Bush dinner's porn star: I'm a praying Christian
Mary Carey has White House aspirations, boss claims pornographers not 'freakish demons'


By Joe Kovacs

Porn star Mary Carey excited about Flag Day dinner with President Bush

Mary Carey, the buxom porn star slated to dine with President Bush at a GOP fund-raiser Tuesday, says despite her racy occupation, she's still a Christian, and has her own aspirations of winning the presidency in the future.

"I read the Bible and pray every night," Carey told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview.

The 24-year-old actress will accompany her boss, pornographer Mark Kulkis of Kick A-- Pictures, at "The 2005 President's Dinner and Salute to Freedom," costing $2,500 a plate and hosted by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

"We're not the freakish demons people make us out to be," said Kulkis. "I'm not a creep with a coke spoon around his neck. I'm a regular guy."

But the idea of the president of the United States rubbing elbows with pornographers is shocking to some, including Rev. Don Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association.

"The reason these people are doing this is for publicity and to embarrass Bush," Wildmon told WND. "I think the Republicans can survive this, but they need to go public with an explanation. They need to exclude them or withdraw the invitation. Just doing nothing is the worst thing they can do."

Having just received her plane ticket from Los Angeles to the nation's capital, Carey said she's excited about the possibility of speaking personally with the commander in chief.

PHOTO: War Criminal George W. Bush

"It would be an honor to meet him," she said. "I'd like to talk to him about issues like freedom of speech and the crackdown on the adult industry. Maybe he can give me some political pointers."

The actress says it's among her dreams eventually to become president, and that's why she's getting involved in politics now.

She previously ran for California governor among a large number of serious and not-serious candidates in the wake of the recall of Gov. Gray Davis, resulting in the election of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She's currently considering another bid, deciding whether to run for governor or lieutenant governor, where she says she might have a better shot at victory.

"People can relate to me," she said. "I come from a middle-class household and I'm very friendly."

Carey, whose real name is Mary Ellen Cook, says she was named after the Mary Ellen character on "The Waltons" TV show. Born in Cleveland, she was raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., studied theater in college, and worked jobs in restaurants before trying stripping and then making the decision to enter the world of celluloid sex.

"I kind of wanted to be a porn star," she said. "I wasn't raped or abused."

With a Lutheran grandmother, Carey says she attended church regularly until the age of 12, and still considers herself a Christian in spite of her occupation.


"I probably have less sex with those guys than any college girl [typically has]. It doesn't make me less moral," she said. "I'm sure a lot of Christians have had sex before marriage. God reads my heart. I'm a good person. ... I think I have more morals than the politicians in office. I don't rob, steal, hurt, or lie a lot of politicians do that."

When asked about Bible verses condemning adultery, she responded, "Bill Clinton committed adultery. [Doing] adult movies is acting, portraying a role. It's not Mary Ellen Cook, the real me."

She maintains pornographic movies don't harm anyone, and are beneficial in a way, providing safe fantasies for the "lonely" public.

Last month, the actress was among five people arrested at a new strip club in a suburb of Tacoma, Wash. All were accused of violating the local adult-cabaret ordinance, some by getting too close to customers and others including Carey by touching themselves in a sexual manner, according to the Associated Press.

Kulkis, 40, says he'll be representing the $10 billion porn industry as well as his own company at the fund-raiser. A native of Michigan, the English literature major turned pornographer says he'd be surprised, disappointed and upset if he were somehow turned away, but he doesn't expect that to happen.

PHOTO: Mark Kulkis

"I have good intentions," he said. "We're not out to corrupt the country. ... You can be faithful to your wife and still enjoy adult movies."

Kulkis has mixed feelings about Bush, describing himself as a fiscal conservative and social liberal. He also notes the trend of pornography becoming more prevalent and accepted in American society.

"Let's face it," he said. "You had [hard-core porn actress] Jenna Jameson's book on the New York Times best-seller list for weeks. Porn now is pretty mainstream."

WorldNetDaily readers have a wide variety of views about the upcoming dinner:

  • "The Republican tent is broad and needs to cover all people even those with views and lifestyles with which we disagree." (Thomas R. Moore)
  • "It hurts for self-respecting citizens to watch their leaders play the fool for influence ... Let's not let those who abuse their bodies, and our children's future, buy a voice in this administration." (K.R.)
  • "Mr. Bush brings many virtues to his job. But, he refuses to lead on important moral issues. When Janet Jackson outraged Super Bowl viewers, he professed to be asleep and ducked the issue. ... [T]here is a vacuum of leadership on issues important to this country. Yes, Mr. Bush can and should speak to the issue." (David Wallace)
  • "Look how far the Republican Party has come in just two decades: from Reagan's Commission on Pornography, under then-Attorney-general Edwin Meese in 1985, to today, porn stars invited to a White House fund-raising gala. The leadership of the Republican Party has lost its mind." (Brian Hudgins)
  • "Basically politicians are prostitutes anyway. Why should there be a problem associating with porn stars and entrepreneurs?" (Ken Zwick)
  • "If you stop and think about it, you can see where Bush might be her hero. I can't think of anyone who has screwed more people in such a short period of time. Especially the veterans." (Fred Perry)
  • "Why wouldn't they use porn stars at a fund-raiser? Porn stars are about 10 steps above politicians. At least they are honest about what they do. The real question is why would the porn stars want to degrade themselves?" (Bob Bolton)
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