SARS Scam!

April 19th, 2003


"Singapore's prime minister, Goh Chok Tong, said Saturday the SARS outbreak could become the worst economic crisis the city-state has ever faced."   He also announced tough new measures to try to contain SARS, including prison sentences for people who defy quarantine orders.   "SARS will knock you backward, it may even kill you, but I can tell you SARS can kill the economy and all of us will be killed by the collapsing economy," he said.--Chicago Tribune Article, April 19, 2003

These are perilous times in which we live.  The Bible accurately foretold of these times when men and women would be lovers of their own bellies, wicked as can be (Philippians 3:19, 2nd Timothy 3:1-8).  You just don't know who's who's anymore.  The Bible foretold that men who become worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived (2nd Timothy 3:13).  There has been much debate over whether AIDS (HIV) was created by the military in the late 1960's in a lab in Maryland.  There are some very scary FACTS available.  Most people don't realize that AIDS is simply a form of cancer.  I had a hard time believing this stuff myself until I really started looking at the facts.  Henry Kissinger spoke to the United Nations in 1974, stressing the necessity and importance of depopulating the world.  We hear people like Ted Turner today, saying the same thing.  He's not a bum off the street, but one of the richest men in the world.  

World Health Organization official David Heymann said Friday that SARS' unusual potential for quick spread could make it "the first severe new disease of the 21st Century with global epidemic potential."--Chicago Tribune, April 13, 2003

According to the April 13th article we just read, only 452 cases of AIDS were reported in the first year of it's existence.   Were already over 100 reported cases of SARS in the first month alone.  Where is this headed?  There are many articles coming out speaking of the possible "global" devastation by SARS.  The news media hasn't stopped talking about SARS (and SARS was unknown until a month ago).  Are we being mentally conditioned for the disaster ahead?  It appears so!  Insurance companies are beginning to drop coverage for any SARS related claims.  

Most people do not realize the history behind AIDS and HIV.   There is a fascinating article written by a medical doctor, Alen Cantwell Jr., that sheds much light on the subject.  In his article, he explains how the US government had everything to do with the creation of the AIDS virus.  It is interesting to note that African AIDS is heterosexual in nature, not homosexual as it is here in the United States.  I had grown up in church being taught that AIDS was God's judgment upon the homosexuals, now I see clearer.  I believe AIDS was created by the government as a weapon to reduce select portions of the population.  Sodomy is a horrible sin, don't misunderstand me; but I don't believe God caused AIDS - man did!  Isn't it something how we want to blame God for everything!  Again, read this article to understand more of where AIDS came from.   Also, read Is The AIDS Virus Manmade?

Watch Dr. Robert Strecker's AIDS VIDEO by Clicking Here

So, will SARS turn out to be worse than the AIDS epidemic?  At present, AIDS kills an estimated 3,000,000 people a year.  Could SARS kill millions as well?  Evidently, doctor Leonard G. Horowitz believes so.  You can read his thorough presentation at    Is it merely coincidence that SARS just pops up in China?  A virus never before known to mankind before?  Tons of media coverage?  It seems rather odd if you ask me.