The Era Of The Christian Whore

By David J. Stewart | March 2019

1st Timothy 2:9, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel,
with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.”

       The Bible word “modesty” has little significance in the 21st century, including in our churches. We are living in awful times of heathendom, where women regularly walk naked at the beach, showing everything they've got. It matters not which beach in America, it is whore city! Sadly, professed Christian women in our country's Bible colleges and churches aren't much better. If you see a female on Sunday wearing a beautiful long dress to church, chances are good that you'll catch her during the week in pants in public, exposing her thighs and buttocks to destroy men's souls. 1st Peter 2:11, “Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.” Yes, indeed, we are living in the era of the Christian WHORE! But don't expect to hear that truth preached from any church pulpit today. You'll have to drive way out into the country, to find a leather-lunged Bible preacher who still preaches the truth of God's Word.

Look no further than Bob Jones University's female sport's programs. You can view the photos online in a web search. Their women look no different than the heathen world's females. I guess culottes and skorts are now considered inappropriate attire for females by the Bob Jones staff. It is a shame! No woman ought to wear pants, let alone a Christian woman! This is the generation of the adulteress, the fornicator, the whore and the whoremonger! The average person today is as shallow in character as a cat's grave! American's have become thin-skinned, kind to a very limited degree, full of gossip and resentment of others, tolerant of counterfeit Bible versions and apostasy in the churches. I'm talking about the pathetic Bob Jones University crowd who endorse Dr. John MacArthur! I'm talking about the superficial Pensacola Christian College crowd who refuse to expose the Satanic Bible perversions! Where is the soldier for Jesus Christ today? We've got a bunch of limp, weak-kneed, spineless, jellyfish, yellow-bellied, cowards for pastors in America's church pulpits today. It doesn't matter if they're in their 20's or 80's, pastors don't stand for anything anymore!

I am so sick and tired of phony professed Christian woman, who wear a pretty modest dress one day, and look like Marilyn Monroe the next! I am a big sinner just like anybody else, and I have my faults, so I am not condemning anyone. I'm just telling THE TRUTH. Women ought not wear pants! I've had numerous web visitors contact me to express their disagreement with me on this matter, even some men! It is just as wrong for a woman to put on a pair of pants, as it is for a man to wear a dress in public. Men ought to look like men, and women like ladies. A female is not a lady! A woman is only as modest as her most IMMODEST day of the year! So if you wore that bikini to the beach one day, YOU ARE A SLUT!!!

I saw one shameful Caucasian woman behind Chamorro village on Guam, 99% naked. She was beautiful and well figured, in her 20's. I glanced over and couldn't help but notice her. Her husband (or boyfriend) looked at me, as if to say, “Show some respect by not looking at my wife.” THAT SLUT NEEDS TO RESPECT HERSELF!!! She starred at me, as if to say, “Don't look at me, I'm am not dressed!” I did look away, but it was very hard to do so! She had the look of embarrassing SHAME all over her face!!! But it was a whore's false shame, not the pure shame of a repentant Christian woman. The world's shame is only that they got caught, and they still have every intention of continuing in that shameful sin and wickedness!!! What I am preaching is virtually unheard of nowadays!

God is Damning America!

It is no coincidence that along with feminist women's rights being enforced by the government all over America (primary by the queer infested state of California and the ungodly U.S. government), we are also seeing a related continuation of abortion murders, sodomite marriages, cutthroat divorces, scumbag greedy attorneys, and all manner of filth and wickedness!!! I pray for Revelation chapter 18 to happen soon upon America, and bring down God's merciless wrath upon this God damned nation! America is DAMNED OF GOD!!! You're a fool if you sing “God Bless America”! Why should God bless a nation of thieves, liars, perverts, queers, kooks, adulterers, boozers and quacks!

I'll tell you, I've never seen such ungodly greed as I do today all across America. Car rentals are all crooks! I rented a car in Pensacola, Florida in 2019 for 3 days for $60 from Alamo, but needed it for one extra day. The thieving woman at the car rental agency demanded $190 for one day, claiming I had entered into a weekly rate. THIEVES!!! They take advantage of people because they are ungodly THIEVES!!!

When I visited Hilo, Hawaii in 2013, I returned the rent car to the parking space at the airport on time, but I was ethical enough to clean the car. I came 5 minutes past the return time on the contract. That thief charged me $50 late fee for being 5 minutes late, even though I explained that I had been parked 10 minutes earlier than expected. THIEVES!!! That was Alamo again by the way, a bunch of THIEVES!!! The car rental companies are all the same, THIEVES!!! They know that there is a high turn over rate, and they'll likely never see you again, so they take advantage of you while they can. It is called RAPE!

Have you ever wondered why companies use such giant boxes to ship small items. It is called, “Dimensional Weight,” which you can read on Wikipedia. It essentially means that they GUESS how much weight your package weighs, based upon the SIZE of the box, and you end up paying for all that empty air in the box. THIEVES!!! Tragically, our ungodly U.S. government legalizes such unethical practices. Please, God damn the United States!

In Japan it is considered an insult, to both the customer and the business owner, to charge gratuity. But in this thieving American culture, ungodly business owners have the selfish attitude... YOU OWE US! It used to be 40 years ago that gratuity was only charged to a large party of 6 or more paying adults, but today a father with his children is forced to pay gratuity. I hate gratuity, which is a form of theft! Chillies on Guam is so greedy that they charge me 10% (for my convenience of course... liars), even to get some food to go in a plastic bag. Even if you don't sit down, so no one ever waits on you, they are so greedy that they rob you of 10%. That is why I haven't eaten at Chillies in over 6 months, and it will probably be another 6 months before I do, if ever. THIEVES!!!

This is America today—queers getting married (no such thing in God's eyes), queers legally adopting children (the ultimate child abuse), millions of children are still being murdered every year by abortion, women walking around in sensual attire (whores every one), greedy companies ripping people off left and right, churches fully endorsing corrupt Satanic Bible perversions, and God only knows what other ungodliness lurks behind the scenes across this no longer great nation! We need a bunch more Pastor Fred Phelps, reminding Americans why we deserve to suffer God's judgment, and burn in Hell for our wickedness!!! Why shouldn't God damn this wicked nation? I am praying for it with all my heart and mind! Please Russia, nuke this arrogant land of The Great Satan!

I could go on for hours just about the crooked thievery that abounds everywhere today. Lawyers, insurance companies and realtors are nothing but a bunch of crooks, thieves and liars! If you don't believe it, READ THEIR LEGAL CONTRACTS! Everything in the contract is written by scum lawyers, paid by their clients, in favor of the lawyers, insurance companies and realtors. For example: A standard realtor's contract says that if either the seller or buyer reneges on the purchase of the home, the realtor is still legally entitled to their full compensation! Another example is if you sue someone in small claims court. Even if the court rules in YOUR FAVOR, and imposes damages against the defendant, YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE to pay all attorney and court fees, even if a single cent is never collected from the guilty party! So you get screwed TWICE! Really great court system, huh? Read the contracts before you sign them, I implore you. THIEVES!!!

It is amidst such shady American character today, that phony Christian women are putting on their trousers. Hey, why not, I mean, after all, women are fornicating out of wedlock to conceive bastard children, and then having the government pay to murder those precious children! GOD DAMN AMERICA AND GOD DAMN GUAM! They abort children here just as much! Queers and transvestites are all over the place on Guam, and they are fully supported by local businesses and the government. Guam is whore city at the beaches! And if you want an actual whore, lower Tumon is full of whore houses, just go to 90% of the massage parlors. They do this for the wonderful U.S. military, full of whoremongers! It matters not if it is a female from a local Baptist church, or a Korean prostitute, they all dress THE SAME, wearing pants! I'm just telling it like it is folks.

The courts on Guam are quick to arrest citizens for every little offense, but the whore houses are privileged, and for the sake of the U.S. military, the authorities look the other way. Shhhh, it's a secret! There's not a local man on Guam who doesn't know what I just told you, because it's not a secret, nobody cares, that's all. Strip joints are legal on Guam, and no clothes at all are required for the strippers. Great place to live, huh? I say that facetiously, Guam is a very sinful place! As much as I loath the Roman Catholic Church cult, some of the best people on Guam are Catholics, who have fought hard to keep the ungodly gambling casinos out, and I am happy for that! The local Catholics have also fought hard against abortion, even compelling a local abortion clinic to close its doors! Amen for that! Sadly, the local Baptist churches have DONE NOTHING to help as far as I can tell. They must operate like the whore houses, in secret! I am a Baptist, and I am ashamed of my own churches.

If you are a woman and wear pants, I do not condemn you. In this time of woeful debauchery and wickedness, most pastors have backed off on the pants issue, figuring they are fortunate enough just to have a congregation. However, that is not a valid excuse for not upholding proper dress standards for women and men. Someone needs to speak up for modesty, virtue is not dead! Just because nearly everyone else is an ingrate, indifferent, immoral, greedy, selfish, dishonest and immodest, doesn't make it right! I fall in love every time I see a Baptist woman in culottes or a long dress. My heart longs for such a wife. I am wondering if there is anyone like that left anymore, because the next day I see the same woman, she is wearing tight sexy black spandex in public. She's a whore at heart! Yes, this is the era of the Christian whore!

Souls Are Dying!

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Mark 1:15: “...repent ye, and believe the gospel.”

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Mark 11:22, And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

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