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Comment by David J. Stewart: Please note that I promote Dr. Sam Gipp's book because it contains much helpful information for King James Bible believers. HOWEVER: I totally DISAGREE with Dr. Gipp that the King James Bible is NOT inspired. He believes that only the original autographs were inspired. If true, that means we DO NOT have God's very pure Word today! But God PROMISED in Psalms 12:6-7 to PRESERVE His VERY PURE WORDS, as silver tried in a furnace of earth seven times. THAT'S PURE!!! I also DISAGREE with Dr. Gipp in the following chapter, when he claims that the Gospel can still be found even in the grossest of Bible perversions. THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!

Question #35

QUESTION: Can someone get saved if you are using a bible other than the King James?

    ANSWER: Yes.

    EXPLANATION: Generally, the facts surrounding the gospel of Jesus Christ and the simplicity of salvation are found intact even in the grossest perversions of Scripture.
    It must be remembered though that the Bible is a weapon in the hand of the Christian. See Hebrews 4:12, Job 40:19 and II Timothy 3:16.
    It is also food that a new Christian might grow properly. See I Peter 2:2.
    It is in these areas that new bibles are weakened. In fact, the very verses given above are altered in many new versions, thus weakening Scripture.
    It is therefore possible to get saved through other versions, but you will never be a threat to the devil by growing.