Chips Inserted in Soldiers' Brains

Universal Soldiers one step closer

UK Inquirer | October 25 2005
BY Nick Farrell

Universal Soldiers one step closer

BOFFINS working for the US military are experimenting with creating super soldiers by sticking microchips in their brains.

Apparently the Pentagon has decided that one of the things its soldiers are missing is brains, or at least the ability to remember details of their training.

Now researchers at the University of Southern California's bio-engineering department have developed a chip which they claim acts in exactly the same way as the hippocampus.

This is the part of the brain that deals with memory and the chip can send out electrical signals which are similar to how it operates.

So far it worked well on rats, and it is hoped that one day experiments will be carried out on soldiers.

Clearly none of these boffins or pentagon experts read science fiction, or they would not be doing this.

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