The Insanity Of Humanity

By David Stewart | January 2009

       While little children are starving to death in Third World Nations, such as Haiti, Americans are buying kitty-litter made from corn for their animals to poop in. It's insane! What is going on? What's wrong with the planet? Here's a quote from the Dallas Newspaper on September 23, 2007...

"The World's Best Cat Litter" sells for $7.99 to $18.99 at Marshall Grain, which has been a Fort Worth mainstay since 1946. Made from whole-kernel corn, the litter absorbs odors without perfumes that mask the smell. Clumpable, scoopable and flushable. [emphasis added]

SOURCE: 30 small suggestions to help save the planet

On 01-15-09 FOX NEWS promoted “The World's Best Cat Litter.” They interviewed a woman concerning the product and she said, “It's important that we teach our children about products such as this to help save the planet.” Help save the planet? I think I'm going to be sick and vomit. I wanted to reach into the TV and tell her she is an idiot. God deliver us from wackos who are infatuated with saving the planet; but have no problem with abortion. It is not the planet that needs to be saved lady, it is humanity.

I am not criticizing the cat litter company for making a better product. I'm just pointing out that something is very wrong with a society that places more value on the environment than they do human life. So many teachers in American society are infatuated with saving the planet, while there's little or no concern about sparing the lives of innocent children being murdered every day by abortion. I'm all for protecting the environment, but let's get our priorities straight. Human life should be paramount as compared to conserving energy, reducing waste and saving the whales.

So the next time your cat is pooping in kitty-litter made from nutritious corn, please think about those poor starving children in Haiti who are eating mud mixed with vegetable oil and salt for dinner. I'm sure they'd prefer the kitty-litter.

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