Free Speech is Under Attack
by David J. Stewart

       I've never seen it so bad in America. Free speech is dangerously close to disappearing. I've seen hundreds of videos, many by congressmen trying to warn Americans on YouTube, being censored as a violation of terms of service. The truth is being censored. The mainstream newsmedia is censoring the truth, diverting the attention of Americans to petty crimes, small talk and non-essential issues.

To no surprise, Google is developing eavesdropping software and CIA and Google are Teaming Up Again For More Spying. All of your web searches on Google and Yahoo are being recorded and stored in a massive database. Use StartPage instead.

They're reading your emails too, selling the contents to make a buck. It's not only Google and Yahoo, but also MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. They're all selling you out, literally, and spying on you . . .

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other U.S. “social networking” sites are at minimum providing information in similar fashion to U.S. agencies, and in some cases have also received substantial funding by U.S. government related entities as a most efficient and cost-effective means of spying on their users around the world.


My own website has been attacked numerous times and I don't know how much longer free speech will last. I encourage others to copy and distribute the truth from my website. It's all public domain, no credit need be given. I've had many people offer to donate money, and I have kindly turned down 100% of them. I didn't start this ministry to make money, don't care about money and don't want anyone's money. My treasure is laid up in Heaven (Matthew 6:20). I do what I do for the Lord.

I want people to get the truth out. I encourage you to copy this website and make your own websites. The more articles you publish on the web, the more visitors you'll get. I am glad when people redistribute things from my ministry. You don't need to cite my name, that's not important. Jesus' name is all that matters.

Obama's administration has called for a ban on free speech . . .

Changes are coming . . .

Jay Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard” to security!

Freedom of speech WON'T last. Christians are being silenced.

This website won't always be here. I certainly plan to keep going by God's grace. If you see this website gone one day, it won't be my doing, guaranteed. This website is a pulpit in cyberspace. It will be here as long as God wants it here. This is God's ministry, which He has entrusted to me. I am gratefully humble. I've seen so many great websites suddenly vanish. Fortunately, I have archived many websites using Teleport Pro, anticipating the day they would vanish. I suggest you do the same.

Again, I want people to copy my websites. See also my website at,

America has already gone to Hell and dark times are ahead. The saddest thing is apostasy in our Bibles and churches. America's largest churches have been corrupted... attacking the King James Bible, praising President Obama, praising the demonic Pope, pastors bragging about their arrogance, joining the government's Clergy Response Teams, telling people to stand down against tyranny, and so forth. It is a disgrace. God wants us to proclaim the truth. Ephesians 4:25, “Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.” I am telling you the truth.

Love the truth (2nd Thessalonians 2:10)!

Police State USA!

 "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..." -Psalm 97:10