By David J. Stewart

       Governments around the world have been slowly but surely collecting the DNA of its citizens. It's just a matter of time until the DNA of the world's population is obtained, legally or illegally. The world is being turned into a giant Police State, with the New World Order making criminals out of everyone. Innocent people are having their DNA stored in government databases. That is fascist Communism. People are being treated as cattle by the government. This gives the government frightening power to set people up for crimes they didn't commit, the ability to clone people without their knowledge and God only knows what else.

Literally, you can be convicted of a crime from DNA evidence obtained from a family member. It's a matter of the right to privacy, of Constitutional rights and of respect for our fellow man. There's an old adage that it's better to let nine criminals go free than to convict one innocent man. We are witnessing the militarization of local police powers and they have been trained to treat everyone who resists them in the least, even by asserting their Constitutional rights, as terrorists. America has changed. We are no longer a free country in so many ways. We hear a lot about “freedom” in America, while people are being arrested and beaten for merely mentioning their 4th Amendment rights.

You can expect to have your e-mails permanently confiscated and stored, you will be issued a National ID driver's licenses, likely with an RFID chip. With military and Homeland Security randomly setting up check points across America, you can expect America to become like Nazi Germany... papers please!

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