What Will It Matter 100 Years From Now?

By David J. Stewart | August 2005
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       Nothing will matter 100 years from now.  Nearly every human being alive today will be dead in 100 years.  For many of us, nothing will matter 50 years from now.  I'm now 38 years old, I doubt if I'll live to see 88.  Life is so short, so seemingly insignificant.  The only thing that I have ever found that made sense was God.  People will often hurt our feelings and let us down.  Friends and family may betray and hurt us.  Other "Christians" may stab us in the back.  God will never forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).  Though we may not always feel His presence, we see His handiwork in the heavens and stars.  God is truly amazing!

If we focus on the fact that all humanity today will be gone in a little over 100 years, then we will keep eternity in mind.  Most people live for the moment, the materialistic, the temporary.  The wise Christian lives for eternity by laying up treasures in heaven through soulwinning and helping the poor.  Of course, no amount of good works will save anyone.  Only through faith in Jesus Christ apart from all works can anyone be saved.

What will it matter if we have our wall papered with degrees and certificates 100 years from now?  What will it matter how many times we jumped out of an airplane parachuting, went Scuba diving, or hit a ball with a stick?  What will it matter how many cars we owned, polished, washed, and babied?

What will it matter 100 years from now if the wife forgot to wrap that loaf of bread?  Or if she failed to pick up that pile of dirt?  What will it matter?  It won't.  All that will matter then is if we obeyed God's Word.  Only that which we do for Christ's sake and the Gospel's will matter then.

Just a thought... what will it all matter 100 years from now?