Christians One Step Closer To Being Called Sick

January/February 2006

       Can homophobia and other prejudices be illnesses? A recent article in the Washington Post states that the American Psychiatric Association is proposing to study that possibility. Psychiatric doctors claim they are seeing patients in which their "bias" is "pathological." These are people who lose their jobs or cannot go shopping because of a fear of homosexuals or aversion to black people or Jews.

Opponents to the new category say that this is just another expression of underlying delusions and need to be treated on that basis. But it is just a small step away from the communist or atheist claim that all religious belief is imaginary. Thousands of Bible believers have rotted in prison camps in countries that declared that they were sick.

Several years ago the Psychiatric Association decided to no longer list homosexuality as a mental illness in their Diagnostic Manual. Then some claimed that not all adult-child sex was bad and recommended removing pedophilia as a disorder.

Psychiatric leaders admit that the disease classifications depend on the views of the culture at large. Changes in disease labels should change with the culture. Historically, freedoms have been lost by inches, not all at once. But the trend is visible to those who watch.

With the trend in the culture moving toward considering Christians as narrow minded bigots, one can see that the Chick tract, Last Generation,* could become a possibility. It is a story where officials have decided that belief in the Bible and Jesus is a disease and use extreme treatments to "cure" them. If they cannot be "cured" into denying the truth of the Bible and belief in Jesus as God, they are “disposed of.”

Psychiatric Associations, politicians and the media are changing the beliefs of the masses. The only power we have as Bible believers is to present God's view to the grass roots. One of the best ways to do that is with Chick tracts. They are designed to show another side, God's side, of the issue.

When tracts on homosexuality, evolution, and false religions are salted into the society, many will stop and think before blindly swallowing the lies they are being fed. We need to fight back with the truth, sewn into the hearts of men everywhere we go. SOURCE

*Note: that I don't agree with the false plan of salvation presented in every CHICK track, requiring people to be willing to clean up their life of sin in order to qualify for salvation. Biblical salvation is believing that Jesus died, was buried and rose again three days later from the dead for our sins (this is The Gospel, 1st Corinthians 15:1-4). If we by faith receive Christ's sacrifice on the cross as payment for our sins, then we are saved. Your faith plus the Gospel equals salvation. Don't add or subtract from it, lest you corrupt it. Jack Chick adds being willing to try not to sin anymore. That's not the Gospel, it is deadly poison.