Dominating America's Citizens

Federalized State Guard, National Guard and Police Train to Dominate American Citizens, Take Over Local Governments

Troops Equate Civil Disturbances with Terrorism, Citizens are called "rebels"

Alex Jones | August 11, 2005

Stasi Guard Train to Dominate American CitizensNow fighting terror means tackling people. They've taken the State Guards and converted them into Stasi goon squads that engage in law-enforcement activities across the country. Last year, we reported on the Alabama Defense Force which has been setting up random checkpoints and searching women and children in Alabama. The same system has been set up in Texas. We have their internal field manuals. It's all about gun confiscation, mass arrests and total control.

Former Congressman Bob Barr has been all over national television warning the American people about current military restructuring that will put military forces on street corners. He asks, "Do we want, as a free people, with the notion of privacy enshrined in the Constitution and based on the very clear limits and defined role of government, to be in a society where not just the police, but the military are on the street corners gathering intelligence on citizens, sharing that data, manipulating that data?"

Meanwhile, The Washington Post is telling us how safe we will be because NORTHCOM, our new military overlords, are preparing to give us martial law to protect us from that evil concept formerly known as freedom, now known as al-Qaeda.

Watch this disgusting clip out of Roanoke, Virginia. Notice how they talk about fighting terrorism after 9/11.

I guess fighting terrorism consists of dealing with rioters. Why does the government think we're going to be rioting? Why have they been quietly building giant force structures for the last eight years?

The news piece points out police aiming their paint ball guns at the "rebels" and sniping them. I've been to ten of these drills in the last eight years. In Belton, Texas, in 2000, I had regular Army march up to me with the police and tell us to turn our video cameras off.

In 1999, we were in Oakland, California covering Operation Urban Warrior. Thousands of active-duty Marines trained openly with foreign troops to interrogate American citizens and confiscate our firearms.

In Swansboro, North Carolina, the Marines actually engaged in live, law-enforcement activities, assisting at checkpoints. In Hebron, Maryland, they practiced taking over City Hall and told our cameraman to turn his camera off. All of this is exhaustively detailed in my films, Police State 2000, Police State II: The Takeover and 9/11: The Road to Tyranny.

This is deadly serious. This is classical tyranny. They are turning America into an armed camp and treating us like slaves while leaving the borders wide open.

Alex Jones is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and political researcher. His news websites, and, are at the forefront of the exploding alternative media. Jones is recognized by many as the father of the 9/11 truth movement, being the first to question the government’s official story. His newest film is Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State. It details the latest 9/11 revelations. Jones lives in Austin, Texas.


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