The Truth About Illegal Immigration in The United States

by David J. Stewart | March 2015

       Illegal immigration is no different than if a group of people broke into your house because they are poor and wanted a better life. So you call the police, but to your surprise they do nothing about it. The criminals who broke into your house are allowed to stay there against your wishes, but it is your house. In fact, the police open your wallet and give them some of your money. Then the police open your refrigerator and give them some of your food. Then the police seize your bank account and take out money to enroll those poor people's kids into college, who broke into your house illegally. The police force you to pay for their medical bills, prenatal care and other expenses. Of course, this would be very wrong!

But that's not all. After several months, because one of the woman who broke into your home was pregnant, that newborn child is legally allowed to permanently live in your house at your expense, because they were born inside your home. The police make copies of your house keys and give them to the illegal tenants. Then after all the injustice, stealing and violation of your person, property and freedoms, the criminals illegally inside your home say it is really their home and you should leave if you don't like it. Sound ridiculous? This is the same exact thing happening in the United States today with tens-of-millions of illegal Hispanics entering into the United States. This is our country! We don't want the illegals here, but the authorities don't respect us anymore, because we have allowed them to have too much leeway, liberty and power to do as they please. Now, that power has gone to their heads and has corrupted them.

I love people and would never encourage anyone to be mean or unkind to anyone simply because they want a better life. However, the illegals are just that... ILLEGALS. The government can commit treason by legalizing them, but we are the ones who are paying all the bills in the form of government-debt incurred in our name. Hell will be hot enough!

Illegal immigration is hurting the United States. Hundreds of U.S. hospitals have filed for bankruptcy because of the inflow of illegals requiring medical care. The law requires hospitals to treat everyone, including illegals, but the government doesn't reimburse those hospitals. Granted, we Americans are doing a fine job of destroying our own country, without the need of anyone to help us. Albeit, it is our country to destroy. Mexicans have already destroyed their own country.

There is much debate and mixed-emotions concerning the illegal immigration debate. Truthfully, if our elected leaders in government were responsible, ethical and faithful to their promise to serve the American public and uphold the U.S. Constitution, illegals would never be allowed to enter into the country by breaking the law. I'm all for LEGAL immigration. Why have laws if they're made only to be broken? Those illegals who manage to cross the border should be arrested and exported. This goes for Canadians as well as Mexicans, so it is not a racial issue.

Having said that, I greatly sympathize as a Christian with the people sneaking into America to escape the harsh conditions, poverty and crime which is prevalent in corrupt Mexico. The criminal drug cartels practically own Mexico. If I were in the shoes of the Mexican people, I would do everything in my power to get into the United States too, even if it were illegal. I would do everything possible to get my family into the United States. As messed-up as our nation is becoming, it is still a better place to live, than in Mexico and many other third-world countries. So I sympathize with the immigrants, to a degree. Illegal immigration is an ugly problem. By the way, Mexico is a very wealthy nation in natural resources, and a beautiful country. But it is filled with corruption, drug cartels and thug criminals who ruin the country. Now the U.S. is becoming the same!

I believe Biblically that we are commanded as Christians to treat strangers with gentleness, love and compassion. It's not the illegals' fault that our government is catering to them by providing medical, driver's licenses, college education, phones and benefits that most natural-born Americans don't even qualify for. What our government fails to care about anymore is that they're supposed to be our public servants. Instead, the U.S. government has become an entity of its own, our overlords, doing whatever they feel like doing with our money, whether it is right or wrong. A thug group of murderers, thieves, crooks, false witnesses, deceivers and liars have hi-jacked the federal government. The elite New World Order (NWO) globalists behind The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) want to combine the United States with Mexico and Canada. This economic plan for a North American Union has been in the works for the past few decades. America has lost her sovereignty! We are being whored-out for the Zionist-controlled New World Order.

Illegal immigrants are in the same boat as homosexuals. God says that homosexuality is a sin which ought to be criminalized, punishable by capital punishment. Yet, our Godless government doesn't care anymore. Homosexuality was punishable in all 50 states prior to 1962. Today in 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court (supreme joke!) is about to legalize the evils of homosexuality and same-sex unions, just as they legalized the evils of abortion in 1973. God will not be mocked! Yet, I am not going to be unkind to homosexuals, nor have I ever been. They are people whom God loves and Jesus died for on the cross. Albeit, just because I sympathize with their humanity and need for Christ doesn't mean that I am going to back-down from the Biblical truth that homosexuals ought to be executed (Leviticus 20:13). Likewise, although I will not mistreat an illegal immigrant, and I would help them if they were hungry or needed help, I am not going to abandon the law, which says they are trespassing guilty criminals.

The average American is a complete idiot, who thinks that the government has a never-ending supply of money to give away to the whole world. What people fail to realize is that every single penny that OUR government recklessly spends is charged TO OUR ACCOUNT as American citizens. We and OUR children and their children, if the Lord tarries His return, will have to pay that surmounting impossible bill to bill. Somebody's got to pay the bills, otherwise we will be enslaved to our debtors.

Kindly, illegals are law-breakers, which I'm sure won't be the case much longer. Illegals will be welcomed, legalized and legitimized very soon by the treasonous U.S. Supreme Court (a wicked and vile group of puppets for the NWO). The problem is that America used to belong to American citizens, but now today we are being raped financially and our nation given to anybody who wants her. The United States is a big whore! OUR government does what they do in OUR name, and with OUR money, and with OUR children in the military. Hence, it is OUR business! Unfortunately, the gang of criminals who've blatantly hi-jacked The White House and our government have their own selfish agendas which don't pursue the best interests of AMERICANS!

Literally, Americans are being pimped out as whores for globalization!!! This is the sad truth about illegal immigration. America is a whore for the Illuminati. The Bible teaches this in Revelation 18:3, “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.” Click here for a fascinating one hour MP3 presentation explaining the history of the New World Order.

The demographic face of America is deliberately being changed. The Illuminati want inter-racial marriage, they want open borders, they want religious ecumenicalism, they want a complete breakdown of all the natural boundaries between nations, sex, language, race, religion and even gender. Occult symbols (e.g., All Seeing Eye, Obelisk and The Great Pyramid) are being used by the Illuminati because they transcend all languages, religious faiths and races. It doesn't matter what language you speak, everyone recognizes the All Seeing Eye and Illuminati Pyramid. That's one important reason why symbols are used. Also, symbols (an image) project a man and/or belief(s) that becomes bigger than life, empowering those who control the symbols. A classic example is in the 1939 film, The Wizard Of Oz. The little man behind the curtain (Lucifer) was able to effectively empower himself by projecting a giant terrible image called “The Great Oz!” This is exactly what the Antichrist and False Prophet will do with an IMAGE (Revelation 13:14-15)

God segregated mankind at the tower and city of Babel for man's own good (Genesis 11:7-9), as a safeguard to prevent the whole world from being corrupted so fast, as happened before the flood in Genesis chapter 6. But now today, with the rise of the modern industrial revolution and technology, the world is once again uniting together in rebellion against God. This is the reason why the Luciferian-worshipping, elite, globalists (aka, Illuminati) are relentlessly pushing for breaking down all the walls of separation between the world's masses. The stage is being set for the coming man of sin, the Antichrist. And you can believe that a world of sin will worship the man of sin! Our nation is under satanic attack. Illegal immigration is only a small piece of the big puzzle.

I wrote this article to inform you, so you won't be woefully ignorant. By God's grace, my website is packed full of truth! We should love illegals and welcome them into our churches, because they need Christ and the churches should be the ones helping them anyway, not the government!!! However, pastors should preach against the crime of illegal immigration just like any other crime. The reason why most people don't care is because it hasn't cost them anything yet. If illegals were showing up at your door and food being forcefully taken away from your children to feed them, you'd get really mad! Since reckless debt-spending is being used to feed, house, cloth and educate illegals, people don't care and aren't alarmed.

You do realize that 40,000 Detroit, Michigan residents have their water turned off because they can't afford to pay it? They're begging like dogs for the United Nations to turn their water back on. My how the globalists are smiling in satisfaction, bringing Americans to our foolish knees. You do realize that over 47,000,000 Americans are on Food Stamps as of March, 2015 (now for 38 months straight), and 102,00,000 able-bodied Americans are unemployed? The problem of open-borders is just making the economic problems much worse for American citizens. You can't expect illegals to do what is right in the matter, because they will support their own. If the situation were turned around and Americans were flooding into Mexico, they'd be shot at the border, problem solved. America today is weak-kneed, cowardly and powerless to even bring it's own leaders to justice when they commit blatant crimes.

I don't hate anyone, but whatever greatness we once had in America is gone. There was a time in history when it was safe to walk down any street in America. You didn't have to fear drive-by-shootings, gang rapes and pedophiles abducting your children in old America. The Nazi CIA's gun-running, Hollywood propaganda, drug-trafficking, 911 attacks, NSA spying and massive corruption has destroyed America.

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