Federal Income Taxes are an Illegal confiscation of property

In 1894 Congress passed a law allowing the Federal Government to collect income taxes, but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. Congress then passed a constitutional amendment allowing the government to collect income taxes, but the amendment was not properly ratified by the states.

Investigations into the ratification of the income tax amendment have found numerous problems which invalidate the legality of this amendment. Some of the errors made in ratifying the 16th Amendment were as simple as spelling and punctuation errors. Other errors were more serious errors in procedure, but when you are editing one of the most important documents in human history, extreme care should be taken.

Do not forget that the constitution is the legal and philosophical foundation of the United States of America. With the constitution at its foundation, in less than 200 years the US went from nothing, to the undisputed leader of the world. Countries around the world saw the magic of the US constitution and restructured their political foundations to mirror the philosophy of individual freedom featured in the constitution.

Some may argue that the errors made during the ratification process are not really important and are just nit-picking complaints about the onerous rules of ratification. But if the people truly willed the amendment to be adopted, then following all rules should not be too difficult.

The constitution does not set any time limit for amendment ratification. If this amendment is truly meant to be, then those states can correct their errors today. Failure to correct those errors will only be further evidence that Federal Income taxes are an illegal confiscation of property by the Federal government against the people of the United States of America.

I do not recommend anyone not pay taxes because despite this convincing argument, courts have not been too friendly to any "I don't have to pay taxes" arguments. Although I believe the above essay to be true, I pay my income taxes on time and in full.