It's Dangerous to Buck the System

by Pat Shannan for The Jubilee http://www.jubilee-newspaper.com | March 24, 1998

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Never before have legal tender and technology combined to consummate such an illegitimate monster as the power-grab for political gain Americans are witnessing today.

How many people have you ever known personally who became murder victims? How many more in all of your lifetime's associates committed suicide? Were killed in accidents? And of all you can remember, how many of these were actually close friends or business associates? Did any of them work for and report directly to you?

My personal answer to both the first and last question, after pondering over my own life the past half-century, is One. A close friend and associate of twenty years ago had been surreptitiously leading a double life, learned too much about one of his twisted confederates and ended up with a body full of shotgun pellets.

If we add to that the total number I can recall in answer to all the questions, the answer would be around Five. Tally in those that I may have forgotten and the total might be as high as Ten but I doubt it. But then I have led a very sheltered life.

My father didn't die before I was born, and I never had a stepfather who beat my mother every time he got drunk. Nor was my mother a red light Madam whose associates were gamblers and mobsters, who spent far more time at the racetrack and nightclubs than at PTA meetings and bridge clubs; and who brought home numerous lovers in between her four marriages. Freudian followers might say that such things could plant a very cheap value of life into the psyche of a young and fertile mind.

William Jefferson Clinton 51, a former resident of Hot Springs and Little Rock, Arkansas and currently of Washington, DC, has enough close friends and business associates surrounding him who have died violently and mysteriously to rival Al Capone, the notorious mobster of a previous generation who also was never implicated for any of the deaths. Capone may have "owned" the Chicago justice system with his jillions paid in graft, but he couldn't get past the feds, who eventually railroaded him into Alcatraz with a bogus charge of Income Tax Evasion. It could be safely assumed that Mr. Clinton has "one-up" on Capone in this department. After all, he has the legal tender money machine button at his finger tips. He hired the Attorney Generaless, and she certainly doesn't want to wake up dead before her time. However, the pre-released story of her suffering from Parkinson's Disease might provide a convenient "cause of death" whenever the powers-that-be decide she has outlived her usefulness to their own overall cause and agenda.

Does it sound preposterous that the exalted President of the United States would have his own appointee to the highest judicial enforcement agency in the land murdered? On the surface, yes, but consider the following unsolved murders from our archives of somewhat forgotten facts. This may provide some answers as to why the attorney general continues to deceive the public and place political protection above honesty, the law, and integrity. Non-team players do not live very long these days.

In 1986, Barry Seal was ambushed and machine-gunned in his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A Hollywood movie called "Double Crossed" with Dennis Hopper in the starring role was later made of the story of Seal's escapades as a cocaine-running pilot hauling his periodical loads into Florida and Arkansas. The film did not detail his close association with the governor of Arkansas at the time. But later, CIA operative Gene "Chip" Tatum http://www.imt.net/~mtpatriot/pegasus.htm attested to the fact on my national radio show (and many others) that he had in his possession a video tape showing Governor Clinton inspecting a load of cocaine inside Barry Seal's airplane, along with his crony Dan Lasater. Lasater was the wealthy businessman who "took the fall" with a drug conviction and was then pardoned by the governor.

Mena, a small town in southwestern Arkansas, was the often-used airport dropsite utilized by Seal and others. In August of 1987, two teenage boys, Don Henry and Kevin Ives, were out one evening when they spotted a low-level airplane drop off a duffel bag and grabbed it. Later their bodies were found on the railroad track outside of Mena. They had been beaten and sexually assaulted. The governor's crony coroner Fahmy Malak, who would make several absurd and ridiculous findings in subsequent death cases, ruled the deaths accidental; saying that the boys had gone to sleep on the railroad tracks and had been hit by a train. Saline County Sheriff Jim Steed first had announced to the press that the boys had died in a "double suicide." Following Malak's determination, the sheriff changed his tune to "accidental." The Los Angeles Times reported twenty additional cases where Dr. Malak had falsified evidence. (e.g. James Milam was found decapitated, but the official report said he "died of ulcers." Raymond Albright was shot five times in the chest-"Suicide.") Five others who had knowledge of the teenager's murders died soon thereafter: Keith Tony was killed by an attacker while fleeing on a motorcycle, Richard Winters and Greg Collins both died of shotgun blasts to the face; Jeff Rhodes' was shot in the head and set on fire. His body was found in a dump with its hands, feet, and head severed, Keith McCaskey was stabbed (113 times) to death in his home.

In the heat of Mr. Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign (as well as the Gennifer Flowers expose), Victor Raiser and his 22-year-old son, Montgomery, both ardently active in the Clinton campaign, crashed in a private plane in July. In September, Paul Tully, 46, was found dead (of undetermined causes) in his hotel room. Paula Gober, who traveled with Clinton as an interpreter for the deaf, was killed in a one-car accident east of Monticello, Arkansas. No witnesses. Sally Perdue, a former Arkansas beauty queen and another former Clinton lover, narrowly escaped an attempt on her life.

Following Clinton's election in November, Jim Wilhite, a multi-state gas company executive for ARCLA, ran into a tree while skiing on December 21st. (Hmmmmmm. Following the recent skiing accidents of high profile people, we are currently exploring the "single-tree" theory.) A month after the inauguration, Clinton had been expressing his opposition to a Bosnia/Serbia peace-keeping plan. Maj. Gen. Robertson, Commander of VECOR and responsible for the First Armored Division which played a key role in that plan, crashed on landing at a German air base. Also killed were Col. William Jensberger and Col. Robert Kelly. According to researcher, Louise Mangold, there is a connection between these three and the five which follow. Five Navy fliers had been Clinton's escorts on the Carrier Roosevelt the only time he was ever there. They later crashed into the ocean after they were waved off from a carrier landing because of a "foul deck." The world remembers the infamous BATF debacle at the Branch Davidians church home near Waco and the four agents who "heroically died." But how many are aware that all four were former body guards of Governor Clinton while he was governor and during the presidential campaign. But were we ever told that Conrad Lebeau, Todd McKean, Steven Willis, and Rob Williams were all shot in the left temple on February 28th? (Reports vary on the temple shots but notwithstanding, all were ex-Clinton associates.-Ed))

On May 19th, a mysterious helicopter crash occurred outside of Washington. Aboard were four marines: Staff Sgt. Brian Haney of Ridgeville, Ohio; Maj. William F. Barkley of Hickory, North Carolina; Sgt. Timothy D. Sable of Ripon, Wisconsin; and Capt. Scott J. Reynolds of Wausau, Wisconsin. These men did not normally fly together but did so when they transported Clinton to the carrier Roosevelt. All died, when they were together again. A Washington, DC attorney by the name of Paul Wilcher had been investigating the gun & drug-running out of Mena, Arkansas. He was also incensed over the government's handling of the Waco tragedy, tied the two together, and had completed a hair-raising investigation which implicated higher-ups in various government agencies, particularly the CIA. Wilcher compiled a 101-page report attesting to the systematic murders of the ATF agents and the Davidians, "Manchurian Candidate" type mind control of CIA "sleeper" David Koresh, the poisonous nerve gas used at Waco, and numerous other facts which, if known, would have outraged the American people and brought down the Clinton Administration. Foolishly, on May 21, 1993, the naive attorney sent his lengthy report to Attorney General Janet Reno, imploring her, as the "only person in the federal government empowered to act on these matters," to meet with him before ". . . the sensitive information falls into the hands of some of the wrong Reagan/Bush holdovers who surround you. A number of people who now want to come forward to testify will be murdered in order to silence their testimony forever," Paul Wilcher said in his letter to Janet Reno. Indeed, they would. On June 22nd, Mr. Wilcher himself was found dead in his Washington, DC home. The coroner did not rule on the cause of death. On July 20th, White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, the highest ranking White House official to die since John F. Kennedy, was found shot in the head in a park. The death was officially ruled what proved to be a totally implausible "suicide." The whole case was "white-washed" by officials in charge. John Parnell Walker was a Washington investigator who had been probing into the Whitewater case, of which Vince Foster may have harbored more undisclosed knowledge than anyone. Walker "jumped" out of a window from the 22nd floor of an apartment building on August 15th.

Dr. Stanley Hurd, a longtime friend of Clinton's and the family physician, was Chairman of Hillary Clinton's Health Reform Committee. His rented plane crashed, and he was killed, only a few days after Steven Dixon-the attorney for the Health Reform Committee had been killed in a crash of his own plane on September 10th. Ironically, this was the same day that Jerry Parks, Clinton's Director of Security (with a ton of incriminating information on the Governor/President), was ambushed and shot seven times. His son soon told of an incriminating file which his father had compiled on Clinton. The file was stolen from the Park's home and the murder investigation was cancelled. Ed Wiley, 60, was a Clinton fund raiser and an avid hunter. He was found shot to death in the woods on November 30th. The case was ruled a "suicide." 1994 saw at least seven (who knows how many were missed) disposable associates of President Clinton be removed from the scene and the world. On March 1, 1994, Herschel Friday, Clinton's Finance Committee Chairman, died in a private plane explosion. Two days later Dr. Ron Rogers, an Oklahoma dentist, was on the way to be interviewed by a reporter from the London Daily Telegraph to whom he "would reveal some Clinton dirt," when his plane crashed.

On May 11th Paula Jones' close friend Cathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, who would have testified in behalf of Paula, was found in her apartment shot in the left temple. Danny had confirmed to Cathy that Paula's story about Bill Clinton's hotel proposition was true. On June 9th, Cathy's huge policeman friend Bill Shelton who had been checking into her death, was found atop her cemetery grave a few weeks later with a bullet in his left temple. Stanley Huggins, a Memphis attorney examining loan practices of Madison Bank, died of a strange viral pneumonia. Also, the one man who would have testified against Jocelyn Elder's drug-dealing son, had checked himself into a hospital saying that someone was trying to kill him. He was treated for stress and released. A few days before the trial he committed suicide, or so said the official report. (We regret not being able to report his name at this time.) Pat Screen, a former LSU All-America quarterback and popular former mayor of Baton Rouge, was found dead in a hotel room. He had been a close friend of Barry Seal. The following March 29th, (1995), Seal's airplane mechanic was found murdered, stuffed with cocaine and mouthwash.

Alan Whicker had been one of Bill Clinton's White House body guards before quitting and moving to Oklahoma City to take a Secret Service job "with less stress." He died with 168 others in the suspicious Murrah Building attack. Susan Coleman had an affair with Bill Clinton in the late seventies while he was attorney general. She later "committed suicide" by shooting herself in the back of the head. Not even if Bill Clinton had spent his life in the circus could he have surrounded himself with so many contortionists.

In March of 1996, Ron Brown, when he was about to be up to his ears in indictments, made the mistake of saying to his boss, the President, "If I go down, I'm taking you with me." The following week Brown's plane, with 34 others on aboard, crashed in Croatia. Now it appears from pathology reports that Ron Brown may have received a .45 slug to the head prior to the crash. However, these reports have been greatly suppressed by the military. X-rays have disappeared, and witnesses have been terrified into silence. (See Vol. 10 No.2 Jubilee) Stewardess Shelly Kelly, who was riding in the tail section, was the sole survivor of the crash with only minor cuts and bruises. According to investigative reporter Joe L. Jordan, Kelly got on board a helicopter without assistance and was evacuated to the hospital, but she arrived very dead. An exam later revealed that she had a fresh, three-inch incision over her main femoral artery. The gash had been inflicted at least three hours after all her other cuts and bruises. Bill Clinton ordered the cremation of all victims before an official autopsy could be performed on any.

The man who may have seen and heard more than anyone else outside of the plane was Air Traffic Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic, 46. But he "committed suicide" by shooting himself in the chest three days later. The recording tapes from the control tower as well as the "black box" recorder from the airplane mysteriously disappeared.

And the beat goes on. No less than a dozen connected witnesses to the Ives/Henry murders on the Mena railroad have died mysteriously. All carry the "unsolved" label at the sheriff's office. A presidential pilot and crew crashed in mid-August of 1996 in Montana, but Clinton was too pre-occupied with his 50th birthday party celebration to attend the funeral services. How many have we missed? How many went totally unreported and the world never heard about in the first place? But the message from the Administration is clear: If you ain't with us, you must be against us.

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"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." —Matthew 10:28

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