Killing The Elderly In America

By David J. Stewart

Ezekiel 16:49, “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”

       America today parallels that wicked city of Sodom in the Old Testament, a city so rotten that God rained down fire and brimstone upon its inhabitants in judgment. Ezekiel 16:49 lists Sodom's identical sins with America today: pride, fulness of bread, abundance of idleness and failing to help the misfortunate.

Americans spend most of their time watching TV, idolizing Hollywood and sports, worshipping celebrities, playing video games, partying and living it up for themselves; while stuffing their faces with an overabundance of food in their arrogant, hard-hearted pride. America today is a THOUSAND times more wicked than Sodom. We dwell in a gutter-society, a morally-toxic cesspool of filth.

One of the worst sins of that wicked city Sodom was neglecting the poor and needy. One of the rottenest sins of America is the way we mistreat our elderly. I am shocked as I read the plethora of horrifying stories concerning the elderly. It is sad that our elderly have to travel to Canada and Mexico to purchase affordable medications. It is tragic.

There is no respect for the elderly in the United States, because unlike the Asian cultures where children are taught responsibility, respect and loyalty to family, there are no such teachings in the United States. If children are taught that it's ok to kill life by abortion, then how can you expect them to value the life of the elderly?

America's Rock 'N' Roll culture of immoral sex, substance abuse and rebellion has destroyed our once great nation. Today, women wear pants like men, scoff at the notion that it's a sin to have premarital sex, eagerly abort their babies because they chose to have immoral sex, quit their marriages on a whim, and then blame the man for all their problems as feminism teaches. It is all wickedness in the eyes of God.

America's children sit in front of a TV for 4 to 6 hours day, whether it be watching all sorts of demonic filth on TV or playing video games (many of which contain graphic violence, New Age doctrines and demonic smut). There is no honor in American youth today. They talk sassy, dress immodestly, speak foolishly, behave like brats, dishonor their parents and have no place for the God of the Bible in their self-centered lives. Each generation become worse and worse.

93-year-old Man Freezes to Death After Power Turned Off

Increasingly, U.S. society sits back and mercilessly watches the elderly suffer and die. Many of the elderly are barely surviving. Many freeze to death. I can't imagine an electric company just cold-heartedly turning someone's power off without first talking to the tenant. It evidences the rottenness of this selfish nation. All Americans seem to care about nowadays is watching football on TV, having a good time and spoiling themselves. Judgment Day is coming!

Schur’s freezing death is also an indictment of how US society treats its elderly. Since January 17, four people over the age of 80 have been found frozen in Michigan. Doubtless there are many other such incidents across the country that never come to light. Many of these elderly people fall down near their homes, their bodies only discovered hours, or even days later.

The government is able to find trillions of dollars to bail out the largest banks and to conduct imperialist wars around the globe, but it will not provide the resources necessary to afford elderly workers safe and secure retirements. Care for the elderly in the US is viewed as “individual responsibility.”


That is so true. Our government leaders have allowed the Banksters to bilk us out of trillions of taxpayer dollars, while Americans can't even find a decent job or pay their mortgage. It seems that nobody cares anymore. Most Americans just don't care. Things have become so messed up in the United States that people are giving up. There are millions of homeless people on the streets of America. It is tragic. Our government has money for everyone except Americans.

It is a shame what happened to this elderly gentleman in Michigan. Someone will answer to God for his needless death. In effect, the utility company killed him . . . 

Amidst widening public outrage over the freezing death of 93-year-old Marvin Schur. which took place some time between January 13 and 17, municipal authorities in Bay City, Michigan have announced plans to temporarily suspend electricity shutoffs and the use of “limiters,” devices that restrict and potentially block energy to households delinquent on electricity bills.

Schur died after the city put a limiter on his house as punishment for accruing just under $1,100 in outstanding bills to the municipally owned electric company. At some point the limiter cut power to the entire house, which interrupted the operation of the man’s gas furnace. The city did not explain to Schur how to reactivate the limiter, and the elderly man, who may have suffered from dementia, was found dead several days later inside his freezing home.

The moratorium on the use of limiters will affect 60 to 70 households in Bay City that currently have the punitive device installed on their homes, according to city’s electric department director, Phil Newston. Newston also said that the city delivers suspension notices to about 50 households per week. The action was only taken after the needless and horrible death of the retired worker.

Politicians have finally made statements on the tragedy after mounting public anger. The Democratic politicians who represent Bay City, Rep. Jeff Mayes and Sen. Jim Barcia, have called for a moratorium on electricity service suspensions and limiters. But neither US Congressman for Bay City, Dale Kildee, nor Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has offered a statement, according to their web sites and news searches.

For now, the city is not contemplating any significant changes and has made it clear the moratorium will only be temporary. City Commission President Christopher J. Shannon, 1st Ward, told the Bay City Times, “The solution going forward is we’re going to have to identify the elderly and the infirmed as best we can when issuing a shutoff notice.” The politicians find inconceivable any solution that challenges the profit imperatives and monopolies of the big energy suppliers.


The elderly are treated like garbage in America nowadays. Kids just don't care anymore because they've not been taught to care. Public school kids are taught that they evolved from slime. How can any child overcome such an obstacle which forms his entire opinion of self and reduces life to nothing. Firm believers in Evolution are unanimous supporters of evolution, eugenics and other evils.

Adolf Hitler was a loyal fan of Charles Darwin's evolutionistic conclusions, because it seared his conscience concerned genocide. But you'll never learn this in a Marxist public school system. The 10th Plank of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto called for a public school system to enable government brainwashing of children. And so it is today in America!

Few Americans care to realize the detrimental effects that legalized abortion has caused in our society. By allowing such a violation of human rights, a total travesty of human dignity and self-worth, we have opened a Pandora's box to Euthanasia, killing off of the elderly, eugenics, infanticide, forced abortions, sterilization through tap water additives and a whole bunch more. Already we are seeing many of these evils in the United States.

Nothing is more indicative of a society's true moral status than how the poor and elderly are treated. Our poor in America live in cardboard boxes in alley's, in subway stairwells, under bridges and wherever they can barely survive. Especially in the cold northern climates. When the elderly are freezing to death because of thug utility companies, America has gone to Hell.

It's easy for someone sitting behind a nice warm desk to cutoff someone's electricity, because they're not the one who suffers or freezes to death. America is already becoming like Communist China in so many ways, tyranny is here folks! Look what China has become. You haven't seen nothing yet, the Police State is just getting started in the U.S. and you can rest assure that the poor and elderly are going to suffer much more.

Americans are now starting to pay for their rebellion against the God of the Bible. Sin always undermines any nation. Wickedness causes a nation's citizens to become complacent, indifferent and foolish.

The hallmark quality of a God-fearing Christian is caring enough to make a difference. Most people these days couldn't care less, because they don't fear God. Romans 3:18, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” God cares (1st Peter 5:7) and those who fear God also care. If you don't care, it is only because you don't know and fear God. I care!

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