Fighting for Dear Life: The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo and What It Means for All of Us

Author: David Gibbs and Bob DeMoss | Edition: Hardcover | Price: 19.99
Dimensions: 6 x 9 | Number of Pages: 304 | Publication Date: Aug. 06 | Status: Available

Description: Why Does Terri Schiavo's Life--and Death--Matter for America?

David Gibbs took a leap of faith in 2003 when Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri Schiavo's parents, asked him to represent them in their desperate battle to save their daughter's life. Taking the case, Gibbs embarked on a compelling journey that would forever change his life. He watched Terri fade away in her final days and was with Mary Schindler the last time she saw Terri alive. He witnessed what the media did not see or report: that Terri was not a vegetable; that she laughed, cried, and responded to verbal commands; and that yes, her life was very much worth saving.

David Gibbs says,
"After Terri died, Bob and Mary asked me to tell what really happened--specifically the tragedy of this landmark case--so that many others would be spared from a similar fate. I make no apology that, from my perspective, what happened to Terri was wrong. Very wrong. Maybe you agree. Then again, maybe you disagree, or the jury is still out in your mind. I believe if you will join me as I present my case, you will come to understand:

Why I fought for Terri.
Why I'd do it again.
And why I'd fight for you, too.

Now, read the story for yourself and learn how you can protect yourself and your family against a similar tragedy."


"Fighting for Dear Life proclaims the clear message that we long for the world to hear. David fought courageously to save Terriís life and loved our family during some of the darkest hours of our lives."
--Bob and Mary Schindler, Parents of Terri Schiavo

"As a quadriplegic, I thank God for courageous advocates like my friend David Gibbs who hold fast to life values no matter how severe the circumstances. In Fighting for Dear Life David presents thoughtful arguments and practical advice that will help the reader forge an honorable path through the legal, medical, and moral complexities of life. I highly recommend this excellent book."
--Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

"Many thanks to David Gibbs for providing us with a powerful insider's look into the inhumane, court-ordered injustice perpetrated against Terri Schiavo. No reader of this book will be able to remain unconcerned about the chilling precedent her case sets and its implications for the future. It's a moving and compelling reminder of why we need to defend those who cannot speak for themselves and uphold the sanctity of all human life!"
--Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

"One of the most gut-wrenching stories in recent years was the deliberate, systematic, court-ordered starvation of Terri Schiavo. David Gibbs lll, the Christian attorney who fought so valiantly to save her life, has now written a gripping account of the fight to save Terri. This book, entitled Fighting For Dear Life, is a wake up call to a society that shrugs its collective shoulders as to how we treat the most vulnerable among us."
--D. James Kennedy, PhD, Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

"David Gibbs argues convincingly that life is a precious gift from God that must be protected."
--Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida

"Regardless of where you stand on the life and death of Terri Schindler Schiavo, the story of both the legal and human struggle she represents remains one to which we should all listen."
--Nancy A. Grace, Host of CNN-Headline News' Nancy Grace show and Court TV's Nancy Grace's Closing Argument

"Attorney Gibbs makes the case for people like me to be allowed to live. I am so thankful that my husband didn't let me die because of my 'quality of life.' This could be the most important book you ever read."
--Kate Adamson, Author of Triumph Over Adversity

"Americans are indebted to David Gibbs for bringing to light a wealth of insider information never reported on the Terri Schiavo case. His expert legal and eye-witness account is unmatched. A must read."
--Joseph Farah,

"My heart was deeply moved by this touching and thought provoking account!  My husband and I prayed diligently for Terri and for the Schindlers as he, as well as I, greatly value every precious life. I thank God for the compassionate and valiant stand of David Gibbs.  May this book be used greatly to promote the value of every single life."
--Joyce (Mrs. Adrian) Rogers

Author Information: David Gibbs defends the rights of churches and Christians nationwide as a legal missionary attorney through Gibbs Law Firm and the Christian Law Association. Heís a graduate of Liberty University and received his law degree from Duke University. He co-hosts The Legal Alert, heard on more than 1,000 radio stations daily, and he has appeared on many major news and talk shows including Larry King Live, Fox & Friends, Hannity & Colmes, Nancy Grace, The Michael Reagan Show, and Face the Nation. David, his wife, and their four children make their home in Florida.

Bob DeMoss served seven years as Youth Cultural Specialist for Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family. He has hosted his Learn to Discern: Help for a Generation at Risk seminar in more than 300 cities worldwide and has appeared on numerous national radio and television shows, including Good Morning, America. As a New York Times bestselling writer, he has coauthored books with Dennis Rainey, Tim LaHaye, and Point of Grace. A father of four, Bob and his family live in Franklin, Tennessee.

Reviews: "Fighting For Dear Life is an interesting book. It's a shocking book. It is nearly enough to make a reader scream in frustration as he sees attempt after attempt to save Terri's life end in failure. This woman, though certainly handicapped, was just as certainly alive and active. Her death was a grave injustice that does mark a low point in American history. Perhaps reading this book ... will stir people to grapple with the issues that led to her untimely and unfair death. We can only hope that her death will not have been in vain." --Tim Challies,

"Written with a lawyer's attention to detail and arranged in a concise chronological order, this book contains all the pertinent and powerful facts. Readers' reactions will range from sadness to shock to outrage at the miscarriage of justice shown in this situation. Interestingly, David Gibbs doesnít offer his own heated opinions on this issue; rather, he lets the testimony speak for itself. And with the inclusion of newspaper and magazine articles, legal statements, and actual observations from eyewitnesses, this collection of information leads to only one truth: Terri Schiavo endured an unnecessary and painful death.

Although the book centers on this one woman, the author consistently leads readers to understand the far-reaching significance of this issue, and encourages every American to be aware of the legal ramifications of this case. The final pages offer a Christian response to this tragedy, which is to humbly beseech the living God to change the hearts of those in our great nation. Prayer is more powerful than any legal petition, and that thought closes this moving account with the hope of a perfect and future triumph." --Joyce Handzo, Christian Book


1. Fighting for Dear Life
2. Seeing Is Believing
3. Life on Trial
4. Terriís Law
5. Doctor's Orders
6. Is There a Doctor in the House?
7. In Sickness and In Health
8. Your Honor, I Object!
9. Letís Make a Deal

10. Terri's Only Crime
11. Terriís Last Meal
12. The Big Lie
13. Washington Weighs In
14. Litigating at the Speed of Light
15. A Mother's Heart
16. Until We Meet Again

17. Supreme Denial
18. Examining the Medical Examiner's Report
19. The $64,000 Question
20. A Life Worth Living
21. Every Day's a Gift
22. The Least of These
23. If There's a Will There's a Way
24. Life Support in View of Eternity
25. Brave New World?
26. If My People

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions: Terri and the Case
Appendix B: Sample Form: Designation of Health Care Surrogate
Appendix C: Full Text of Terri's Law: October 2003
Appendix D: Text of the Act of Congress: March 2005

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Remembering Terri Schiavo

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