Signs of a Terrorist


  1. Someone who invades a sovereign nation (Iraq) on the basis of lies, deceit and false evidence.
  2. Someone who allows millions of immigrants to flood into the United States.
  3. Someone who allows U.S. manufacturing jobs to move to foreign countries by the millions.
  4. Someone who forces American citizens trillions of dollars deeper into debt.
  5. Someone who allows illegal drugs to be deliberately trafficked into America. 
  6. Someone who liberates a nation (Afghanistan), but then protects the 2.3 billion opium (heroin) crop.
  7. Someone who passes Laws (such as the Patriot Act) to cancel our Bill of Rights.
  8. Someone who signs a presidential directive (W199i) to aid and abet terrorists.
  9. Someone who wants to recruit Americans to snitch on each other (TIPS program).
  10. Someone who blocks every attempt to investigate 911. 
  11. Someone who orders flight 93 to be shot down?
  12. Someone who allows prisoners to be tortured.
  13. Someone who allows hundreds of tons of deadly depleted uranium to be dumped in Iraq.
  14. Someone who brags that a dictatorship would make things much easier for him as a leader.
  15. Someone who continually smiles for the camera, while tens-of-thousands of innocent people die because of his tyranny.
  16. Someone who talks about Jesus, while attending Satanic occult rituals and meetings.
  17. Someone who condemns abortion while giving hundreds of millions to Planned Parenthood.
  18. Someone who boasts of better education while more and more kids are failing school.
  19. Someone who boasts of helping others while one in four Afghan children die by the age of five.
  20. Someone who speaks of loving America while betraying it's citizens in every way.
  21. Someone who promises social security while our dollar has already lost 30% of it's value since 2000.
  22. Someone who boasts of tax-breaks while deficit spending (national bankruptcy) escalates even further.
  23. Someone who speaks of the "Land of the Free" while 70% of U.S. Land is now under UN control.
  24. Someone who boasts of U.S. economic recovery while deceitfully hiding shipping boxes marketed "Made in China."
  25. Someone who has a death wish list of dozens of opponents to die mysterious, premature deaths.
  26. Someone who wants to force children to be mentally-screened.
  27. Someone who brags about winning an election he is about to steal with help from his brother.
  28. Someone who boasts of a "war on drugs" while helping to bring them into the country.
  29. Someone who calls dead soldiers "heroes" after sending them out to fight an illegal war with no declaration of war from congress (as the U.S. Constitution demands).

If you know anyone who matches this list of suspect terrorist signs...PLEASE! the authorities at once because America's future is at stake.