“And The Books Were Opened”

By David J. Stewart

“And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened... and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works... And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” —Revelation 20:11,12,15

       God has a set of Books in which everything we say and do are recorded. In one Book, called the Book of Life, are recorded the names of every born-again believer. The Bible says anyone whose name is not found in the Book of Life will be cast into the Lake of Fire to be tormented forever. In other Books are recorded every sin which we've committed and also the good we've done. It is important to realize that no matter how much one's good works outweigh the bad, they will still be cast into the lake of Fire if their name isn't found written in the Lamb's Book of Life. This is why Jesus sternly warned in John 3:3, “Ye must be born again.” We cannot be saved by any amount of self-righteousness. We need HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Sadly, few people ever find the narrow path to Heaven (Matthew 7:14), because of all the lying propaganda in the world today (2nd Corinthians 4:4) and love for sin (John 3:20). Satan is a liar, whom Jesus even called the “father of all liars” (John 8:44). Satan wants you to burn in Hell, which is where he is going ultimately. You will be judged out of THE BOOKS on Judgment Day. God has everything written down. In fact, just to give you an idea of how serious God takes sin, consider the Words of Jesus in Matthew 12:36, “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” God will even hold us accountable for the wasted words we speak. No one is going to get away with anything. Sinners may smirk and joke and raise their brows against God now; but judgment Day is coming... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

The city of “Sin City” Las Vegas advertises, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!” But the Bible warns us that God is writing everything down in Heaven... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

America's homosexuals are jumping up-and-down for joy because of all their new found freedoms and rights. Soon, the federal government will allow for same-sex marriages, just as we saw in the Roe vs. Wade case with abortion in 1972. The Godless and reprobate Supreme Court will likely rule 5-to-4 in favor of same-sex marriage; but God will judge them for their incompetence on Judgment Day... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

America is a land of spoiled-brats, rebellious feminists with arrogant attitudes, and malicious women who enjoy destroying other people's marriages. It's hard to find a woman that obeys the Bible anymore, i.e., a wife who obeys her husband as God commands (1st Peter 3:6). The divorce rate would drop down next to zero if it weren't for idiots interfering with other people's marriages. Honestly, I wish there were a law that sends people to prison for interfering with other people's marriages. It is evil. God will punish every rotten homewrecker on Judgment Day ... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

It is no trifle matter to tamper with the Word of God (Deuteronomy 4:2); yet multitudes of greedy, cut-throat, evil people are doing just that nowadays. Shame on Nelson, Zondervan and the International Bible Society for perverting the Word of God, “...for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the LORD of hosts our God” (Jeremiah 23:36). There isn't a more damnable version of the Bible on the market today than the English Standard Version. They deceitfully trick people into thinking that they're faithfully carrying on the work of the King James Bible translators; but they fail to mention that the King James translators used AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GREEK MANUSCRIPT. What a bunch of deceivers!!! I wouldn't give you a dime for today's modern corrupt Bible versions. We don't rewrite Shakespeare to make it more readable, and neither should we butcher the beauty and integrity of the King James Bible to cater to the ignorance of a lazy and uneducated generation. Bible corrupters will go to Hell... “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life...” (Revelation 22:19). It is a dangerous thing to misrepresent the Scriptures and pervert the truth... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

Many people today see no harm with Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or Charmed; but God's Word tells us in 1st Samuel 15:23 that witchcraft is a sin, "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft..." The entire Harry Potter series glorifies the sin of witchcraft; yet ignorant and careless parents defend the series as “innocent fun.” There is NOTHING innocent about witchcraft ... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

The Bible commands women to dress in modest apparel, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel...”(1st Timothy 2:9). The Greek word for “modest” here is kosmios, which means “of good behavior.” The Bible teaches that a woman's clothing is representative of her character. Without question, American women in general dress shamefully, reflecting low-morals. It is a sin. God will hold every woman accountable for the manner in which she dresses ... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

There's hardly a day that passes when we don't hear about blatant crimes being committed by high-ranking politicians. It was Elias Boudinot who said: “Good government generally begins in the family, and if the moral character of a people once degenerate, their political character must soon follow.” In view of America's moral meltdown over the past few decades, it is not surprising nowadays to hear about shameful characters such as Rod Blagojevich (former Governor, Illinois) and Bill Clinton (former U.S. President)—two of the worst leaders in history. High-ranking politicians get paid extremely large salaries, and enjoy enormous fringe benefits, and ought not betray the American people; but they frequently do. The overwhelming evidence surrounding the 911-attacks clearly indicts the Bush Administration, as the blood of nearly 3,000 victims still cry out from the ground for justice. God will avenge those victims ... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

Most people today refuse to obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible calls them fools. 2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9 warns, “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord...” God's Word cannot be broken. Most people think God is so loving that He would never cast anyone into Hell to be tormented in flames. Although it is difficult to comprehend, Jesus plainly stated in John 10:35, “...and the scripture cannot be broken.” The problem is that most people nowadays DON'T believe the Bible is inspired by God. Instead they form their own misconception of God. The biggest mistake you'll ever make is to reject the Bible as God's Word. You either believe that God wrote the Bible or you don't. If you don't, then you'll be sucked into some false religion, a false view of God or any number of damnable doctrines. God authored the Bible for mankind. There will be no valid excuses accepted on Judgment Day, when the wicked shall stand before God in their sins, having rejected Jesus as the Christ, as payment for their sins ... AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.


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