Sticking to the Basics of the Bible

By David J. Stewart

       America's churches have become apostate, straying away from the fundamentals of the Christian faith. You'll never hear Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer teaching doctrinal fundamentals of the Scriptures. They're into psychology, better health, and improving relationships.

The Doctrine of Christ has been all but abandoned in most churches today. Thank God for the old-time preachers like R.G. Lee who stuck to the basics of the Bible preaching against sin, the reality of coming judgment, and the awfulness of punishment in Hell, fire and brimstone for all eternity.

It is easy for churches to become lackadaisical toward the teaching of the deity of Christ, the Godhead, the Virgin Birth, Christ's sinless life, His literal blood sacrifice; Christ's death, burial and bodily resurrection; and other fundamental doctrines of the Bible. There is never a time when people don't need to be taught these doctrines.

With the New Age falsehoods and fraudulent teachings of Maitreya, Wicca, reincarnation, meditation (Pat Robertson promotes New Age), Theosophy, et cetera; the need has never been greater for evangelical born-again Christians to teach the BASICS of the Bible. Instead, I see so many Christian groups getting into the health, wealth and prosperity garbage. That's the sinful way of apostate Charismatics. By the way, homosexuals aren't anywhere as malicious as Charismatics toward genuine Bible-believing Christians. Charismatics are all characterized by the belief that salvation can be lost, healing services, and speaking-in-tongues (which is demonic witchcraft used by most witch doctors in primitive heathen cultures).

If your church is more interested in psychology than sin, get out now!!! Your pastor is corrupted! If your pastor is controlled by a pulpit committee, get out now!!! You pastor is corrupted, because only God should control a preacher's preaching (and not some stupid pulpit committee). Most churches are more resemblant these days of mortuaries, because God's men are few. So many knees have bowed to Baal, joining forces with the State. Ask your pastor if he's a part of the Clergy Response Team, and leave your church if he is, because he is a sell-out!

The True Meaning Of Romans 13
(501C3 taxbreak has indoctrinated churches with heresy)

Basics! Stick with the basics! Our churches are filled with the strange doctrines of John Calvin (1509-1564) today, a heretic who has been dead for hundreds of years. John MacArthur, Ray Comfort, Paul Washer and Kirk Cameron are all Calvinist in their beliefs; particularly holding to Calvin's heresy of the Perseverance Of The Saints (see point 5). Bless God, I believe in the preservation of the saints (Eternal Security) and not Calvin's heresy of the perseverance (Lordship Salvation) of the saints.

Eternal life is a free gift that you simply receive by faith; there are no strings attached, no obligations, nothing you must surrender, no changes you must make; you simply come to God as a sinner and believe on the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ for salvation. It's not what you're doing that gets you to Heaven; it's where you're looking. LOOK TO JESUS!!!

The great need of our time is preaching preachers who teach the basic fundamentals of of the Christians faith. People need to always hear about sin, judgment, Hell, Calvary and the gift of God in Christ Jesus!

Christian Basics