AIDS and Population Control


With regard to the latest developments on 'cheap AIDS drugs to South Africa', an alternative summary of the situation is included here for general perusal.

In our book, "World Without AIDS," we predicted some two years ago, that some form of pre-planned, outwardly philanthropic and highly publicized move from the pharmaceutical industries would then elicit a grateful response from a generally naive populace.  So far, it all seems to be going according to plan.

Watch out Africa! Everything's Hunky Dory at planning level.  "Our applause for their efforts will serve only to drown out the cries of the dying."

The following information has been excerpted from 'World Without AIDS' and Credence AIDS Update 5:

Truly, the unedited history of Western AIDS is a medical nightmare.  And it is not complicated to unravel.

The nightmare is plainly visible for those who have eyes and minds to see and a will to understand. And today, in Africa and other so-called third world countries, this nightmare is continuing and growing more frightening as each day goes by. Not because of any viral pandemic, sweeping across the plains of Africa, but because of an orchestrated pandemic of lies and deceit, sweeping across the globe via a Western-controlled media campaign. In actual fact, it is pre-existing illnesses (the majority of which could be treated relatively easily and cheaply, but which are not) which are now accounting for so much of these spiraling conventional AIDS death statistics. The World Health Organisation, World Bank, UNAIDS, associated UN organizations, the pharmaceutical giants and related media colleagues etc., are manipulating the current AIDS 'epidemic' in order to continue with their scare-mongering AIDS DEATH HEADLINES.

More shamefully, these organizations are now colluding in the delivery of toxic drugs into Africa and other so-called third world countries, with the express intent of using these drugs as a form of population control in the recipient nations.

The World Bank and the IMF are granting loans to HIPC's (heavily indebted poor countries) only if they agree to spend a
considerable proportion of that loan on combating AIDS... 'the dreadful disease ravaging their poor country'.  Clothed in the philanthropic cloak of 'poverty reduction programmes,' these loans are actually a self-financing form of self-poisoning, and are yet another example of the almost perfect circle... 'we will lend you the money for you to buy very poisonous drugs that will eventually kill you.'

Drugs pledge G7 offers billions of pounds for cheap drugs for developing countries:

This form of population control is of course gruesomely crude in its end delivery. African people with their largely treatable illnesses will surely be 'ignored' to death, as an unwitting world applauds the 'sterling efforts' of agencies only poisoning people with unnecessary drugs. The crudity and cruelty of this demise is offset by the tactical, almost admirable
genius of those who have orchestrated the plan. They have demonstrated absolute mastery in their ability to manipulate the human psyche to such an extent that we now actually believe these organizations are motivated by a genuine concern for mankind, and that world good health' is their primary objective.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

AIDS Created as Biowarfare, Says Nobel LaureateThe founding father and financier behind the global business of conventional pharmaceutical care was none other than J.D. Rockefeller.  A staunch population control adherent, J.D. once addressed a Sunday school class with the following words...

"The American Beauty Rose can be produced only by sacrificing the buds that grow up around it."  Rockefeller philosophies such as these prompted one critic of this notorious "family" to write "Those who fornicated with the devil
and deceived all the kings and the wealthiest men of all the nations are the Rockefellers."

Readers interested in finding out more about the origins of that behemoth otherwise known as the pharmaceutical industry should visit and check out 'The Pharmaceutical Drugs Racket.'  Also, please read G. Edward Griffin's, He Who Pays the Piper.

The Durban 2000 AIDS conference, held on July 9-14th 2000, had the funding of fifteen sponsors, eleven of whom are pharmaceutical industries and/organisations who have a direct interest in population control. That the Ford Foundation was one of the sponsors of Durban 2000 will come as little surprise to readers au fait with the population control 'league of friends'. They are billed on their web-site as 'providing grants and loans to projects that strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international co-operation, and advance human achievement.'

Whilst The Ford Foundation funds a number of worthwhile projects across the globe, it also funds various 'reproductive health' programs that do not best serve the interests of the recipient. Also, the Ford Foundation's longstanding links with the Rockefeller Institute, coupled with its own history of CIA collaboration in various destabilization programmes across Africa in the early 1970s, makes the purpose of the corporation's attendance at the Durban convention highly questionable.

In her paper "AIDS in Africa?" Dr Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos includes the following observation: "The uppermost question in the minds of intelligent Africans and Europeans is this: Why do the world's media appear to have conspired with some scientists to become so gratuitously extravagant with the truth? " The answer very simply is population control.

Today, at the start of the new millennium, under the finest crystal chandeliers, population control is just one of a number of Elitist ideologies being planned for world-wide implementation. To safeguard the power and influence of western political supremacy, officials from the World Bank, IMF, Trilateral Commission, CFR, WHO, USAID, UNAIDS, UNICEF, CNN, Time Inc., Rothschilds, Bilderberg Group, Rockefeller/Ford/Gates Foundation, and related media consortia are meeting to decide on their exact approach to 'solving' the particular presentation problems pertaining to the 'Third World and Sub-Saharan AIDS' campaign. "How are the AIDS drugs delivered? Do we do it, or do they do it for themselves?"

A news story from October 5th 2000 at contains a link to one such planning meeting where the Rockefellers, masquerading as angels of light, are publicly pondering on how their Foundation might best
achieve "health equity" for the beleaguered African nations, and how they might best deliver 'much needed AIDS drugs to these desperate people'. In Revelation - the Biblical book describing events leading up to the culmination of days, we read: "...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived" (Reveltion 18:23--KJV). Sorceries = farmakei/a = pharmakeia = pharmaceuticals. We are being deceived.

As per the psychological warfare protocols laid out by Colonel Dewar, the entire operation will be well planned and centrally coordinated, so as to be consistent and sustained. Officials will be thoroughly familiar with their audience, and able to gauge its probable reaction to the campaign. They will have prepared a great deal of false information which will
appear absolutely logical, seeming neither out of harmony with current events nor in any way suspicious. They will fully utilize the wide variety of media resources at their disposal to disseminate this false information. They will pay particular attention to the timing which is critical, people generally noticing marked events, but not gradual change. And they will endeavor to keep this whole operation and its purpose concealed from the enemy.

In complete accord with Colonel Dewar's essentials for the covert approach, we can already see for ourselves that this has been achieved. Public opinion has been expertly influenced in the required direction. The information on AIDS is official-sounding, authentic-looking but all totally false. As a result, the masses 'stay tuned' to the heroic entreaties of the UN and identify positively with the fierce public sentiment to "let Africa have the drugs." This is a signal to the pharmaceutical industries to then do the humanitarian thing and let Africa have AZT and its derivatives at below market cost. We then applaud the generosity of the pharmaceutical industries as they are seen to bow to the pressure. And now, according to Ted Turner, this whole 'humanitarian aid' operation will be 'reassuringly ' overseen by WHO and the full might of the US military.

With Kissinger's NSSM 200 a live agenda, and HB 15090 immune crashing programs being worked on to this day, along with the enormous amounts of money now being invested in gene and vaccine research, the implications for Africa are potentially catastrophic.

Who will be able to tell what is being injected into the bloodstream of Africa? How long will it be before we hear CNN telling us "...despite the best efforts of the US army vaccination program, we are witnessing unprecedented numbers succumbing to the deadly HIV". What statutory agencies will be in place to assure us that these widespread deaths are not the by-product of indiscriminate toxic prescribing or untested vaccine research? Will the global viewer be able to differentiate between slow death by pharmaceuticals and those suffering from perfectly treatable malnutrition? Who will carry out the post-mortems? Will there even be any post-mortems?

What began 20 years ago as politicized medical error, has now developed into a convenient conduit for delivering toxic drugs to to 'combat' a non-existent virus, and to 'thin out' populations by purposefully not addressing their real needs. As the statutory agencies are seen to be battling so heroically in the face of such 'adversity', our applause for their efforts will serve only to drown out the cries of the dying.

God open our eyes.

Steve Ransom and Phillip Day are the authors of "World Without Aids."

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