because masonry dogmatically rejects the doctrine of salvation from the penalty of sin by faith in the vicarious atonement of Christ's shed blood on the cross.
Thomas Milton Steward, another Masonic author, in his book “Symbolic Teaching on Masonry and Its Message”, to support his doctrine quoted favorable an apostate Episcopal minister who wrote (Pg.177): "Did Jesus count Himself, conceive of Himself as a proprietary sacrifice and of His work as an expiation? The only answer possible is, clearly, He did not...He does not call Himself the world's priest, or the world's victim."
Salvation by faith in the vicarious atonement are not "ignorant perversions of the original doctrines" as masonry teaches, but they are vital ingredients of the glorious Gospel of Christ, which is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.
Therefore, masonry fails all three tests. It manifests a satanic attitude toward the Bible, the deity of Christ, and the vicarious atonement. In addition to failing these tests, there is much more proof that masonry is a false religion.
For instance, Henry C. Clausen, 33 decree, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33 Decree mother council of the world, in the NEW AGE, November, 1970, (Pg.4) wrote regarding masonry: "It is dedicated to bringing about the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man, and making better men in a better world." The doctrine of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man is not found in the Bible. It is a doctrine taught consistently by apostates. Also, the Bible makes it crystal clear that no organization, masonry included, can make better men. Only God can make better men!
According to a Masonic creed, found in the Masonic Bible, masonry teaches that "character determines destiny."
The teaching that character determines destiny is a false doctrine of the arch deceiver of souls. The Bible says: "There is none that doeth good," and "For by Grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast."
Masonry is anti-Christian in its teachings. For example, J. M. Ward in “FREEMASONRY - ITS AIMS AND IDEALS” wrote (Pg.187): "I boldly aver that freemasonry is a religion, yet it no way conflicts with any other religion, unless that religion holds that no one outside its portals can be saved."
Ward, in his statement, reveals the fact that masonry has no conflict with any apostate religion on the face of the earth, but he also reveals that masonry is in conflict with Christianity.
The Bible says: "Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).
Jesus said: "No man cometh unto the Father but by Me." (John 14:6).
The Bible is plainly teaching that there is only one way to heaven and it is Christ.
A prominent college president said of masonry: "It is a Luciferian religion. We are fully aware of its diabolical origin and purpose. I believe that any born-again Christian, when the facts from the lips of Masonic writers themselves are presented showing that masonry is a religion and is the worship of Satan, will immediately withdraw."
To this I must add my hearty agreement. The God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only True and Living God, has clearly commanded Christians:
"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, and swear not at all, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."
Charles Finney, the famed evangelist who God used to bring a revival in America in the 1830's, in his book, FREEMASONRY wrote (Pg.115): "Surely, if masons really understood what Masonry is, as it is delineated in these books, no Christian Mason would think himself to remain at liberty to remain another day a member of the fraternity. It is as plain as possible that a man knowing what it is, and embracing it in his heart, cannot be a Christian man. To say he can is to belie the very nature of Christianity."
For me, the signs of the time compared with Scripture, make it likely that we are living in the last days. Satan is hard at work trying to hinder believers' spiritual growth, as well as trying to keep the unsaved from entering God's Family. Freemasonry, I have come to believe, is one of Satan's master deceptions. Many ministers, elders, deacons, trustees, and Sunday School teachers belong to this cult. Today, my membership ends! Today, a new ministry begins. There is a tremendous need to scrutinize the cultic nature of Freemasonry in view of the massive infiltration of its effects on the working body of the Church. It should be exposed to the True Light - Jesus Christ!

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