Why Isn't There A Wednesday Morning Bible Study?

Churches That Forget the Working Man!

by David J. Stewart

       I have never understood the mentality of pastors who neglect the working man.  There are churches all across America that adhere to a strict FORMAT of three weekly services; namely, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and then a Wednesday night Bible study.  The problem is that MOST men have to work on Wednesday nights and consequently miss the weekly Bible study.  Pastors and churches KNOW this, yet do nothing to rectify the matter.  Why are we so foolish in America as believers?

I've listened to a lot of Baptist preaching in my lifetime and know very well that all Independent Fundamental Baptist pastors continually push for faithfulness to the church services.  "Three to thrive" is the saying that Dr. Lee Roberson so often used.  And that is certainly great advice!  We should be at church when the doors are open...but what about when the church doors are only open at convenient times for certain individuals blessed with a day job?  I'll tell you, I've been a working man my whole life, and I can confidently say that a man is very unlikely to get a daytime position at his job unless he has been with the company for many years. 

So the little guy on the totem pole at work has no choice but to work nights or starve.  Though some pastors may advice a man to look elsewhere for employment, it is not that simple.  We've been in a recession in America now for several years...decent jobs are hard to find!  So for the "new guy" on the job (which is basically the first 10 years in most companies), he can forget about attending Wednesday night Bible study (and in many cases the Sunday evening service as well).  America's pastors ought to be ASHAMED of themselves for neglecting these working men (tens-of-millions of men).  If we were to do a survey of how many church services are missed by Christian men who have to go to work instead, the numbers would be staggering.  Millions upon millions of men all across America miss church services every week simply because of pastors who aren't thinking (or don't care).  There are NO excuses!

The great D. L. Moody used to hold church services seven days and nights a week to accommodate the large crowds.  Many churches actually hold multiple Sunday morning services to accommodate the larger crowds.  What is wrong with our churches in America?  I think it is a shame that many McDonalds restaurants are open 24/7, while America's churches are only open for a few hours a week.  If you did a survey of businesses which are open to the public the LEAST amount of hours, churches would lead the way in minimal hours of operation.  If we were to measure the efficiency of the average church, comparing the amount of money donated with the amount of man hours returned to the community, it would reveal that churches are some of the most UNPRODUCTIVE institutions on the planet. 

Furthermore, the term "non-profit corporation" is one of the biggest LIES in America.  All across America, "pastors" and other members of the church staff drive new cars, eat the finest of meals, travel the world, spend extravagantly on non-essential items, receive bonuses, gifts, and don't pay a penny in taxes for any of it...all in the name of a "NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION."  It's sickening and sinful.  The only difference between a "profit" and a "non-profit" organization is in how the money is spent, but the money still all goes to the same place...into the pockets of the people who run the organization. 

I am not trying to be critical of the church, not at all.  I am just saying that MOST churches are unproductive in lieu of what they receive in donations, fringe benefits, and tax exemptions.  It's high time for church members in America to work on their churches' ROE (return on equity).  Talk to your pastor, ask him where YOUR money is going.  Don't buy any garbage that it is God's money and you have no business how it is spent.  It is in FACT...YOUR MONEY!  God gave the money to YOU, and YOU are the steward of that money.  God is trusting YOU to wisely and properly use that money.  How is your churches' return on equity (what is your money accomplishing besides supporting your pastor and his staff)?  If your church only opens it's doors for a few hours a week, then you are a fool with your money. 

It would be a wonderful thing in America if 95% of all church members simply stopped tithing until they saw a man of God behind the pulpit.  The predominance of churches all across America is giving the false impression that America is a spiritual nation and all is well.  The truth is that MOST of America's churches are operated be lazy good-for-nothing loafers, who in many cases aren't even Christians.  Most churches are little more than a den of thieves out to make a living.  America's churches are a sorry bunch.  How's your church doing?  What is being done with the money?  What kind of car does the pastor drive?  How often does he go on vacation?

America is infested with DEAD CHURCHES who are just out to make a buck.  The church was never intended to be a place of employment or a welfare office for lazy insincere pastors.  Money should NOT be an issue for a pastor or any paid Christian worker.  If money is an issue, then go apply for a secular job.  Too many paid Christian workers have an "I can take it or leave it attitude."  I actually heard a man who worked for his Baptist church say," The day my paycheck stops, I'm out of here."  He should do his church a favor and quit.  Is that all that the church has become to some people, a dollar sign?  I would expect to hear something like that from a baseball player or a news reporter, but a Christian worker?  Sadly, money has become the Almighty Potentate of many churches across America.

It's about time that churches started caring about people again.  Every church should offer a mid-week bible study in the daytime to accommodate the working men (and women) in the church.  For many people, it's that mid-week bible study that spiritually holds them over until Sunday.  Ironically, the same pastors who realize and teach this fail to offer their congregation a mid-week morning service.  It's unethical and wrong for a pastor to browbeat his people about the importance of never missing a church service, while totally neglecting the working folks in the church who have to work evenings.  Something needs to change!  In this apostate and wicked generation, the need for preaching and church attendance has never been greater.  So why do we only open our church doors three times a week?  Why do we forget about the working man and rob him of the weekly bible study and Christian fellowship that he so desperately needs? 

When did our churches get stuck in the FORMAT of three services a week (and none on Wednesday mornings)?  This is a manmade TRADITION that needs to be broken.  We are living in desperate times that are calling for desperate measures.  Our church doors must be open more frequently and our pulpits aflame for God with men who walk with God and proclaim the truth.  Why should people take God or the things of God seriously when the average church only caters to the folks who have cozy day time jobs (the senior employees at the company)?  It's bad enough that you're the low man on the totem pole at work (in the heathen workplace), but then your own church does the same exact thing to you...You can only come to our Wednesday night bible study if you have a day time job, which means that you must have seniority at your company.  I'm writing this article from the perspective of a working man, remember that! 

If you don't like what I am saying, then you might be an idiot.  I am trying to wake you up to the truth.  Churches have ignored the spiritual needs of the working man for far too long.  It is very simple for a church to add an additional service or two, or three to their weekly schedule; on the contrary, it is impossible to change the secular workplace.  Increasingly, men have been required to work during weekly church services and bible studies.  Is it any wonder why America is plundering further and further into the abyss?  Do you think it's just a coincidence that these things are happening?  No way, the devil is up to his old tricks!  Every pastor in America should do what it takes to ensure that no one man or woman in his congregation goes without the opportunity to hear the Word of God.  This means you'll have to give up your golf game on Monday or your pastor's luncheon on Thursday. 

It is a shame how America's churches have neglected the working man... the men who pay the bills. END

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