The Insanity and Cruelty of Mankind
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By David J. Stewart | September 2006 | Updated June 2019

“I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor.”  —Psalm 140:12

       I think it's safe to say that we've all seen a movie about a mad scientist, who was willing to experiment on humans for the alleged "greater good" of humanity.  Of course, something always went wrong.  The scary thing is that there are such mad (insane) scientists all over the world today.  Then there's the evil and crazy government officials who support them.  In fact, most of mainstream society has gone insane.  I just don't understand how anyone could consider other human beings so worthless as to detonate nuclear bombs in their homeland.  I've recently been researching the evils of nuclear testing, and the horrifying consequences of such testing upon innocent people--it is a great evil indeed! 

Bloodthirsty Killers Name 1954 Super Bomb “Bravo”

Photo to Right: Thermonuclear bomb "Bravo" is detonated. It was 1000 times stronger than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. The inhabitants of the Marshall Islands are still greatly suffering today.

I'll bet the families of all the dead victims aren't shouting "Bravo"!  How would you like to fear eating radioactive tuna for decades to come?

"One of the most tragic examples of the dangers from nuclear testing is the legacy from the "Bravo" Test on Bikini atoll in 1954. The US military failed to warn and evacuate people on nearby Pacific islands who were directly downwind of the radioactive fallout. Children played in the 'atomic snow' from the radioactive cloud which passed above them, completely unaware of the dangers. Since then the islanders have been relocated a number of times because their homes are still contaminated. They cannot eat local produce. People are still suffering from cancers and ill health from the radiation. There have been high rates of stillbirths, and what the islanders call 'jellyfish babies' which die soon after birth because of the dreadful deformities resulting from exposure to radiation. No independent scientific team has been permitted to undertake a thorough investigation of Moruroa, and no independent health assessment of the people of French Polynesia has been permitted. However, brief investigations have revealed deep cracks and fissures and evidence of subsidence on the atoll. Moruroa is like a large water-permeable and unregulated radioactive waste dump, and many scientists believe radioactivity is already leaking into the lagoon and surrounding ocean. As the atoll ages and suffers more blasts from nuclear tests, it becomes even more vulnerable to leakage. If Moruroa were to fracture or break up, long-lasting, high-level radioactivity from over 120 nuclear tests could leak or spill into the Pacific ocean causing incalculable and irreparable harm to the marine environment and local health." -SOURCE

What if that were your family suffering?  What if that were your son being born deformed, or your daughter dying weeks after being born because of radiation exposure?  Why didn't the U.S. government perform their nuclear tests way out in the deserts of Nevada?  It's because the American people would not have tolerated it, and politician's heads would have rolled.  So our leaders decide to take advantage of some poor islanders instead, who cannot defend themselves against tyranny and cruelty.  We have blood on our hands as Americans for allowing our government to do this great evil.  Our money paid for that bomb.  Our government bombed that island in our name.  Oh how foolish and evil are the hearts of men.  I can't help but think of a Scripture verse here, "There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men."  Who do we think we are to afflict the poor, and kill them, and cause them to suffer atrocious health problems for centuries to come--all because we needed to test a nuclear bomb?  What if someone did that to our homeland?  We would declare an all out war!  The problem is that most people in prosperous nations think they're better than the remainder of the population.  They'd never admit it; but their walk talks louder than their talk talks.

God hates hands that shed innocent blood (Proverb 6:17).  Those poor islanders had no idea what the United States was about to do to them.  We lied to them concerning the after effects of such a devastating bomb...

"Six Islands in Bikini were vaporized by the tests.  Enewetak, and Rongelap atolls are still uninhabited due to high levels of radiation.  A thyroid study conducted by Japanese physicians in 1994-1995 confirmed hundreds of thyroid tumors among Marshall Islanders from islands throughout the Republic.  This led U.S. Congressional leaders to comment in 1994 that the thyroid cancer rate in the Marshall Islands was 100 times higher than anywhere else in the world.  The radiological illnesses in the Marshall Islands include thyroid cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the brain, cancer of the liver, cancer of the ovary, and cancer of the bone." -SOURCE (Eldon Note, Mayor, Bikini Atoll Local Government, 2001 World Conference against A & H Bombs, Hiroshima).

What monsters! 

Mankind is Destined for Self-Destruction if God Doesn't Intervene!

Photo Left:  Operation Crossroads Baker.


Since the first nuclear test at Alamagordo, New Mexico in July 1945, the five nuclear weapons states, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China have conducted 2,035 nuclear tests. Every test, costing up to US$70 million each, has helped to add new generations of weapons to arsenals of the nuclear states. Even with the end of the cold war, nuclear testing continues, a reminder that the nuclear arms race is not over.


In November 1990, Russia declared a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing. In April 1992, France also announced a moratorium on nuclear testing. In the latter half of 1992, the United States joined the moratorium, which also forced the United Kingdom to join (it uses the US test site at Nevada). Since 1992 China has been the only country conducting nuclear tests.

However, in June 1995 the newly elected French President, Jacques Chirac, announced that France would break the moratorium and begin a series of eight nuclear tests at Moruroa atoll in the South Pacific starting in September. Preparations for those tests are now underway. France is conducting these tests in order to develop new nuclear weapons and retain a nuclear capability well into the next century.

As with many facts about nuclear weapons, the details about nuclear testing have been kept very secret by all five nuclear powers. The following figures are based on known public information.





USA 1,030 14th July 1945 23rd September 1992
RUSSIA 715 29th August 1949 24th October 1990
UK 45 3rd October 1952 26th November 1991
FRANCE 204 13th February 1960 15th July 1991
CHINA 41 8th May 1964 15th May 1995
TOTAL 2,035 nuclear bombs!    

“Up to 1,300 million people have been killed, maimed or diseased by nuclear power since it's inception. The industry's figures massively underestimate the real cost of nuclear power, in an attempt to hide its victims from the world.” Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Huge Missing Nuke Update (YouTube video from 'The Alex Jones Show' - March 22, 2015)

Here's an extract from "Testimonies : Witnesses of French nuclear testing in the South Pacific" ...

“Toimata has four surviving children. While her husband was working at Moruroa, she had six other babies who died. "Our first and eldest child was born in 1975. She always seems to be sick with a chronic cough and stomach pains but she goes to school and is doing alright there. My second baby was born prematurely at seven and a half months and died the day he was born. My third baby was born at home at full term but died two weeks later. She had a skin problem. Her skin would come off immediately if it was touched. The doctors said that the baby was fine but obviously she was not. No one knows the cause of her condition. Eugene, my fourth baby, was born at full term but died when he was two months old. He had diarrhea and we took him to Mamao, the hospital in Tahiti. The diarrhea continued for some time. When it stopped, it was replaced by another condition. The baby became rigid, like wood. Every part of his body was racked by continuous muscular contractions and he had a high temperature. It was impossible to open his fists. The doctors would not talk about his condition. He was a Mamao for two weeks and then he died. The doctors did not tell us anything and refused to fill out his death certificate.”

The Dangers of Radiation Poisoning

Photo Right: An innocent victim of Depleted Uranium used in U.S. munitions.

The following information is frightening ...

"On the tenth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, I was standing at a public meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, listening to the story of one of the firemen employed to clean up the site after the explosion. These workers took huge doses of radiation during this task, and their story is a terrifying one. About 600,000 men were conscripted as Chernobyl `liquidators' [also called bio-robots']: farmers, factory workers, miners, and soldiers -- as well as professionals like the firemen -- from all across Russia. Some of these men lifted pieces of radioactive metal with their bare hands. They had to fight more than 300 fires created by the chunks of burning material spewed off by the inferno. They buried trucks, fire engines, cars and all sorts of personal belongings. They felled a forest and completely buried it, removed topsoil, bulldozed houses and filled all available clay-lined trenches with radioactive debris. The minimum conscription time was 180 days, but many stayed for a year. Some were threatened with severe punishment to their families if they failed to stay and do their duty.

untitled03.JPG (75818 bytes)These `liquidators' are now discarded and forgotten, many vainly trying to establish that the ill health most have suffered ever since 1986 is a result of their massive exposure to radiation. At the Centre for Radiation Research outside Kiev, there is an organization of former liquidators. This group reports that by 1995, 13,000 of their members had died --almost 20 percent of which deaths were suicides. About 70,000 members were estimated to be permanently disabled. But the members of this organization are the lucky ones. Because many former liquidators are now scattered throughout Russia, they neither have the benefit of the organization's special hospital, nor of membership of a survivor organization. They are known as the `living dead.'

The fireman whose story I was listening to seemed to be an exception to this grim litany of illness and death. He was telling the meeting how pleased and excited he was that, for the first time in ten years, his blood test findings were in the normal range. I was standing next to a delegate from the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] -- the organization charged with promoting the use of atomic energy. On hearing the fireman's story, he leaned over to me and said: "You see! We said these were only transient disorders." A rough translation might read: Chernobyl? What's the problem?"

SOURCE: The November 1999 issue of The Ecologist, pp. 408-411

Can you imagine suffering so horrendous that thousands of victims would commit suicide to escape the misery and pain?  This is what nuclear radiation can do, and has done to tens-of-millions of victims?  Look at those poor deformed babies because of radiation exposure.  How can our leaders justify these atrocities in the name of "freedom" and the "greater good" of mankind?  I'll tell you how to stop ALL wars forever ... draft the sons of all politicians!  They don't mind if it's our sons being killed, as was Cindy Sheehan's son; but they wouldn't dare even think about sending their own children to die.  No one cares about your kids as much as you.  Most of our government's leaders could care less if your children die.  They'll simply slap a "hero" label on their casket and move on; but they'll spend next Christmas with their children while you gaze at an empty place by the tree.  It is evil.  Why do Americans tolerate this abuse of government power?  Then to BETRAY every American man and woman who's ever fought in the U.S. military, who does our government leaders choose to become President of the nation? ... a draft-dodging whoremonger, Bill Clinton!  It's an evil disgrace. 

Another Victim of "Bravo" Speaks Out

Photo right: Crossroads Baker explosion.

"Thank you master of ceremonies. Honored guests, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. I appreciate this opportunity to say a few words on behalf of my brothers and sisters from Rongelap, Ailingnae, and Rongerik atolls.

I sincerely appreciate the meetings in Shizuoka and the ongoing series of symposia on the damage from the nuclear bombing here in Japan and the nuclear testing in Bikini and Enewetak which affected the people of Rongelap and Utirik in the Marshall islands and the nuclear testing that went on elsewhere, even in the most recent past.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share in the commemoration of the March 1, 1954 Bravo bomb.  Many years ago on this date, I was a little boy playing in the surf when my life was forever changed. I am one of the victims of exposure, and I believe my children and their children are also victims.

Today we do not live on our atoll of Rongelap, we are forced to live elsewhere.  The atoll is our identity, our homeland.  We do not even have the option to live on our atoll.  It is too radioactive, even today.  The turn of events on March 1, 1954 was the most cruel to the people of our atoll.  The wind shifted, the sun rose in the west, and the children played in the “snow”.  We were not evacuated because we were not supposed to be affected.  Today we know differently.

For a time, the people of Rongelap were told to return to their islands, only to be told, after a few years, to leave again.  This was because local leaders insisted that the island was still not safe.  New calculations proved them right.  That was over ten years ago. Today, the Rongelaplese live on a leased island.  Not their own land. It takes about nine hours to reach the leased island by boat, and there is no airstrip.

We are continuing to attempt to resettle Rongelap atoll.  It is our home.  The scientists are telling us that before we go back, they have to put special fertilizer down so that we can eat some of the locally-grown food.  And even then, we have to be very careful to only include a set percentage of locally-grown food in our diet.  We will have to supplement our diet with canned food from outside.  The scientists are also telling us that they may have to be scraped off all the topsoil in our atoll before it is safe for us to live there.

When I talk to men and women in my father's generation, they tell me about their sons and daughters playing in the surf as young students, as I was, on March 1st, they tell me about days and nights of fishing in the beautiful waters, they remind me about my homeland.  They, as I do, want to go back to our homeland and live in the beautiful splendor of the outer islands.  We have been waiting many years."

SOURCE: Elio Boas, Rongelap Atoll Local Government, 1997 Bikini Day, Shizuoka

The Sad Conclusion

I wish there were no nuclear weapons; but war is an inevitable fact of life.  I am not a pacifist, because sometimes we must defend ourselves in war.  If we don't, then we will be enslaved by tyrants.  Unfortunately, mankind is inherently evil and will always go to war.  I wish it were not so; but history has repeated itself enough times for us to know that mankind is prone to self-destruction.  Nations are always attacking each other, and so war continues.  If China and Russia have nuclear bombs, then so must we.  The crazy idea that all the nations of the world will abandon their nuclear weapons just isn't plausible.  However, nothing justifies what we did to those poor islanders in the Marshall Islands with our nuclear bombs.  We have no right to carelessly destroy life.  Millions of tons of ocean life, coral, and animals were utterly destroyed in the 1954 Bravo blast by itself.  We read in 1st Corinthians 10:26, "For the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof."  Are we being good stewards of God's creation when we continually nuke His creation and irresponsibly destroy so much of it? 

Few people realize that the first thermonuclear bomb ever tested (in Alaska on April 1st, 1946) occurred just 5 hours before the famous killer Tsunami took the lives of 159 teachers and school children in Hilo, Hawaii.  Those Hawaiians were murdered by the U.S. government.  On April 1, 1946, a massive "earthquake" and tsunami hit the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska:

"One of the most destructive Pacific-wide tsunamis was generated by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake near Unimak Island in Alaska's Aleutian Island Chain. A huge wave of 35 meters destroyed completely the U.S. Coast Guard's Scotch Cap lighthouse on Unimak and killed all five of its occupants. The lighthouse was a steel-reinforced concrete structure standing about 30 meters above sea level. Without warning, destructive tsunami waves reached the Hawaiian Islands, five hours later, causing considerable damage and loss of life. The waves completely obliterated Hilo's waterfront on the island of Hawaii, killing 159 people there. Altogether a total 165 people lost their lives from this tsunami, including children attending school at Hawaii's Laupahoehoe Point, where waves reaching up to 8 m destroyed also a hospital. Damage was estimated at $26 million (in 1946 dollars). In 1948, and as a result of this tsunami, the U.S. established a Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii." (International Tsunami Information Center).

Talk to the average person living in Hawaii today and they're totally ignorant of the truth behind the 1946 killer Tsunami.  They still think it was an act of God.  No, it was an act of evil men who play God.  God never intended for mankind to tamper with certain things.  God has blessed mankind with advances in modern medicine, and biogenetics; but God never intended for men to create Chimeras (half men/half animal creatures).  We're now seeing cows transgenetically grown with human organs, and mice grown with human brain cells.  This is truly frightening.  Where will man's insane desire to cross all the lines of decency and the laws of nature lead us?  The following Scripture clearly reveals that not all inventions are of God ...

“Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright;
but they have sought out many inventions.”
—Ecclesiastes 7:29


“Ye that love the LORD, hate evil...” Psalm 97:10