Women's Rights Are Destroying America!
Feminism, the "right to commit adultery," is an abomination before God!

In the four minutes it will take you to read this page, eighteen more fellow Americans will be divorced, and nine will die as a direct result of that divorce, which means that giving American women legal rights was tantamount to mass genocide. The US Surgeon General reports that divorce is a bigger health risk to men than smoking tobacco. The Centers for Disease Control report that divorce triples the risk of suicide. Twelve different scholarly studies demonstrate that divorce significantly increases the premature mortality of fathers, mothers, and the children of divorce. 

Divorce and illegitimacy put almost half of the nation's children in fatherless households where they are up to 73 times more likely to be fatally abused. One child of divorce dies prematurely for each 15 divorces in the US. The increased divorce rate in the US killed 21 million Americans in the 20th Century alone. Each additional one hundred divorces nationwide parallels five additional suicides, ten additional murders, twenty additional rapes, and three hundred more men in prison. The fifty fold increase in the US divorce rate paralleled a ten fold increase in the murder rate and a seventeen fold increase in the incarceration rate.

Divorce contributed to the increase in the percent of US managers and administrators who are women from 19% to 43%, which decreased the purchasing power of the average American family by two thirds. It caused a $7 trillion increase education spending at the same time that SAT Scores decreased 98 points, putting the US DEAD LAST in TIMSS. It contributed to the US having the industrial world's only negative Personal Savings rate, reducing the net worth of the average American household to a negative $77,000 each. It contributed to our record high personal and corporate bankruptcy filings.

Worldwide, each additional one hundred divorces parallels two additional suicides, one additional murder, six additional rapes, thirty three additional armed robberies, and puts one hundred more men in prison.

Feminism, the "right to commit adultery", the unwarranted demand for legal rights for women, the root cause of divorce, an abomination before God, must be outlawed and female criminals must be punished. Blind dumb feminists cannot point to one single economic or social statistic with pride and say "It was all worth it".

The tendency of women to divorce increases as their legal rights are increased. Countries which have not granted legal rights to women have divorce rates one tenth as high as the US. 

The divorce rate in the US increased fifty-fold since women were given legal rights. Women's rights is the worst thing that ever happened to America, even worse than the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Feminism is the rot of American society, which has fueled abortion, divorce, lesbianism and hatred of men in our nation...

The only reason why the divorce rate seems to have slowed in recent decades is because people simply aren't getting married any more. They're shacking-up instead.

All that is being promoted on television these days is lust, dirty-mindedness, fornication and adultery. Courtship and marriage are ridiculed and thought to be too old fashioned. America is a sex-perverted nation!

The increase in our murder and suicide rates correlates closely to the increase in our divorce rate, which is clearly the result of granting American women legal rights.

Within the US, state to state divorce and suicide rates demonstrate that there is one additional suicide for each additional 25 divorces.  In other words, when a judge grants 25 divorces, he is directly responsible for one additional suicide in this country.

The overall increase in premature mortality over the long term results in the death of one American for each two divorces.

Don't Count on Government to Solve the Problem

The "leveling off" of the US divorce rate isn't a sign of some kind of an improvement, but rather a change in the importance that your government attaches to the collection marriage and divorce data, the simplest data in the world to collect, something that even Rwanda and Haiti have managed to accomplish.  The real message is that the problem is now so obviously out of control that the National Center for Health Statistics, by FALSELY claiming that "budgetary considerations necessitated this action", can now disband this responsibility and simply refer visitors to the US Census Bureau.  But the US Census Bureau, in keeping with the grand tradition of failed empires, now refers you BACK to the original source, claiming that "these data must be obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics".  These worthless government statistical sources can tell us exactly how many TV sets there are on an Arapaho Indian Reservation, but claim to know nothing about the most serious implosion of a society since Babylon fell.


Marriage and Divorce

The U.S. Census Bureau does not collect the number of marriages and divorces that take place in a given year.

These data may be obtained from the NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS (NCHS).

Their phone number is: 301-458-4636.

The U.S. Census Bureau does provide the current marital status of persons, by age, sex, and race and the estimated median age at first marriage for men and women at the U.S. level. Reports are also published from special studies which collect data on the marital history of the population.

Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Reports

  1. 1996 SIPP


Change in the Reporting of Marriage and Divorce Statistics

Information on the total numbers and rates of marriages and divorces at the national and State levels are published in the NCHS National Vital Statistics Reports.  The collection of detailed data was suspended beginning in January 1996 (See Federal Register Notice, Dec. 15, 1995).  Limitations in the information collected by the States as well as budgetary considerations necessitated this action.   The most recent comprehensive analyses of detailed marriage and divorce data are published in Advance Report of Final Marriage Statistics, 1989-90 and Advance Report of Final Divorce Statistics, 1989-90.

The National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), conducted by NCHS, collected detailed data on cohabitation, marriage, divorce and remarriage.  These data were published in Series 23, Number 22, "Cohabitation, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the United States".

The U.S. Bureau of the Census is another Federal source of marriage and divorce statistics. Census data are survey- rather than records-based and cover many aspects of marriage and divorce patterns in the United States. 

Other Federal marriage and divorce statistics are available from the U.S. Bureau of the Census, 301-457-2465.



California Divorces Exceed California Marriages!

Marriages (per the well hidden table published by the State of California, Department of Health Services April 1, 1980) Divorces Difference (Divorces Minus Marriages) Years
45,070 in 1940 48,897 in 1946 +3,827 6
79,360 in 1950 81,544 in 1969 +2,184 19
105,352 in 1960 112,942 in 1970 +7,590 10
136,090 in 1965 137,881 in 1979 +1,791 14
128,489 in 1975 166,645 in 1990 (US Stat Abstract) +38,156 15

And what does the State of California do to warn men of the devastating effects of getting married, inevitably getting divorced, and losing all assets to lawyers in the process?



The Official California Home Page for "vital statistics" doesn't even include marriage and divorce data!

Instead of warning men about the dangers of marriage, the media prints completely misleading stories, saying things like "the divorce rate decreased by 11.5% between 1980 and 1994".  Now, that is technically correct, but it fails to note the even more important point that the marriage rate decreased 14.2% during that same timeframe.  It's incredibly misleading to infer that this a trend towards social stability when it is in reality a net increase in the divorce rate of 2.7%.

Do blind dumb feminists not realize this before they publish such trash?  Did they even bother to check it out before they allowed it to go to print?  Did they check it out but not understand the data?  Did they take this risk of discrediting themselves by hoping that the data was correct, or that they wouldn't get caught?

Arrogant home-wrecking feminist!The answer is in the TIMSS study, which illustrated that it's not relevant whether or not they attempted to cross check their data, because TIMSS shows that zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to correctly solve math problems identical to this one.  Even if they had tried to check it out, there is a 100% probability that they couldn't have understood the point anyway, so why bother?

Nobody has a higher divorce rate than the US.  The next highest country is Sweden, whose divorce rate is half of ours.   It is fifty times higher now than it was before the blind dumb feminists met in Seneca Falls.  In just one year in California, 1969-1970, it jumped 40%.  If the feminists hadn't done their dirty deed in Seneca Falls it would be in the range of Japan, China, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, El Salvador, and Sri Lanka today.

The 13 fold increase in the divorce rate this century paralleled an unprecedented 8 fold increase in our murder rate.  Around the world today, in 15 industrialized nations, 100 additional divorces cause one additional murder, 6 additional reports of rape, 33 additional armed robberies, and 100 more men in prison.   These are costs which society, not feminists, must pay.  Putting one man in prison removes 2 men from the labor force (the inmate and one more criminal justice system employee), plus adds the cost of the employee's salary and benefits to the already overburdened Public Debt.  This is a net cost to GDP of 3 man-years, so having 1.8 million men in prison subtracts 4.8 million man-years from GDP, which is 4%.  If we had an incarceration rate equivalent to Japan or China, we would be spending 0.2% of GDP for prisons, which means that mopping up after feminists puts the entire US workforce at an immediate 3.8% cost disadvantage in the Global Economy.

Kathleen Parker almost had this right, but as is the case with most feminists, she completely misrepresented the real magnitude of the problem of divorce at the end of an otherwise credible article:

Kathleen Parker wrote: In the United States, a country where one in two children will live in a single-parent home at some point in childhood -- and where, each year, 1 in 60 sees their parents divorce -- we need to make some accommodation for children's voices.

87 million Americans have gotten divorced since 1950, which is almost a third of the current population. Considering those who have gotten divorced more than once, there were an average of 1.8 children per divorce, which is 156.6 million children of divorce. Of course most of them are over the age of 18 now and thus aren't "children" any longer.

But 51.4 million of those who are divorced today have gotten divorced since 1980, which involved 92.5 million children. Since there are only 68 million children (those under 18 years old) in the US today, it would be a lot more accurate to say that almost every child in this country has been affected by divorce, rather than "1 in 60 sees their parents divorce" each year.

Only 26 million of these children live with "two parents", but the mothers with whom 15 million of these children are living have been divorced and are now living with men who are not the biological fathers of their children.   In other words, the 11 million children living with both biological parents are now a 16% minority.

As a cross-check to the above calculations, note that DHHS reports that there were 41,344,400 divorces in the US in the Twentieth Century which adversely affected 62,016,600 children.  One of the adverse effects is a 44% increase in their premature mortality rate compared to children raised by two biological parents in an intact family.  213 million of the 284 million Americans are adults, so these children of divorce now constitute 29% of the adult population.  There were 1,736,018 premature deaths in the US in 1996 (deaths of citizens below the age of 75, their average life expectancy), which is a premature mortality rate of 660 per 100,000 population.  The premature mortality rate of the 151 million adult Americans raised in intact families is 585, whereas that for the 62 million adult Americans who were raised in broken homes is 842 [.71X + 1.44 x .29X = 660, X = 585, 1.44X = 842].

If these 62 million had a premature mortality rate equal to those raised in intact families, then 159,340 fewer of them would die prematurely each year [(842 - 585) x 62 million = 159,340], and 8 million fewer would have died in the Twentieth Century alone.

Copyright @ 2005 by Fathers' Manifesto & Christian Party

When Women are in Charge, Wickedness Flourishes

By David J. Stewart

I recently read that champ golfer Tiger Woods (whose wife divorced him last year) is tearing down their $12,300,000 mansion to rebuilt something she likes better. She says the mansion has a terminate problem. What really bothered me was that the rotten newsmedia said Elin's new home will be “termite and Tiger free.” Isn't that a shame! American society has no respect for the sacredness of marriage at all. Feminism teaches women to discard husbands who sin and make mistakes, as old rubbish, an old paid of torn shoes or taking out the trash.

Jesus taught in Matthew 18:22 to forgive, not seven times, but seventy times seven times. That's unlimited forgiveness, just as God unconditionally loved us and sent His only begotten Son to Calvary to pay our sin debt. Any guilty sinner who comes to Jesus Christ, no matter how deep in sin they may have gone, will be forgiven and given eternal life (John 20:31; Acts 10:43 - King James Bible).

Just as the prophet Hosea forgave Gomer, who abandoned him to commit whoredoms, buying her back at a slave auction... so did Jesus Christ redeem us from the slave-market of sin! Christ sets the example for us to follow... forgiveness! In cases of marital infidelity, Christians ought to have the spirit of Hosea, who took his fallen spouse back and nurtured her with love and reunion. Amen!

The government punishes married couples in dozens of ways financially for getting married (including at tax-time, those receiving disability benefits, if your spouse receives state care, et cetera). In every state, by law, the government is a legal 3rd party entity in all licensed marriages. Yes, you are also married to the state!

In addition, the feminist LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) courts these days unfairly crucify men in divorce court. Lesbian judges are common now. Women don't think reasonably when they do men's jobs, because they were created by God to be emotional, submissive and sweet. So instead women become cruel and unjust in men's roles. Men on the other hand were created by God to be decisive, logical and to dominate. Feminism errantly teaches women to recognize a man's natural desire to dominate as being “abusive.” If you have a controlling father or husband, you ought to thank God that he is being the man God created him to be. There's no dog any more territorial than a man.

A man by nature wants to know who, what, where, when, how and why. That's his God-given right over his own wife, children and property. Why do you think Karl Marx (real Jewish name, Mordecai Levi) said that he could sum up Communism with one statement: Abolition of private property! Do you know why? It's because if you don't own any land, then you have no rights over that land or what happens on that land. Land ownership equals rights. Every real man wants to own his own land and be the boss of his property. The divorce rate has skyrocketed in America because of women's rights, because God-ordained masculine authority is viewed by feminists as oppressive. Yet, feminist hypocrites portray women on TV as being authoritative over men, and women who are able to physically over-powering men. It's not reality.

Humanity is not perfect. God's way is for men to be in charge of their homes, marriages, churches and society. However, if you oppress men and put women in charge by force, using the courts (which is what has happened in America), then you'll have much more abuse than doing things God's way. When women usurp authority through the courts over men, all manner of wickedness flourishes... abortion, nudity, fornication, homosexuality, despising motherhood, pornography, divorce... because rebellion is being taught to children by their feminist mothers.

The 2010 census showed 13,000 same-sex couples living in Wisconsin. There are millions of homosexuals couples nationwide. Same-sex marriage only became legal in July of 2011 in New York state. This is the same way abortion eventually became legal at a federal level. You can rest assure (and go vomit after reading this) that same-sex marriages will be made the law of the land during the next U.S. presidency (who will be a homosexual I guarantee it). Mitt Romney is a Mormon sex-pervert. Judaism and Freemasonry are demonic sex cults, as is Mormonism. President Barack Obama is a known homosexual, which the newsmedia has covered up entirely. So also was President Reagan, known in southern California as “Rainbow Ronnie.” Both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. are known homosexuals, members of the homosexual infested Bohemian Grove.

This is all tied in with women's rights (which is really stripping away husband's and father's rights). The only hope for the next generation are godly mothers today, who build-up husbands and fathers in the home. There is no loyalty to fathers and husbands anymore. The Bible foretold in 2nd Timothy 3:2 that children would be disobedient to parents in the Last Days, which is the result of women's rights. If mom won't obey dad, then the kids won't obey their parents (nor will they obey God). It is apostasy! Jesus foretold that a man's enemies would be his own family. Matthew 10:36, “And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.” This is because of women's rights (which is rebellion).

The only rights that anyone has are those rights given by God. The government is not the grantor of our rights, but the defender (if it's a legitimate government). God is the grantor of our rights. 1st Timothy 5:14-15 teaches that a woman's place is in THE HOME. The women's rights movement is not about defending women's rights; but rather, doing away with men's rights, so women can be in charge. 1st Samuel 15:23 equates the sin of feminist rebellion with witchcraft.

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