by Ray Novosel


       Exactly the same people who run the Global Financial System run the Global Drug Trade. In EIR's blockbuster expose first published in 1978, revealed that the international narcotics trade is run by the International financial oligarchy as a political weapon against sovereign nations, and that a large section of the international banking system was devoted specifically to the laundering of the revenues from this illicit trade.


Consider for a moment the volume of cash - not just the dollar amount, but also the volume of the actual bills themselves, taken in by drug dealers each day in any major metropolitan area. Just handling the money is a major logistical problem and without a sophisticated money laundering apparatus, the drug trade would quickly choke on its own cash, so the key to laundering drug money is to get it into the banking system as quickly as possible at the local level. One method of doing this is to set up a number of fronts - restaurants, parking lots, sports concessions and the like which take in large amounts of irregular cash, mix in the dope money with the business revenue and deposit it all in the company's bank account. Once it gets into the banking system, it can be transferred through a maze of banks and accounts around the world.


The Federal Reserve's own figures showed how the cash piled up in the Federal Reserve Bank in Miami and then, when law enforcement operations in the Southeast United States caused the drug trafficking to shift to the Southwest, the surplus shifted to the Fed's branches in Los Angeles and San Antonio. It was obvious to all that it was drug money.


The overlords of Dope, Inc., would have us believe that the cocaine trade is run by the Colombians, and the trade in crack cocaine is run by inner city gangs, a myth akin to believing that the oil cartel is run by gas station operators. Those who handle the dope, are mostly low-level employees, and expendable; to find out who runs the drug trade, follow the money, through the banks to the boardrooms. They don't ever touch the stuff, but they always take the money. Many of the figures who seemed so powerful in their day, from Meyer Lansky - to Bernie Cornfield and Robert Vesco of Investors Overseas Services, to junk bond king Michael Milken, were nothing more than front men for the financial oligarchy's dirty money apparatus, dangled like puppets on a string for public consumption. The same holds true for today's titans such as hedge fund operator and drug legalizer and avid Talmudist George Soros.


The American people have also been led to believe that the (Mafia) crime syndicate in America is strictly an Italian affair. Our Jewish entertainment media has produced countless films and Television shows, (like the award winning “Sopranos”) depicting Italo-Americans as the masters of the syndicate. But a closer look reveals that Jews, NOT Italians, founded and financed “the syndicate” in the early days before prohibition. From the late 1940s to the present, the upper structure of the syndicate has remained pretty much the same - Jewish Meyer Lansky dispatched his right-hand man, Bugsy Siegel, to Las Vegas in 1946 to start the gambling and prostitution rackets in that area. Lansky ordered Siegel's death when he learned that Siegel was embezzling from him. Siegel was then replaced by Morris Rosen, Gus Greenbaum, and Morris Sidwirts. In Los Angeles, Lansky's men were Jack Dragna and Mickey Cohen - all strictly "kosher."

The banks on the rare occasions when they are caught laundering drug money, shed rivers of crocodile tears, rub their eyes and whine how they were victimized by devious ole’ dope dealers and when the evidence is too damning, they simply point the finger at the lowest level employee plausible. The fact is, that not only do the banks knowingly handle drug money, they compete avidly for the business. Whole sections of financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and consulting firms, have been specifically set up to run money-laundering operations; it is a huge, lucrative business and yet again, principally run by Jews.


In a recent article in the OBSERVER, London - Sunday, November 10, 2002, entitled “Ultra Orthodox US Jews accused of 'cleaning' Colombian coke cartel cash,” reporter Ed Vulliamy, not only proves the point of covert Jewish involvement in CRIMINAL enterprises including drugs, but the article clearly illustrates how the belief system of the oh-so-pious Hassidic Jews, are a complete and utter sham! “British and American drug-busting authorities claim to have smashed one of the most bizarre money-laundering services ever operated for Colombian cocaine cartels: a circle of ultra-religious Hassidic Jews in New York. The ring is said to be one of the biggest to be 'cleaning' profits amassed by the Colombian coke barons, with the strange twist that it is run by a group from the Jewish community that acts as moral and spiritual guardian of the Orthodox faith. This is not the first time the Hassidim have been exposed as involved in the big-time drug trade. Last year, the trial ended of a circle run by Sean Erez, a Hassidic who oversaw a massive ecstasy smuggling operation, drawing recruits from the young Orthodox community . . . Sometimes, the evidence had a tragicomic edge. Wiretaps showed smugglers reluctant to take flights on the Sabbath and one of Erez's agents was picked up in Montreal with a suitcase full of ecstasy because she had refused to take the bus to New York on a Saturday. “


The American People are Funding Global Terrorism and the Bush Family's International Criminal Enterprises and Mass Murder Programs and they don't even know it.  The satanic Bush Crime Family and the CIA/FBI/MOSSAD/Mafia are murdering whole planeloads of people just to bump off their political enemies so that they can further destroy incriminating evidence at the American Tax Payer Funded Expense.


Remember all of the Federal documents that had been shipped to the Federal Murrah Building just prior to its planned bombing?  Where witnesses had also disclosed that large teams of trucks were ready and waiting a block away just prior to the bombing and went in immediately to remove the stored documents that had to be ”destroyed.”  These documents contained incriminating details that revealed in detail the Bush Crime Family, the CIA, the FBI, the International Banking Community’s huge criminal enterprises and massive ripping off of the American people and is THE real reason for the Federal Murrah Building bombing. And it was done without any concern whatsoever for the murder of more than 170 innocent people including many children, using their CIA Mind Controlled slave Timothy McVeigh, who openly admitted to being a CIA experimental Mind Control Robot.


Thousands upon thousands of innocents die every day so that the Elites can continue with their Global Crimes. TWA 800 was deliberately SHOT DOWN with a ground-to-air missile, simply to murder the author Sally Denton, who wrote the book: “The Blue Grass Conspiracy,” dealing with High Treason in the American Government.  Sally was on board that fateful last flight of TWA 800 on her way to Europe to deliver her evidence to the European Publishing Houses on the Bush International Crime Family's Global CIA/Mafia Drugs, Money Laundering, Illegal Weapons Trades, Mind Control Operations, Experimental Disease programs, and Mass Murder Operations. They then had James Sanders, the author of the book, "The Downing of TWA Flight 800," arrested along with his wife, without any proper substantive reason other then to silence them and to cover up the proof that TWA 800 had indeed been blown out of the sky under the orders of the out of control criminal elements who are now controlling the U.S. Government.


The list is very long as to those that have been continually targeted for murder, but what about the thousands of others who were also slaughtered, just so the Bush Crime Family and their Elitist Associates could kill perhaps one or two of their political enemies.  Innocent people who by their tragic misfortune, happened also to be on the same flights, or in the very buildings that the Bush/CIA murderers had targeted for destruction.  This is how far these Judeo/Masonic Elites now firmly control the entire United States Infrastructure for their own sordid criminal enterprises.  Under the auspices of “Global Terror,” the Bush Family's three-ring-circus of International Criminal Enterprises and Mass Murder Programs, merrily rolls along and the dumbed-down LEMMINGS STILL have absolutely no idea.

The link below gives access to a list of bodies, directly or indirectly, involving the hand of the Bush family - a roster of the silent dead, who might have been called as witnesses had they not met their untimely ends. Some of the names on this list will give you pause. Some are rumor, some you may find incredible, and some downright frightening. Again, do your own RESEARCH, and then draw your own conclusions.


After President John F. Kennedy was murdered in 1963, America became deeply involved in the Vietnam War. Within a few short years, heroin addiction in America reached epidemic proportions. In the background, Israel aggressively expanded its borders by force and became a colonial empire ruling a nation of angry Palestinians. A new BOOK “Opium Lords” by Salvador Astucia - reveals how Israel exploited the Western powers’ long history of opium trafficking as a means of toppling the young American president. The following points summarize the well-documented information presented:

Opium was the glue that held together the rivalling factions that conspired to kill JFK. The main factions in the conspiracy were Zionist instigators, the American Mafia (headed by Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky and his lieutenant, Santo Trafficante), French-Corsican crime syndicates in Marseilles, France and Southeast Asia, and the US military. Heroin smuggling was first introduced in the United States in the 1920s by Jewish gangsters such as Meyer Lansky, "Legs" Diamond, and "Dutch" Schultz. One of the reasons President Johnson escalated US involvement in Southeast Asia was because the American Mafia and French-Corsican heroin traffickers needed a new source of opium for their heroin factories. Turkey had been the main source, but its government was about to eradicate opium production.

Joseph Kennedy, Sr’s three sons were viewed as a new American dynasty that threatened Israel’s plans to expand its borders. The Kennedy Dynasty would last until 1985 if each son served two terms in the White House. It is widely known that Joseph Kennedy Sr developed a strong loathing of Jews from his business dealings with them in finance, Hollywood, and politics.


 A decree was issued to kill JFK by Nahum Goldmann, founder of the World Jewish Congress and its president in 1963. Louis Bloomfield of Montreal was then assigned to set up the hit. He was an influential international lawyer with an extensive espionage background - including, British intelligence, Haganah, OSS and the CIA. Martin Agronsky and other Jewish journalists and media moguls collaborated in the plot by pushing a false cover story that Lee Harvey Oswald and he alone killed JFK. Right-wing extremists joined the coup initially but broke ranks and declared a holy war against Jews immediately after JFK was killed. The assassins were the lieutenants of French-Corsican heroin trafficker and convicted Nazi collaborator, Auguste Joseph Ricord. He was living in Argentina at the time of the assassination.

Later he moved to Paraguay, which became a major hub for smuggling heroin into the United States. The actual assassins were Lucien Sarti, François Chiappe, and Jean-Paul Angeletti—all French-Corsicans. Nixon, (no friend of the Jews) was driven from office because he destroyed Ricord’s heroin cartel, established détente with the Soviet Union, withdrew forces from Vietnam, and ended the draft. Under Nixon’s orders, police in Mexico City tried to arrest Lucien Sarti - the man who actually shot JFK in the head. When Sarti fled, Mexican police opened fire and he conveniently died in a hail of bullets on April 27, 1972.

JFK made powerful enemies within the military/Industrial establishment including Israel, when he attempted to establish détente with the Soviet Union in the summer of 1963. He also wanted to put an end to the evil of the Federal Reserve System and to prevent Israel from acquiring ”the Bomb.” Abolishing the Fed would have been a crucial blow to the establishment elite’s dream of a New World Order, so it was decided that JFK simply had to go, by those that had the most to loose.  It also sent a powerful message throughout the Washington establishment that has not been lost on potential “buckers” of the ZOG system.


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We Couldn't Control the People Without You

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. ... It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

SOURCE: David Rockefeller, Bilderberger Meeting, Baden, Germany, June 1991

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