Population Control: Fact or Fiction?


A U.S. executive-level government document  entitled National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of worldwide population growth for U.S. security and overseas interest (NSSM 200) was published in 1974 and declassified in 1989.  Such a plan of action was designed to be taken in developing and developed countries.  Henry Kissinger signed the document which was then directed to the secretaries of defense, agriculture and central intelligence, the deputy secretary of state, and the administrator of the Agency for International Development.  A copy was also sent to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

FOCUS:  "International political and economic implications of population growth."  The identified countries in the document for study are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.

Eventually efforts for worldwide propaganda to "create demand" for population-control technologies developed.   "Development of a worldwide political and popular commitment to population stabilization is fundamental to any effective strategy.  This requires the support and commitment of key LDC (lesser developed countries) leaders.  This will only take place if they clearly see the negative impact of unrestricted population growth and believe it is possible to deal with this question through governmental action ...We must take care that our activities should not give the appearance...of an industrialized country policy directed against the LDS"....later calling for " integrating population factors in national plans, particularly (within) health services, education, agricultural resources and development" also suggesting "population policies and family-planning programs to major sectors of development: health, nutrition, agriculture, education, social services, organized labor, women's activities, and community development".  To further sharpen their intent, the document recommends integrating family planning with health programs "Finally, providing integrated family panning and health services on a broad basis would help the U.S. contend with the ideological charge that the U.S. is more interested in curbing the numbers of LDC people than it is in their future and well-being".  In regards to assistance required by the LCD, "Country Assistance Strategy Papers and Development Assistance Program multi-year papers...Since population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand....the allocation of scarce PL480 (food) resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production."

To further warn against actions that might uncover this hideous plan, "In these sensitive relationships, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion."   Where resistance is clearly present, other organizations, agencies...etc take part in establishing population initiatives.  Another recommendation was the use of satellite communications for propaganda.

(You've just read a summary and quotes from an excellent article written by Jean Guilfoyle...NSSM2000:blueprint for de-population)

After thorough research, I've come to the conclusion that the "devil" behind the population control agenda is UNICEF which operates under the guise of "helping the world's children."  Though this was the original intent of this United Nations Agency, it has given pro-family organizations reason to believe it's been dabbling with the population control agenda of the UN.  Vaccines approach the stage as the new tool for population control.   Infertility vaccines have played a role in coercive population control programs in the Third World.

Scientists from Bristol University in England have discovered a protein, named GPX5, in human males which protects sperm from damage. GPX5 is reportedly manufactured naturally only in the reproductive tract, and scientists aim to attack the body's natural release of the protein.  The other side of this project is creating a vaccine that would cause the body to create anti-bodies to GPX5, which would disable protection of the sperms. In the National Post (NP) reports that Glaxo, a large pharmaceutical company, is pursuing the research which Dr. Len Hall heads.

UNICEF's campaign to immunize Nigeria's children with polio is accused of being a front for sterilizing the country.  Dr. Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist in Zaria, took samples of the vaccine to labs in India for analysis.  Using technology recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), he found evidence of serious contamination.  He stated that, "some of the things we discovered in the vaccines are harmful, toxic; some have direct effect on the human reproductive system...I and some other professional colleagues who are Indians who were in the lab could not believe the discovery."  A Nigerian government doctor tried to convince him that his discoveries would have no bearing on human reproduction.  Dr. Kaita's reasons for his conclusion were, "These manufacturers or promoters of these harmful things have a secret agenda which only further research can reveal.  Secondly they have always taken us in the third world for granted, thinking we don't have the capacity, knowledge and equipment to conduct tests that would reveal such contaminants.  And very unfortunately they also have people to defend their atrocities within our mist, and worst still some of these are supposed to be our own professionals who we rely on to protect our interests."   He's demanding prosecution.

wpe49.jpg (19281 bytes)

I have a special interest in this because this is my country and these are my people with which this hideous practice was experimented on. 

In 1995, the Catholic Women's League of the Philippines won a court order to halt a UNICEF tetanus vaccination program because the vaccine contained B-hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) hormone.  It was found that 20% of the tetanus vaccines contained this hormone.  Basically, this is a hormone naturally produced by the female reproductive system which allows the fertilized egg to implant into the uterine wall and facilitate development of the placenta, allowing for the pregnancy to continue.  Clearly, this hormone was removed from a "jane doe", isolated and put into these vaccines.  This woman's hormone developed an immune response in the vaccinated which caused antibodies to attack their own female hormones.  This was basically a sterilization experiment.  Unfortunately, the Philippine Supreme Court discovered that three million women, 12 year to 45 years of age, were given this vaccine.   This B-hCG laced tetanus vaccine was also given to native Americans and black women in the United States.  Is it a coincidence that over 35% native American women and over 25% black women in America  are sterile?  This laced tetanus vaccine was also reported to have been given to at least four other developing countries.

Human Life International states that at the time that suspicions about the contents of the vaccines were raised when "the tetanus vaccination campaigns in the developing world targeted only women of child-bearing or pre-child-bearing years." HLI also reported that "the vaccination program is sponsored by the World Health Organization, an agency with a 20-year history of researching anti-fertility vaccines."

How do reproductive agents get into vaccines?  There's only one way.  That's to isolate the human hormones involved in reproduction and make them part of the vaccine ingredient.  Such experimentation is not outlawed in the United States.  Refer to the anthrax page to read on the U.S. CODE.

For further information on the UN's population control program, research at http://www.lifesite.net


Vaccine fertility control: the last mass control weapon of the establishment

The last issue of the HMS Beagle, the magazine of the BioMedNet online journal services, came up with the paper titled “Future Prospects for Vaccines to Control Fertility” [1] by Peter J. Delves, Torben Lund, and Ivan M. Roitt.

As a biologist in the field of immunology I understand how strong a weapon such vaccine could be to prevent people from having children even if they wanted to have them, stealing their rights of reproduction.

Although a low reproduction may seem desirable in some societies nowadays, this tool to achieve such purpose is malign in the sense that it can be used without the individuals noticing at all. When this
vaccine development comes to the point of being able to distribute a working version of it, and since this vaccine is developed not only under government funding but also in private corporations, nothing
prevents this vaccine to be secretly inoculated into mineral water bottles or soda cans. And even if this vaccine due to chemical constraints could not be distributed together with food or drink, our
babies are every year inoculated with vaccines to protect them against several diseases such as poliomyelitis, and again, nothing prevents the pharmacological industry that produces such vaccines to include in it the infertility vaccine, the same way the AIDS virus has been inoculated into millions of africans together with the yellow fevers or the sleeping disease vaccines [2].

As the authors so utterly put it, “Irrespective of the type of vaccine, vaccine development will require substantial sums of money. Governments, non governmental organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry will need to be convinced that such an approach is likely to become an
acceptable method of birth control.”

As always, the public is taken as a dumb mass who needs to be told what to do and what to believe. If such “substantial sums of money” where put to better use, so to speak, to provide a better education for people which would result in a broader general culture and a sharper ability to reason and design approaches to resolve their own day to day problems, no need of outside birth control would be needed. Needless to say, this would result in the feared-most scenario of the high class conservatives who hold the mass media agencies and industry corporations, and for such reason the media is going to spread out the need and lovely consequences of accepting their shit.

[1] “Future Prospects for Vaccines to Control Fertility” [1] by Peter J.
Delves, Torben Lund, and Ivan M. Roitt; this paper also will be published soon at the journal Trends in Immunology.
[2] “Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS” B. F. ELSWOOD and R. B. STRICKER Reprinted from Medical Hypotheses, vol. 42, 1994, pp. 347-354, in http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/dissent/documents/AIDS/Elswood94.html

Genocide in a vaccine:
Pantheism's moral Chemistry

by Suzanne Rini

In early February, 1995, Judie Brown, president of American Life League sent me a letter. To it was attached another letter, from Sister Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS, of Pro-Life Philippines, in Pandacan, Manila.

The January 21, 1995 letter signed by Sister Pilar contained an alarm and news of a situation that might seem to U.S. readers to be very distant from their concern. However, the facts, implications and context of Sister's report are actually the face of the New World Order's plan to micromanage humanity through control of reproduction. From Sister Pilar:

"At present, we are doing research on the Tetanus Vaccines that were given last March 1994 by our Dept. of Health to women of reproductive age. Many of the women complained of bleeding (miscarriages) and allergies. We got alarmed recently when we received communications from Magally Llaguno that the vaccine in Mexico contained hCG . . . If you have enough [research] papers, could your group do a press release via international press like Reuters so that all countries could be alerted?"

Full text article available at http://www.all.org/issues/rini002.htm

A special issue of Reproductive Health Matters 7 (May 1996), 1-157; includes 20 papers on the theme of Men. These include studies from developing countries on the perceptions men have about sex and contraception. On development of a male contraceptive pill, Nature Medicine 2 (1996), 722. There are rumours from a Johannesburg newspaper, Sunday Independent (August 1996) that a male infertility vaccine was being produced by scientists paid by the South African military to keep down the population.



Vaccine Boycott Grows in Northern Nigeria

wpe3D.jpg (30966 bytes)

KADUNA, Nigeria Feb. 24 — Two more states in Nigeria's Islamic north joined a boycott Tuesday of a massive polio immunization campaign, demanding government proof the vaccines don't spread AIDS or sterility as Islamic leaders contend.

Nigeria, meanwhile, announced it would be days before it had results of lab tests meant to prove the vaccine's safety too late to change any minds among Muslim leaders in the four states that are blocking the immunization campaign, due to end Thursday.

"This is an opportunity lost," U.N. Children's Fund spokesman Gerrit Beger said, confirming that Niger and Bauchi states had joined the vaccine boycott pending findings of the government-led investigation.

Northern Nigeria Islamic leaders say the immunization campaign is part of a U.S. plot to depopulate Muslim northern Nigeria by spreading AIDS or sterilizing agents. Northern states maintain their own lab tests show contaminants in the vaccine.

Fourteen million people live in the four states that have blocked the immunization.

The World Health Organization says a polio outbreak spreading from one of the states, Kano, has helped spread polio to seven African nations where it had been eradicated.

The outbreak and vaccine ban threaten a 16-year worldwide effort to wipe out polio globally by 2005, WHO says.

WHO launched the 10-nation emergency immunization campaign on Monday, sending hundreds of thousands of volunteers door-to-door with vaccine to inoculate 63 million children.

On Tuesday, some Muslim families turned away vaccination teams even in states where the campaign has been allowed.

Complicating matters, Nigerian Muslim tradition bans male strangers from entering homes with women and girls, forcing the medical teams to send in girls as young as 14 to carry out the inoculations.

"It is difficult to train these young girls to communicate effectively with parents and vaccinate all children in a methodical way without missing some areas," said Usman Kariko Binawa, a vaccine campaign organizer.

Just outside the northern city of Kaduna, in the predominantly Muslim village of Maraban Jos, health workers scrawled check marks with chalk on the mud and tin houses of families accepting vaccinations. They wrote large "R's" on the those who refused, so they wouldn't be bothered again.

Binta Abdullahi, a 34-year-old campaign worker in Maraban Jos, came out of the home of one Muslim family that had refused to have their children immunized.

"They want to wait for the results of the examinations," she said, referring to the government investigation.

In the nearby village of Barakal Allahu, which is mostly Christian, residents welcomed the teams.

"We are eager. We've seen polio and we don't want it for our children," said Stephen Dogo, 74, after his two youngest children were vaccinated.

In the same village, one polio victim a young wheelchair-bound man with twisted, skinny legs rode past health workers, expressing his approval with the words "God is Great."

Earlier this month, the Nigerian government sent politicians, scientists and religious leaders abroad to witness the polio vaccine been tested in foreign labs.

On Tuesday, the fact-finding team said in a statement it was awaiting test results from labs in India and expected them as late as the end of the month, after the vaccine campaign is over.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the committee's interim report that ruled the vaccines safe. However, it acknowledged the tests showed "trace amounts of estradiol," a form of the female hormone estrogen the vaccine's Muslim detractors claim could cause infertility.

The unsigned four-page document suggested the hormone may have come from calf blood serum it said was sometimes used to help produce the vaccine.

WHO officials have repeatedly insisted minute amounts of hormones would be completely harmless, amounting to less than what is found in human breast milk.

Nigerian Health Ministry officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the leaked document.

Muslims in Nigeria's north have been wary of vaccine campaigns since 1996, when families in Kano state accused New York-based Pfizer Inc. of using an experimental meningitis drug without fully informing of the risks.

he company denied any wrongdoing. A U.S. court dismissed a lawsuit by 20 disabled Nigerians who allegedly took part in the study, but a U.S. appeals court later revived it.

In November 1990, the World Bank launched a US $27 million population control project for Ghana with the goal of cutting the size of the next generation of Ghanaians in half, from approximately 45 million to only 25 million by the year 2020. Aware of the fact that Ghanaians do not wish the size of their country to be manipulated by outsiders, the bank commissioned Opia Mensah Kumah, senior program officer for the US government's population communication campaign in Africa, to produce a ‘procedural’ report. The report stated that deeply held traditional beliefs and values would hinder population control efforts, making persuasion more difficult. Indeed, in many parts of the continent, cultural prohibitions exist against even counting one's children, believing them to be a blessing, not a curse. [30]


HLI reported the sketchy facts regarding the Mexican tetanus vaccines to its affiliates in more than 60 countries. Soon additional reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormone were received from the Philippines, where more than 3.4 million women were recently vaccinated. Similar reports came from Nicaragua, which had conducted its own vaccination campaign in 1993.

Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone was found in the vaccines. WHO has been actively involved for more than 20 years in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG tied to tetanus toxoid as a carrier - the exact same coupling as has been found in these vaccines.” [33]

"Contaminated" OPV vax. Caught out in genocide

'Our Polio Test Was Conclusive' - DR Haruna Kaita

Weekly Trust (Kaduna)
March 6, 2004
Posted to the web March 8, 2004


Dr. Haruna Kaita is the JNI scientists who conducted the test on the polio vaccines in India, and he is also the Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He spoke to Musa Umar Kazaure of our Kano Bureau on the outcome of their test shortly after he defended the result before the federal government
experts in Kaduna. Excerpts.

WT:You are among the JNI scientists who went to India to conduct various tests on the controversial OPV which was alleged to have contaminants. What was the outcome of your tests?

Dr Kaita: Well, let me start first by thanking JNI for giving me the opportunity to serve humanity because what we did was not for the Muslim alone or the Christian alone, but for the generality of Nigerians who are prone to having these vaccines. Now on the Polio vaccine test result, I want to tell you that when I left Nigeria to  India to conduct those test, I was praying and hoping that the tests will come out negative, that the vaccines were actually safe for our children. I prayed that I found no contaminants in them because I know how sensitive it will be if there is any contaminant especially with the posture of the government and some of my colleagues who are in league with government for obvious reasons.  I spent about 23 days in India mostly in laboratories conducting analysis on the samples of oral Polio vaccines I took along, using some of the most sophisticated laboratory equipments in the world which were even cited and recommended by WHO as number one. It is WHO that said GC-MS is the best equipment for discovering contaminants in drugs because of its sensitivity and its is state of the art in the world. So I used that machine and used Radio-Immuno assay in conducting the tests.

WT: What was the result you got from the tests.

Dr Kaita: The results were very interesting because I and some other professional colleagues who are Indians who were in the Lab could not believe the discovery. I thought at first that something was wrong with my calculations, them we repeated it again and again, and again, it kept giving us the same results of contaminants. Some of the Indian scientists who were in the lab also wondered how come a polio vaccine had such contaminants that were not suppose to be there. Some of the things we discovered in the vaccines are harmful, toxic; some have direct effect on human reproductive system. But I was surprised when one of the federal government doctors was telling me something contrary to what I have learnt, studied, taught and is the common
knowledge of all pharmaceutical scientist, that estrogen cannot induce anti-fertility response on human. That is the most absurd thing I ever heard from a learned person who said he is a professor. I am a professional in my chosen field, I am a professional pharmacist, I am an authority when it comes to drug, and here is somebody telling me that I don't know the biological or pharmacological effect of a drug substance in human body. I found that argument very disturbing and ridiculous.

WT: Why should the manufacturers of these vaccines include these substances when they know that it could easily be detected.

Dr Kaita: That is the problem. Number one, these manufacturers or promoters of these harmful things have a secret agenda which only further research can reveal. Secondly they have always taken us in the third world for granted, thinking we don't have the capacity, knowledge and equipments to conduct test that would reveal such
contaminants. And very unfortunately they also have people to defend their atrocities within our mist, and worst still some of these are suppose to be our own professionals who we stomach rely on to protect our interest.

WT: Were the government team not satisfied with the procedure you used in the test or what was their problem with your result.

Dr Kaita: My presentation before the JNI enlarged committee was purely academic, because WHO representatives were there, UNICEF, and all stakeholders, we invited everybody, we did not hide our report as they did to their (government's) own, we circulated it to everybody for further analysis because we were sure of our results. Let anybody interested go and vet the protocol we used, all the substances we discovered we gave them photocopies, to NAFDAC, WHO,UNICEF, USAID and all the stakeholders. Unlike their own which they continue to keep secret from the public because they know it is the same with ours.

WT: But after your presentation, were you able to convince them of the authenticity of your tests result.

Dr Kaita: Well, finally I had to define to them what a fake drug is, and concluded that the Oral Polio Vaccine is nothing but a fake drug too, and what do NAFDAC do to fake drugs, they burn them and prosecute those who import them into the country. So this has even strengthen our resolve that those who imported this fake drug in the name of Polio Vaccines must be prosecuted like any other criminals apprehended by NAFDAC. We are no more calling for their stoppage but for their prosecution because they are importing into Nigeria fake drugs in the
guise of polio vaccine because they contain substances which are not suppose to be in them, and that is what amounts to fake drug. They don't have NAFDAC batch numbers, and they are contaminated with toxic substances.

WT: So would you say the meeting endorsed your result even though the federal government team still ask for another test in conjunction with your team of scientist.

Dr Kaita: Our own test is conclusive, we are sure of our results, they can go to anywhere in the world to verify it if they like. When I made my presentation before all the stakeholders, they asked all the questions they want to ask, and I defended the results, and it was agreed by all the people present, including the federal government team for the first time, that the vaccines contained contaminants.  They only argue that all those batches of vaccine that were contaminated have been exhausted, and that new ones have been ordered by the federal government, so any state that wishing to still verify the safety or otherwise of the new ones should go to the cold stores of NPI at designated places in the states to collect them for testing.  So now they agreed that the vaccines they have been giving to our children for the past 4years when the polio campaign started were contaminated, but what is the government going to do about those who have been trying to bury that fact from the people. Would the importers of such contaminated be left to go free? What plans has the government put in place to help the children who have given these toxic and contaminated vaccines in case they start reacting to them?  Are we going to allow this to be swept again under the carpet like the Kano MININGITIS Trovan test just because the children involved are from poor parents? God will not leave the perpetrators of this crime against children in Nigeria to go free if the government refuses to act.

WT: Dr. Kaita, as a pharmaceutical scientist, what do you make of
these vaccines generally, because this polio discovery has thrown a
blanket suspicion on virtually all the vaccines administered on our

Dr Kaita: Let me make something clear, I am not against vaccination per se because there are genuine vaccines that help prevents diseases, but when a fake drug is brought in disguised as a vaccine, we have obligation to kick against it. Professor Emiritus Shehu himself will bare witness to this if he recall the incidence of CSM (Meningitis) immunization campaign in an area called Mayobelwa in former Gongola State . The communities were given vaccines for protection against the CSM, but what happened? After just a few weeks, there was a massive outbreak unprecedented in the history of the country there, and it was mostly those who were given the vaccines that were affected in that out break. Even himself, the Professor, said at that time that he could not explain the phenomenon, but we know now from recent discoveries that those vaccines were carrying a virulent that induced the disease in those vaccinated. There are other instances in other third world countries like Philippines, Mexico and so on. This is what is casting doubts on the vaccines brought for immunization on people in the third world. And for your information, even America has stopped the use of OPV, and many western countries have also stopped it because they discovered that it causes the polio that it is suppose to protect people from.

wpe4C.jpg (11006 bytes)Taxpayer Tab for UN Population Control: $34 Million
By Matt Pyeatt
CNSNews.com Staff Writer
December 21, 2001

(CNSNews.com) - Conservatives are urging President Bush to block U.S. funding of a population control program that's been criticized for supporting "forced abortions and sterilizations" in China and elsewhere. But, if Congress gets its way, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) could get up to $34 million dollars from American taxpayers for the current fiscal year - an increase of 36 percent.

The Foreign Operations spending bill, passed by the House Wednesday, also drops language adopted in previous years that allowed the U.S. to penalize China for policies many consider coercive. The U.S. previously was able to cut its contributions to the UNFPA by the same amount the United Nations devoted to China's population control activities.

"We are outraged to find that Congress has removed a provision that penalized the UNFPA for spending money in China," said Tom Minnery, vice president of public policy for Focus On The Family.

"We urge President Bush to exercise his discretion in this matter and zero fund the UNFPA for fiscal year 2002. Mothers and children in every nation deserve nothing less," Minnery said.

Because the legislation sets a ceiling of $34 million for the UNFPA, President Bush has the authority to determine how much, if any, of the money will be allocated.

"They should get nothing if they are participating in these monstrous activities," said Michael Schwartz, vice president for government relations at Concerned Women for America (CWA). "They should get zero from the U.S.

"It's up to the president to do the right thing. I hope he will and I feel that he will," Schwartz added.

The conference committee version of the Foreign Operations spending bill passed in the House overwhelmingly, with only 66 members voting no. Schwartz said he was disappointed to learn that House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) and House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who are both pro-life, supported the measure.

Neither Armey nor DeLay would comment on the matter Thursday.

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), said the president "has been handed the perfect opportunity to oppose forced abortion and forced sterilization in China."

"He should de-fund the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) because of its support of these and other human rights abuses in China," Mosher said.

In September, PRI obtained what it called "first-hand evidence" of forced abortion and sterilization in a UNFPA county program in China. UNFPA denied it was sponsoring such activities, but PRI delivered a videotape of its evidence to the White House.

"Dozens of women told us that coercion in this UNFPA county program is worse today than ever before, and told us of the abuses which they have recently suffered, including imprisonment and the destruction of homes," Mosher said in a statement.

PRI also said Thursday it had confirmed that the UNFPA "is distributing abortion devices and chemicals, disguised in kits marked for safe delivery in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan."

Population Action International, a group committed to advancing family planning, announced it would not comment on the Foreign Operations spending bill until after the Senate had voted.

United Nations officials and United Nations Population Fund officials did not return phone calls to CNSNews.com on Thursday.



The Greatest Need... SALVATION

It matters not if you amass a fortune and give most of it away to others if the gospel is not preached. Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet have committed over $50,000,000,000 of their amassed fortunes to THE GATES FOUNDATION, whose primary purpose is population control.

John 14:16-17, “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”

Notice that the Bible refers to the Holy Spirit as the “Spirit of truth.” In John 4:24, Jesus taught the Samaritan woman at the well that God must be worshipped in TRUTH. Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Charismatics and other false cults attempt to worship God in heresy, lies and the traditions of men. God can only be worshipped in truth. The Bible is truth. Jesus Christ is truth. God is truth. You may never step into any church and yet have the truth. Religion is manmade. Jesus said that THE TRUTH would set us free; not religion (John 8:32). Jesus is the truth. Sin enslaves; but the Son of God gives us life. John 8:36, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”