Evolution is NOT Science

by David J. Stewart



"O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:" -1st Timothy 6:20

I frequently receive e-mails from evolutionists who accuse me of being ignorant of science.  The absurdity of their accusations rests in the FACT that evolution is NOT based upon science, but rather upon unproven speculations.  "Science" means "to study."  How can you study something that doesn't exist?  How can you call evolution science if it cannot be studied?  Evolution is a THEORY, not science.  The reason why evolution is only a theory is simply because no one can prove that it ever happened. 


If you ever sit down and take the time to ponder over some of the teachings of the evolutionists, you'll then realize the foolishness of the whole theory of evolution.  For example: The evolutionists teach that a giraffe has a long neck because it "evolved" over millions of years as a result of the animal trying to reach the food high up in the trees with it's mouth.  Evolutionists teach that the animal's neck grew as a means of survival.  The absurdity of such bizarre conclusions is obvious to the thinking individual.  If the animal had a short neck to begin with, then what did it eat for millions of years?  Obviously it would have had to eat food from off the ground. 


Furthermore, if the "natural selection" hypothesis held by the evolutionists is true, then why don't horses and zebras have long necks like the giraffe today?  Why would only the giraffe have had a need to reach the trees for food?  This question alone nullifies the entire idea of the survival of the fittest.  What the evolutionists would lead us to believe just doesn't make sense, not common sense or scientific sense.  Again, there is nothing scientific about evolution.  Evolution CANNOT be repeated, CANNOT be tested, CANNOT be observed, Cannot be studied...it is NOT science.


God's creation is able to be studied, it is science.  Evolution makes huge ASSUMPTIONS which cannot be studied.  The only FACT which the evolutionists know for sure about the MISSING LINK is that it is STILL  MISSING.