Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism

Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism

Homeschoolers, gun owners, 'religious cults' - all the terror drills are being directed not towards Muslims or illegals, but towards mainstream US citizens. Meanwhile, the borders stay wide open. Is there any doubt about who the real targets of the 'war on terror' are? -Alex Jones

Oregon Public Broadcasting | April 14, 2005

The National Guard is preparing for domestic terrorism, not just attacks from foreigners. Special teams from the Northwest are training this week at a facility in the Tri-cities.

The scenario: a standoff between authorities and a religious cult. Officials suspect the group has stockpiles of dangerous chemicals or radioactive material.

Emergency trainer Matt Fox is teaching National Guard Teams from Washington, Idaho and Alaska what to do.

Matt Fox: "Anytime you're dealing with ne'er-do-wells you make entry into established compounds there have been booby traps found, from something as simple as fish hooks to something as extravagant as explosives."

The teams are training for three days at a special Department of Energy facility called HAMMER. The units are specially equipped with portable labs.

Although they're part of the National Guard they do not travel oversees and are deployed domestically to respond to terrorism threats.

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