The Scientific Collapse of Theory of Evolution and
The Ideological Background of the Theory 
The evolution theory has been the most controversial scientific subject for over the last one and a half centuries. The theory, however, has been embraced swiftly since the day it was devised and its supporters transformed into a majority. And that's how an ordinary man might assume evolution theory as certain, proved and indisputable just like the law of buoyancy. 

The theory is imposed so strongly by the advocating scientists, media and education systems that even circles,  expected to oppose, seem to accept it. Some Moslems, for instance, while remarking to believe in the verses of the Koran concerning the creation,  may also approve the theory of evolution. Some even try to alter the religious decrees according to the theory which they concede as a fact. They may even make ludicrous explanations such as "Prophet Adam was the first hominid walking straight up, occured during the process of evolution" 

There are two reasons behind this inconsistent and compromising standpoint; 
Accepting the theory of evolution as a validated and irrefutable scientific fact 
Not conceiving the philosophical and ideological purposes behind the theory. 
In this book, these two particular mistakes are examined. 

The first chapter of the book unveils  the "scientific disguise" that is used to protect Darwinism and pronounces that theory of evolution is not validated   through scientific data, but refuted continuously, on the contrary. The first chapter discloses how contradictory and unrelated are the mechanisms of the theory. In the second chapter, the illusory lie of the evolution of the living organism is studied from the ‘water to land’, which is the first assertion of the story on the fossil level to the ‘evolution of the birds’. The third chapter deals with the allegation of ‘the evolution of man" which is the most significant proposition of the theory. This chapter examines the supposed evidences, i.e. fossils of the human being, and discloses the deceptions and intrigues of the proponents of the theory. The fourth chapter includes the biased and deceptive tests and methods employed by the evolutionists  to calculate the age of fossils. Subsequently, the theory of evolution is studied in the molecular level and it is proved that life can not be originated as proposed by the evolutionists, in other words by chance. The facts scrutinized in all these chapters verify the impossibility of the theory and refute its main proofs. 
In fact those proofs are easily refutable. Many consider that the theory is supported with strong evidences, yet the evolutionists suffer from them. All they have in hand are a couple of dubious and mislead experiments or fossils obtained by various distortions. For example, the only evidence used to prove molecular evolution, which is the first stage of the theory, is an experiment whose invalidity certified frequently and was conducted by a biochemist called Stanley Miller. In spite of all those years past and technical advancements, the evolutionists could not find any new "proof"; on the contrary they especially avoided conducting similar experiments. The reason why, is that they are also aware of the fact that these kind of efforts continually contradict their thesis in stead of supporting. 

Yet it has to be reminded that refuting all of their supposed proofs will not restrain them from making new searches. Especially they find palaeontology very advantageous, because there are many extinct species lived on earth and it’s possible to present them as "the evidence of the evolution" after listing them in an order. What is important, though, is to confute the principal claims of the theory and put forth what is called as the "evolution process" is not possible any way. And this is attained in the first chapter of the book with no doubt. Since then, it is meaningless to present some new fossils as evidence for evolution commenting on them partially. 

The first chapter of the book, exhibiting the scientific collapse of the theory, is proving that the propaganda attempting to depict the theory of evolution as an absolute scientific fact is nothing but a deception. Those who rejects or concedes  divine knowledge because of taking up the theory of evolution seriously, are under effect of this deception. 
Eventually, it leads to the question that why and who has devised such a deception, and what philosophical or ideological targets are sought. The answers of these questions are given in the second part of the book. 

The Evolution Deception will, hopefully, give the necessary answers to the evolutionists’ propaganda that has been manipulated in Turkey for some time by unveiling the real face of the Darwinist doctrine. The ones who have the courage to organize the increasing propoganda of evolution in the  media with the thought of "finding the absence of rivals" should understand that their mentioned courage is unfounded. 

SOURCE: http://www.harunyahya.com/evolution_introduction.php (Note: I do not endorse the Muslim religion, but the information published here is very truthful concerning the evils of evolution. —David J. Stewart)

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