The Great Moral Dangers of Television

Most TV is Straight from hell

There will be no excuses accepted. TVs are destroyers of the soul and corrupters of the mind: they take you from your moments of meditation; they take you from reading the words of the good Book, your Bible; they present to you a way of life that is not akin to the way of your God.  With every privilege comes responsibility.  Most Christians are totally irresponsible with their TVs.

If we admit that television is the chief instrument, or source, of influence in our daily lives--that it is our greatest, or one of our greatest temptations, that it is preventing us from building on God-given talents to please Him, then we are obliged to account for the permission we are granting to that source to not only influence or control us, but to damage our spiritual welfare, even to the extent of our losing our souls for all eternity. Can we truthfully say that ever worsening TV fare is compatible with our obligation to know, love, and serve God with our whole hearts, our whole minds and our souls?

Since home television is entirely voluntary, we are all the more responsible for it--for ourselves, children, and those coming into our home.

But in our own homes, if such is not assisting our ultimate, spiritual good, how do we justify it? Can we ascertain:

1. That there is no occasion of sin in its use?

2. That the time allotted for entertainment is not more than we are entitled to even if it were morally unobjectionable?

3. That this entertainment does not replace other forms of entertainment more wholesome, or, which would necessarily include other family members?

4. That it does not harm personality, clear judgment, zeal, or other qualities we must sustain in building on the individual talents God has given us?

5. That it is not having an adverse effect on the home environment?

And since home television is not obligatory or necessary, since there are many other worthwhile things which television is replacing or conflicting with, there must be a moral judgment made each time it is approached.

Following is a list of further adverse effects from television gained from various sources and studies:

  • It diminishes serious regard for personal duties, and encourages procrastination;

  • New time-saving devices in the home do not produce an increase in charitable works, prayer, Church organizations, but rather, in more TV viewing time;

  • Loss of the sense of scandal, more permissiveness;

  • Less serious reading;

  • Toleration of objectionable language, music, jokes, and of sloth;

  • Increased preoccupation with gadgetry, spending, self-righteousness, self-satisfaction;

  • Loss of sense of the sacred.

TVs vomit filth! They corrupt the minds of the young and old. They are the boxes created by satan to invade your homes! They have invaded your homes. Take the axe to them if you must! 

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