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Satanic TV Saturday Night | By Henry Makow Ph.D.
December 30, 2002

Mind Control Channel surfing Saturday evening, I witnessed one jaw-dropping instance of vulgarity after another.

On NBC's comedy flagship "Saturday Night Live," Robert De Niro plays a Justice Dept. spokesman reading the names of Arab terrorist suspects: "Ahmed Succa Mi Diqque" and "Stiqqa Roda Uppa My'assa" etc.

Funny? De Niro manages to be puerile, obscene and racist all at once.

On Fox's "Mad TV", Santa tells a little girl that every Christmas Eve he screws her mother.

In another skit, "Anna Nicole Smith" masturbates with a skateboard and a bicycle wheel. "When can I see you again?" she asks the bicycle.

These shows are rarely satirical or funny any more. Their idea of "comedy" consists of making crude sexual, scatological and homosexual references.

I turn to HBO's "trend setting" Sex in the City, which is about four feminists living in New York City. On this episode, Keri visits Samantha's office and finds her giving oral sex to a UPS deliveryman. Then Samantha opens a utility closet, and discovers a gay friend giving head to another man. In the episode, Keri learns not to be "judgmental."

These embarrassing pathetic people are being presented as role models!

Meanwhile, the "Life Network" is offering instruction in bondage and sadomasochism. We see saggy-assed middle-aged men wearing leather thongs discussing how bondage builds trust.

I don't care what consenting "adults" do in private, get it off the air.

These shows assume they are 'oh so daring and chic.' For them, sophistication consists in trampling on whatever scrap of custom, innocence or human dignity remains in society. They are perpetually at war with "repression" earnestly indulging every sexual urge, and pointing at their toilet accidents like proud toddlers.

Must I spell it out? Human beings are not animals. God created us for a divine purpose.

Sex is more than a physical appetite. It expresses the desire for an intimate spiritual union (love), which takes place between a man and a woman. To treat sex as an end in itself is degrading. It turns people into lone wolves and hungry ones at that. It makes them less fit for marriage and parenthood.

The makers of these TV shows think they are defying convention and thumbing their nose at "the establishment." They might discover one day they are actually serving the "establishment" which is far more depraved than they are. Check out a depiction of the elite in Stanley Kubrick's movie, "Eyes Wide Shut."

These TV shows are designed to SHOCK and DESENSITIZE the audience to believe that "anything goes" so that one day it will accept human sacrifice and sex with children, not just on TV but in real life.

As I have suggested in previous articles, large sections of the elite have been subverted by satanic secret societies dedicated to establishing a new world order devoted to Lucifer. This requires a breakdown of all standards of morality and belief in God. The battle between paganism and monotheism has been going on for millennia. Paganism went underground and gradually subverted religion and society. The attack on Iraq and the "war on terror" will further degrade humanity and bring about a "culling" (nuclear war, smallpox virus), depression and one world tyranny.

Just last week, several prominent Quebec City businessmen were arrested for organizing a prostitution ring involving girls ages 14-17 from respectable middle class homes. According to police, the girls "were forced to perform sexual acts that were out of the ordinary and that surpass the imagination." (Globe and Mail, Wednesday Dec. 18)

This satanic underworld is widespread and reaches to the highest political level. Why do you think George W. Bush is being sued for rape? Why do you think Chandra Levi was murdered? Why do you think the UN "Rights of the Child" declaration will legalize child prostitution and child porn? How long do you think sex with children will remain illegal?

There is nothing esoteric about Satanism. It's called depravity. You can see it on television every Saturday night. These days you can see it in many places.



Henry Makow, is the inventor of the board game Scruples, and the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

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