Religion Versus The Gospel

by David J. Stewart
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       Religion is man's teachings; whereas the gospel is God's plan of salvation.  Religion places heavy burdens to be borne upon men's shoulders.  "Do this, do that...then hope for the best."  This is exactly how the Islamic Muslim religion works.  They have many strict religious practices, like the washing of hands and praying five times a day in sync with the cycles of the moon and sun.  Truthfully, you don't have to do any of that to be saved.  They believe they they MUST face Mecca Saudi Arabia when they pray.  It is a religion of bondage, no wonder they all look so miserable.

The Jehovah Witnesses religion believe that Michael the archangel became Jesus.  How silly!  They deny the bodily resurrection of Christ and the bodily return of Christ.  They deny the deity of Christ (that He is Almighty God).  They teach that you MUST join their visible organization and be baptized to be saved.  They deny the Godhead.

Mormon religion believe that God had a physical relationship with Mary.  They also believe that you must be baptized to go to heaven.  Mormons deny Christ's deity as well.  Burdens heavy to be borne. 

The New Age religion has infiltrated many people in the United States.  This would include all your yoga, tarot cards, horoscopes, palm readings, crystal balls, etc.

The Roman Catholic religion is the biggest cult on the face of this earth.  It is purely evil and anti-God.  Catholics believe that they can go to heaven by being baptized into the Catholic church.  They believe that a person MUST keep the Seven Sacraments to be saved.  It is a "works" religion.  Mary worship is pure idolatry.

Seventh Day Adventists are a cult as well.  They believe that faith in Christ is not enough to be saved.  They attach works to faith.  They also attach the keeping of the Sabbath to faith.  They believe that Christ in His work of "investigative judgment" will decide whether or not we are "worthy" to enter heaven.  That's easy friend, NO ONE is worthy of heaven.  We all deserve to burn in hell.

The Eastern Shintoism and Buddhism are of the devil.  They do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world.

THESE ARE ALL RELIGIONS, but they are not the gospel (the good news).

What is the good news (the gospel)?  The good news is that Jesus paid for your sins and mine upon the cross.  There is NO religion which can save you.  The Pope cannot save you.  Allah is a fraud, a mythical superstition.  Jesus Christ is God Almighty, the Creator, and our Saviour.  Which religion is the right one?  That's easy, NONE of them!  Salvation is NOT found in a religion, but in a person...The Lord Jesus Christ!!!  Simply admit to Jesus that you are a sinner, then ask Jesus to forgive you and take you to heaven when you die.  It's that simple friend. 

You are a sinner; Jesus is the Saviour.

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