When looked at today’s Western media attentively, one frequently comes across with news on the theory of evolution. Big media organizations, well-known publishing organs periodically bring this subject into the agenda of the day. The method they employ implies that this theory is an absolute reality proven as to leave no cause for discussion. The most employed “news cliché” is that the “lost link” in the evolution chain is completed with a recently found fossil. According to these news, especially, a skull found in some corner of the world becomes the most striking proof of the “ape-like ancestors” of the human. Sometimes, articles appear which do not take evolution as a single subject but takes it as a reference. In most articles dealing with any subject related with biology, the theory of evolution referred to as a definite and absolute reality. 

This propaganda campaign relies on two basic sources operating in cooperation; the “scientists” bound to the theory with great devotion, and the media who present their works to the world as absolute truths. 

Well, why is this dual propaganda carried out in such an insistent manner? As we have examined in the previous chapters, evolution is a theory which has been continuously proven false by science’s own criteria, and which is unaccredited to the utmost degree. In this case, these two basic sources of the propaganda should quit their devotion to evolution, and look for new explanations. However, they continue to defend evolution insistently and force the masses to admit it. 


Since evolution is denied by science, dedication to this theory cannot be explained by scientific causes. Therefore, we have to look for the answer of this question somewhere else. Since the dedication of an important part of the media and science circles to the theory does not carry a scientific meaning, then, there only remains a political, social and ideological cause to consider. 

 Cultural Hegemony 

When we look at political science in order to make a critique on this issue, we come across with some interesting theories. One of these is the “hegemony theory” developed by some political scientists in this century. 

According to this theory, the powers dominating over modern societies do not control the masses they take under their hegemony by using power. They use a more effective method than power: Persuasion. This persuasion process is effected in a quite indirect way. The directed masses learn to evaluate the world through the criterias and measures of their directors. This learning process is realized by some mechanisms set up by the directors. The theory takes this formation it names as ''cultural hegemony'' to be the most important substructure of the political hegemony. 

What makes this theory interesting for us is the fact that this theory defines ''the intellectuals'' as one of the most interesting means employed for the so-called cultural hegemony. According to this, the powers establishing hegemony over the society use an important part of the people known as intellectuals to impose their world-view. Each of these “enlightened people” happen to become supporters who defend the world-view legitimizing the hegemony order. At this point, the cultural hegemony theory draws attention particularly to the academicians, that is, in other words, to the ''scientists''. According to this, ''political society (that is, the powers directing the politics) penetrates to the academic world to such effective extent'' that the members of this world become the defenders of the official ideology befitting the interests of the political society. 

Therefore, these enlightened people or scientists, convey the public not the bare realities, but the doctrines shown to be realities by the hegemony owners. In this way, they can sometimes even create an entirely imaginative world. 

An important contribution made to the cultural hegemony theory comes from the American political and linguistics scientists, Noam Chomsky. Chomsky points out to a new mechanism, which becomes the biggest means of this hegemony. Mass communication means or with its more widespread name media. According to Chomsky, in the “democratic” capitalist societies, media is a means of  “thought control”. It is in very close relations with the power holders and responsible of conveying to the public not the realities, but the knowledge only found to be appropriate for their learning. The ones found to be inappropriate for their learning are carefully concealed. These remarks carry the bare signs of a central “thought control”. Chomsky gives numerous examples for this “thought control” in very detailed studies he made on the American media. 

When we consider these theories on cultural hegemony and thought control altogether, we end up with an important and considerable consequence: In the modern societies of the modern age we live in, there is some sort of a “brain washing” program led by the dominating powers of society. The masses are imposed the world-view which lay a basis for the political power of these dominating authorities. Two of these brain washing means are especially of great importance: Intellectuals and media. (Doubtlessly, this does not mean that all the intellectuals and the media are the means of the dominating powers. Both “independent” intellectuals and “independent” media exist. But these independent ones are deprived of the support of the dominators. Moreover, they are oppressed by them. Due to this, they are labeled by the term “marginal” and they are dismissed from being “esteemed”. So the ground is left to the intellectuals and media who are consciously or unconsciously at the service of the dominators.) 

It is very striking that these two means, that is, the intellectuals and the media, are at the same time the most important elements of the propaganda made in the name of the theory of evolution. Add to this, evolution propaganda is conducted not in a limited geography but nearly all over the world. This requires that a cultural hegemony related with the theory of evolution should have a global characteristic. Well, is such a big cultural hegemony even possible? 

World System

The cultural hegemony theories we mentioned above deal with this hegemony generally at the level of state. But it is possible to go a little bit further from this point and discuss the matter in terms of a world system. Because, as various political theoreticians emphasize, there exists a very well organized “world system” in the world.  This world system has a “center” and a “periphery”. Therefore, this world system has dominating powers and masses directed by them. The power relations that can be prevalent within the states are also prevalent within this world system. 

Starting from this point, it is possible to say the following; Since there exists a quite developed world system today -which is growing more developed and unified by and large- inevitably a cultural hegemony should also exist imposed on us by this world system. And according to the theory on the subject, the two most important means of this cultural hegemony should be the intellectuals and the media. 

Well, what is the content of this cultural hegemony? What are we being imposed by the media and the intellectuals? 

This question may be replied in many different ways. As the world system is very complex, the cultural hegemony it builds up is also complex. To deal with various subjects making up the content of this cultural hegemony requires much voluminous studies than this book. So, it would be more logical to determine the most basic characteristic of the world system and then deal with the section of the cultural hegemony, which prepares the ground for this characteristic. 

When we ask the question of what the most important characteristic of the world system is, we usually get the answer of “modernism”. “Being non-traditional” comes first in what is meant by this concept. The most important content of “being traditional”, by the presentation of the world system, is religion. 

Counting on this, we can say that the basic characteristic of the present world system is its secularism, that is, its anti-religionism. Because as we will analyze in the following chapters in detail, this world system is established by fighting against the religious authorities. Its subsistence depends on the fact that these authorities should be kept under control. The moral order it owns is a morals which is again non-religionist or abstracted from certain aspects of religion. The most important characteristic that makes the world system itself, is its non-religionism. 

So, the most important aspect of the cultural hegemony this world system tries to establish on the masses should be non-religionism. 

Well, are we really face to face with such a cultural hegemony? 

Many people would reply this question negatively. They would say that some groups exist which pursue a non-religionist propaganda, but that these remain as a minority, and the centers meant by saying “world system” are generally at a distance to but respecful against religion. 

The reason of this is because the world system does not attack to the religious beliefs directly. Because it is aware that this is not an effective way. Instead, it conducts the propaganda it practices against religion in more indirect means. By these indirect means, they want to remove the content of religion and bring it to the condition of a symbolic trace submitting to its cultural hegemony. The ones who say that the world system is at a distance but respectful against religion are the ones who have already adapted to the cultural hegemony. This hegemony has benumbed them and limited their views, because just as the contrary of Karl Marx’s assertion, the opium of the public is secularism. 

One of the most important propaganda means employed to attack religion indirectly is the theory of evolution. The theory is imposed on the whole world by the two important means of the cultural hegemony, namely the intellectuals (scientists) and the media. 

Well, but what does this theory have to do with religion? What is it that makes this theory one of the most important elements of the indirect war waged against religion? 

Creation and Evolution

In Europe, until the beginning of the 19th century, a common answer was given to the question of how the nature existed: The emergence of the living things was like it was written in the Providential books. That is, all was created by God who has created the whole universe from nothing in a conscious and wisely way. God has first created the heavens and earth, and then placed the living things on the earth one by one. And all this creation was completed in 6 days. This fact believed in by the Christians and the Jews was also described in the last Providential book, the Kor’an. As God emphasized the creation of the universe in six days in the Kor’an , He was addressing the people as follows; 
    "Your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draweth the night as a veil o'er the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds!" (Al-Araf, 54)
In short, the creation of the heavens, the earth, that is, the whole universe and all the living things in the earth by God was the common belief of the three Providential religions. Europe, as we had mentioned above, protected this belief dating from the 4th. century when she had accepted Christianity prevalently and approved of the Divine sources. An extensive cosmology and worldwide was constructed on this belief. 

But on the other hand, there was a developing opposition as well. Some people did not want to admit that the universe and the living things were created. And more, they were in the pains of bringing an alternative explanation to this. The efforts in this direction gave their first substantial outcomes by the theories developed by Georges de Buffon, Erasmus Darwin, Jean Baptiste Lamarck, and similar biologists. The theory which was advanced by these names and asserted that the living things had sprang from each other as a result of coincidences was at last taken up by Charles Darwin and developed in detail. Darwin's book named Origin of Species took its place in history as the biggest source of evolution. 

By the communication of Darwin’s theory, the positivist and atheist idea trends, which dominated over the 19th century, attained a great acceleration. All the religion-oppositioned ideologists thought that a big blow was stroke on religion and congratulated Darwin incessantly. 

After these dates, the theory of evolution was used as a master card in each war waged against religion. First in the Christian societies, then in the Islamic world, it became the indispensable means of support of each combat pursued against religion. 

The ones who organized this war were the dominators of the world system as we have stressed at the beginning. They wanted to secure a justification for the non-religious system they have established. And for this end, they had to find a model (a cosmology) which brought an anti-religionist explanation to the whole universe. Darwinism and all the other versions of the theory of evolution were important because they made up a great part of this cosmology. 

The scientists who put forward the theory of evolution and developed it were “the intellectuals at the service of the dominators” mentioned in the cultural hegemony theory. They had adopted the secular culture owned by the dominators of the world system, and then devoted themselves to develop it. 

The other means of the cultural hegemony were not late in coming to the help of these intellectuals. Media and then the education systems took on the evolution propaganda with an increasing acceleration. And thus the culture of the dominators of the world system, or in other words their world-view, started to be imposed on the masses. 

And cultural hegemony spread by time. 

In the second part of the book we will bear witness to this reality together. 

In the first chapter, we will draw a general portrait of the war waged against religion in the Western world before the theory of evolution. In the second chapter, we will deal with the reasons forcing Darwin to develop the theory of evolution and the philosophical and organizational supports behind the theory. In the third chapter, we will show how all the anti-religionist ideologies of the modern world count on evolution. In the fourth chapter, we will examine the media organs, which took on the spreading of evolution among people as their biggest tasks and the propaganda techniques they employ for this end and the organizational connections behind these. In the fifth and sixth chapters, we will expose the falsity of the scientists who perceived the theory of evolution as a religion and then the big deception of “a science religion” which left its mark on the modern age. 

And we will see that the theory of evolution is nothing but a deception imposed on us by the dominators of the world system. A deception they have organized to establish a “cultural hegemony” over us and to make us adopt their own secular world-view. 

SOURCE: http://www.harunyahya.com/evolution_introduction.php (Note: I do not endorse the Muslim religion, but the information published here is very truthful concerning the evils of evolution. —David J. Stewart)

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