The Evils of Communist China

Monstrous Chinese government no friend to freedom!

By David J. Stewart

       It is tragic that the United States is supportive of such a Communist nation.  We claim "In God We Trust" as a nation; while exploiting the poor in China in slave-labor sweat shops, who work 16-hour days in dire conditions, with no union representation, and many of whom are maimed or killed from working with dilapidated and unsafe equipment. 

The Chinese government is as ruthless and rotten as Adolf Hitler's reign of terror.  Chinese women are legally forbidden from having more than one child in China.  Mothers who violate the law are subject to FORCED abortion, FORCED sterilization, infanticide, and a costly fine.  This is brutal Communism, which ultimately has always led to poverty, misery and a failed society.

China is a horrible place to live...

China’s birth planning law and policies retain harshly coercive elements in law and practice. Forced abortion and sterilization are egregious violations of human rights, and should be of concern to the global human rights community, as well as to the Chinese themselves. Unfortunately, we have not seen willingness in other parts of the international community to stand with us on these human rights issues...

The law grants married couples the right to have a single child and allows eligible couples to apply for permission to have a second child if they meet conditions stipulated in local and provincial regulations. Many provincial regulations require women to wait four years or more after their first birth before making such an application. These regulations also prohibit single women who become pregnant from giving birth, but enforcement of this prohibition reportedly varies widely throughout China.

Forced sterilizations continue to occur, most frequently when couples have more children than the allowable number. Women may be allowed to carry the "excess" child to term, but then one member of a couple is strongly pressured to be sterilized. In some cases, they may be asked to go to a hospital under other pretenses, or sterilized without consent.


Is that any way to live?  It may be surviving; but it sure ain't living, and it's definitely NOT freedom.  I can't imagine living in a society where it is punishable by law to bear children.  Because of the Chinese government's Communist oppression with its insane laws, Crisis Looms as 18 Million Chinese Can't Find a Wife!

Christians Arrested in China

Communism and Godlessness are inseparable; Where you find one, you'll find the other.  The very basis of Communism is a lack of faith in God.  As America spirals downward morally, so does our government advance increasingly towards a Communist Police State, like China.   Nearly 2,000 Christians are Arrested in China Every Year

Here's a news story about hundreds of pastors who were arrested in China for nothing more than reading the Bible...

CHINA | | December 11, 2007

About 270 Christian leaders are arrested in Shandong for reading Bible together
The underground Protestant clergymen had gathered in Linyi’s Hedeng district where police, coming from 12 different towns, arrested them. About 150 are still in prison. A secret campaign to “normalise” underground Protestant Churches is still underway.

Linyi (AsiaNews) – Police in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong have arrested 270 Protestant pastors from house Churches for taking part in an “illegal religious gathering” in the district of Hedeng near the city of Linyi. At present about 150 Christians are still in a state prison, this according to a US-based NGO, the China Aid Association (CAA), which lobbies for freedom of worship in China.

The arrests took place last Friday at around 1.30 pm local time. The Protestant clergymen had met to study the Bible when about 50 policemen from 12 different towns stormed the meeting place, blindfolded and handcuffed them two-by-two, and then taken them to a local police station for questioning.

According to Reverend Li, an eyewitness, the raid was “violence and swift.” Police arrived in armoured trucks and prevented anyone from leaving the area. About 120 Christians were eventually released after paying 300 yuan (US$ 40) as an “interrogation tax.”

Beijing allows evangelical Christianity to exist in China but only within the Three Self-Patriotic Movement, an organisation set up in 1950 soon after Mao’s takeover, followed by the expulsion of foreign missionaries and the incarceration of Chinese religious leaders.

Official Churches have about 10 million members within the Three Self-Patriotic Movement.

According to a secret document written by the Communist Party in Hubei Province, which was leaked to the West last November, a nationwide campaign is underway to “normalise” underground Protestant Churches by giving them two options: either join the Three Self-Patriotic Movement—the set of government-sanctioned patriotic Christian organisations—or be suppressed.

Either way, the campaign is in clear violation of United Nations resolutions on religious freedom which ban any distinction between lawful (government-controlled) and unlawful religions activities.


This type of tyranny is already taking place here in America; such as the recent arrest of a preacher in Philadelphia who was found GUILTY for witnessing near the Liberty Bell.  Make no mistake, China is revered in the eyes of the Global Elite (i.e., the New World Order gang) as the blueprint for other growing nations. 

Here's something to make you sick.  A pregnant woman decided to divorce her husband and abort the baby.  The father went to court, begging the judge to intercede and protect the child because he wanted to raise his own child.  The court ruled in favor of the mother, and threatened to imprison the father if he interfered.  The helpless father cried tears of agony and horror as his wife murdered their child, and there was nothing he could do about it.  Can you comprehend such evil and cruel tyranny in China today?  Well, I'm not talking about China, I'm talking about the United States!!! ... you know... the "Land of the free." 

Coca Cola's Hypocrisy

I bought a can of Coca Cola this week and was disturbed by what I saw on the side of the can.  Beijing, China and the 5-Olympic Rings are displayed on the side of the can.  By the way, the 5-Olympic Rings have ties to Hitler's Nazi propagandaCoca Cola is sponsoring the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China.  At the bottom of the can, it reads: "COCA COLA ... PROUD SPONSOR OF ACTIVE LIVING."  What a hypocrisy!  How can Coca Cola claim to be a proud sponsor of "active living" in a repressive Communist nation like China, that leads the way globally in denying people the right to life? 

Today's corporations are no different than those of decades ago, who will do anything to make a profit.  It was the IBM corporation that manufactured the mechanical stamping devices to identify holocaust Jews.  According to the Washington Post, Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler admired each other's achievements.  Adolf Hitler kept a life-size portrait of Ford next to his desk.  "I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration," Hitler told a Detroit News reporter two years before becoming the Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  In July 1938, four months after the German annexation of Austria, Ford was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest medal awarded by Nazi Germany to foreigners.  It's sickening! 

Antony C. Hutton documents how Hitler's War Machine was financed by American corporations...

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

And so we see that Coca Cola, and most other large American corporations today, are willing to do business with a Communist regime that is just as evil and brutal as was Hitler's Reign of Terror.  China is a cruel place to live.  It is sad, but true, that most Americans couldn't care less about human-rights abuses in China.  And why should they, considering that few people protest against the brutal abortion industry in America.

It is a disgrace upon America that our Fortune 500 corporations continue to do business with a malicious and brutal nation that arrests preachers for reading the Bible, murders parent's children, and afflicts their citizens with Police State tyranny.  The lines between so-called "American freedom" and China's Communist oppression are quickly blurring.  China is no friend to America, Christianity, nor to freedom.


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