Fraudulent Marketing is EVIL!

By David J. Stewart

"The wicked worketh a deceitful work: but to him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward." —Proverb 11:18

       We are living in a nation of LIARS, THIEVES, and DECEIVERS!  Next to American lawyers and politicians, who share the world title for being the biggest liars, corporate America comes in a close second.  America is plagued with deceptive advertising gimmicks and unethical schemes, all aimed at taking our money away.  It's sickening. 

Rotten Insurance Companies

The average insurance company today misleads consumers by deliberately not telling them about REPLACEMENT COST insurance.  It's a dark secret that they hide from the public.  Let's say you're paying $1,500 a year for fire insurance on your home, and then one day it burns to the ground.  To your horror, when you go to file a claim you find out that they're only going to cut you a check for a fraction of what it would cost to replace your home.  Bottom line... you've lost your home!  Crooks!  For just a couple hundred dollars more a year, you can get "replacement cost" insurance that'll guarantee that your home will be replaced.  Of course, most insurance companies are dishonest and deceptive, so they won't tell you this.  They simply want your money with as little liability on their part as possible, and you naively THINK you're safely insured.  Their defensive is that "it was in the contract" and you signed it.  Although this is true most of the time, the insurance companies prey upon human weakness to cheat people.  You see, companies spend millions of dollars researching to find common bad habits and character flaws in people (in general), and then they capitalize upon those weakness to take advantage of people. 

Insurance companies may commit their fraud within the bounds of the law, but they are fraudsters in God's eyes, because they deceive and cheat people by manipulating the law and lobbying for legislatures to corrupt the law for their evil self-interests.  Remember, over 40,000,000 babies have been MURDERED within the legal limits of the American "LAW."  God's Law supersedes man's laws.  Hell will be hot! 

Insurance companies know that a certain percentage of their customers will abandon their claim, rather than deal with all the hassles.  So a dirty trick that many insurance companies use is to make the claims process as difficult as possible.  They tell you to drive your damaged car to some remote location, buried behind some industrial area, hard to find.  I've read and heard several horror stories about how rotten insurance companies can be.  If they can make you go through 10 steps to collect on a claim, then they know a certain percentage of customers will just quit and give up.  One dirty trick insurance companies use is to continue DELAYING a customer's claim, making excuses, and giving people the run-a-round.  A man in California commit suicide because his insurance company jerked him around for over a year on an earthquake claim for his home.  Plain and simple, insurance companies DON'T CARE!  They just want the money, and God forbid you should file a claim with one of those rotten companies.  It's injustice!  It's EVIL!

Evil Bankers and Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies are as rotten as can be!  I can assure you that when you deliberately try to financially enslave someone (as credit card companies do), you are in serious trouble with God!  Credit card companies send out those blank checks every month, enticing people like the Devil does, to go further into massive debt until victims can't escape their powerful grasp.  Credit Card companies are owned by elite bankers, equivalent to the scum of the earth as far as I'm concerned.  I don't hate anybody, but I hate dishonesty and deceit.  As a Christian I'm supposed to hate evil, just as the Lord does (Psalm 97:10).  Hebrews 1:9 states that Jesus HATED INIQUITY!  The Lord was no partaker of other's sins.  Jesus befriended the outcasts of society, witnessing to them with the power of the Gospel; but he didn't approve of their sins or endorse wickedness (as many professed believers foolishly DO today).  Jesus hated sin!  In John 2:5, Jesus became infuriated when he saw that greedy men had turned the church into a business.  Christianity has deteriorated into a business in America, and it makes God angry!!! 

Bankers are crooks!  The system is crooked.  Why should you have to pay $300,000 for a house that only costs $150,000?  The politicians, lawyers, and legislatures have been bought off by godless thugs, who own and control the vile Federal Reserve Banking System.  What a misnomer!  The Federal Reserve is PRIVATELY OWNED by... you guessed it... ELITE BANKERS!  Say hello to the Rothschild's family and the Rockefellers!  They have NO reserve!  Our fiat money isn't worth the paper it's printed on!  Do you know who we owe $9,000,000,000,000 in federal debt to?... you guessed it... the ELITE BANKERS who own the Federal Reserve!  What a SCAM !!!!!!!  These are the occult-inspired criminals who control Washington D.C., and are committed to exploiting America's resources to build a New World Order.  Say goodbye to America! 

As a whole, Americans are now in debt for an estimated $173,000,000,000,000!!!  This includes federal, corporate, state, local, and personal debts.  Proverb 22:7 couldn't be any clearer in it's warning to Americans... "The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."  Increasingly, America's land and resources are becoming the property of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank owners, who also operate and control the United Nations.

If you are wise, you will stay out of debt!  Don't play their game.  Buy a smaller home.  Only a fool would secure a 40-year mortgage.  I understand the benefits of a 30-year mortgage, to allow for lower monthly payments in case you lose your job, etc. However, 40 years is getting ridiculous.  Do you know why banks are now offering such lengthy loans?  It's because more and more people can't even afford a 30-year mortgage!  The rich are getting so greedy that we're soon going to see 50-YEAR MORTGAGES!  It will be the same as Japan where you are still paying on the home that your great grandfather bought.  That's crazy!

Also, make sure when you obtain your mortgage that there are no "pre-payment penalties."  This way you can pay off your home early without penalty.  I would NEVER get a mortgage unless there were NO prepayment penalties.  Do yourself a favor and go with a fixed rate mortgage, so you can sleep at night.  It's a shame that homes cost so much nowadays.  It is because women have entered the workplace, and the bankers, who control the politicians, want to keep us working and poor (i.e., enslaved to them).  As a result, the traditional family where mom stays home as a homemaker (1st Timothy 5:14) is almost impossible to live nowadays.  Consequently, America still has the highest divorce rate in the world.  America is being destroyed by covetousness!  The love of money is behind pornography, gambling, prostitution, Hollywood, government and corporate corruption, etc. 

Deception in Advertising

I am amazed at just how blatant the evil has become in America.  I mean, it's right in front of our faces; but we still don't want to see it.  Nearly every commercial on TV has a bunch of fine print crammed together so small that there's no way you could read it, even if you paused the screen.  This is fraudulent advertising.  The fine print is what you NEED to read.  You know as well as I do that most people just sign contracts without FULLY reading them.  This is a very bad practice.  That small fine print is often there to cheat you!  For example: The average hurricane insurance policy states in black and white that the insurance company will ONLY pay for damage caused by wind.  So if an airborne automobile or someone's barbeque comes flying through your window... you get NOTHING from the insurance company!  Honestly, most insurance is not insurance anymore, and is often a waste of money.  You need to read your policy.  Unless you have a newer car, full-coverage auto insurance is a joke, because you're only going to get the bluebook value of your car if it's totaled.  I know because it happened to me.  A drunk driver plowed into my 1973 Oldsmobile, with a 350 rocket engine!  He had no insurance.  I had previously purchased the uninsured motorist addition to my policy.  You know, I only received a check for $283, even though there was $2000 damage to my car!  Of course, no on at the insurance company will ever tell you this in advance.

Read the fine print and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.  Of course, that takes time, and time is a precious commodity these days.  Nevertheless, to avoid being victimized by crooks and liars, we need to know exactly what we are getting into before we buy or sign anything.  Consumers beware!

Crooked Auto Mechanics

I called a transmission shop one day, for a quote to replace my transmission.  When they had finished, my bill was for $250 more than originally quoted.  I was upset and asked why.  The manager said that metal debris had contaminated my torque-converter and it was an additional cost.  Now, he lied to me to get me in the door.  Any mechanic KNOWS that you always change the torque-converter with the transmission.  They cheated me.  Mechanics are notorious for cheating customers.  A common rip-off is front-end alignments.  There's no money in front-end alignments, so mechanics are told to generate more work for the shop.  Make sure you actually see the problem before allowing them to work on your car.  Legally, you have a RIGHT to ask for the old parts back, or to see them if you don't want them.  A good thing to do is tell them in advance that you want the old parts when they're done.  You can always change your mind later.  This forces them to be more honest.

Tune-ups are another common rip-off.  Years ago I went to a Sears auto shop in Chicago.  They charged me for a tune-up, but when I went to pop my distributor cap, I noticed that it hadn't been changed.  I asked the manager what was going on.  I couldn't believe what he told me.  You see, they put your car on a fancy scope that shows them any problems in your system, and then only change those certain parts (BUT they charge you the price for a full tune-up).  The manager told me that they only changed what NEEDED to be changed.  Now that's fine for most repairs; BUT never for a tune-up!  They had only changed 3 sparkplugs out of 8.  They changed the rotor, but not the distributor cap.  Crooks!  I told the manager he was dishonest.  The way he does tune-ups, I'll be back every month for another tune-up!  A proper tune-up should be good for at least 25,000 to 50,000 miles.  In a genuine tune-up--make sure they replace the cap, rotor, sparkplugs, and sparkplug wires.  I always change the air filter, even if it looks clean (it still has wear on it).

Another scam is that many shops will charge you for supplies (anti-freeze, cleaning solvents, fluids, etc), but then take what's left home with them.  Check you bill and ask for anything that's unused. 

I took my car to a shop to have the started replaced.  They called me at home to tell me that the mechanic noticed I had a broken oil-pressure sender.  I knew immediately he had broken it, because the sender is right next to the starter, and mainly because I had no problems prior to them working on my car.  I insisted they change it as no cost to me, and they did.  Most smaller companies take action when a customer is mistreated.  I hate mega companies that monopolize the mom and pop companies out of business.  Ever complain to a larger company?  Oftentimes you are ignored or told to go do business elsewhere.  It shouldn't be that way.  And by the way, the customer is always right! 

Greedy Pharmaceutical companies

We are living in the days of PHARMAGEDDON!!!  Drugs, drugs, and more drugs!  Go to the average doctor and you WILL receive a prescription of some sort.  Many of the drugs being prescribed today by doctors are unnecessary, harmful, and even life threatening.  Of course, I must tell you that I am NOT a doctor, so do what your doctor says...if you dare.  Homeopathic doctors are a welcome alternative to legalized drug dealers (i.e., the average doctor).  An estimated 8,000,000 Americans are presently taking some sort of anti-depression drug.  A drug for this, a drug for that--where does it end?  Whatever happened to natural remedies?  Pharmaceutical companies can't make money from natural remedies, so they formulate their own PROPRIETARY medicines and sell them for A HUNDRED TIMES what they actually cost to make.  It's tragic, and a shame unto Ame4rica's government, when the elderly are taking buses to Canada and Mexico to purchase affordable medications.  What is wrong with this nation?  It'll tell you in one word--GREED!  Our politicians are puppets, bought off and controlled by the puppeteers. 

Be careful what you put into your body.  Many medicines are OK to take, and thank God for them.  However, hundreds of new drugs have been introduced to the public in recent years that are totally unnecessary.  Such drugs include cholesterol-lowering drugs, sleep-aid drugs, child hyperactivity drugs, depression drugs, weight-loss drugs, etc, etc.  Folks, hard work is a sure cure for insomnia (Ecclesiastes 5:12).  Drinking lots of PURE water is a sure cure for high-cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Again, I am not a doctor, but I firmly believe that I am my own best doctor.  I mean, who's going to look out for my health more than me.  If I'm dumb enough to blindly take all sorts of prescription drugs, than the greedy pharmaceutical companies would love to turn me into a legal drug-addict.  I knew a man who was an alcoholic.  His company sent him to rehab at AA.  The guy came back to work and told me it was great, because now he was high on legal drugs that were prescribed to him to help rid him of his alcohol addiction (and his boss couldn't do anything about it or face a lawsuit).  Only in America.

Most drug marketing is a fraudulent form of advertising, because the truth is that you simply don't need them (there ARE safe and natural alternatives).  The internet is a great resource for alternative remedies and natural products.  I'm not saying that doctors are bad, or that drugs are bad.  What I am saying is that the entire system is being abused and exploited to make trillions of dollars for the corporations.  So idiots beware, they have a drug for YOU!  I guarantee you that nearly all drugs prescribed today have serious warnings about potentially dangerous side-effects.  Although most doctors will contend that the drug companies are simply protecting themselves, the FACTS of the matter are frightening


Fraudulent Marketing Techniques

It really irritates me to no end when I run across another fraudulent marketing technique. But what really saddens me the most is realizing there are people out there who don't realize the difference.

For instance, one example of a fraudulent marketing technique used by AT&T is to send you out a $25 check that you can deposit in the bank, as long as you switch to their long distance service. But read the attached letter and you will see that there is a $4.95 a month service charge. Why should you pay a long-distance phone company $4.95 extra every month on top of the long-distance charges you are already paying? What if you don't many any phone calls one month? Do you think it's fair that you pay the $4.95 for nothing? Besides, in only 5 months, you will have paid back the $25 they originally gave you anyway. Is that $25 really worth the hassle?

Let's take this same example down to a smaller scale that you and I can relate to. Do you think it would be right to print out a bunch of checks, send them through the mail to people and put fine print on the back that reads: "By cashing this $50 check I agree to be pay the $100 invoice for advertising." Do you think this would be a fraudulent way of marketing? Wouldn't it be a slick way to trick people into paying your $100 invoice and forcing them to buy your products? If you don't think so -- then why did you use fine print on the back that most people wouldn't bother to read?

Now I realize at times there is a fine line between fraudulent marketing and good marketing. For instance, in a grocery store all the children's cereals are placed on the shelves at eye level for the kids. There is nothing fraudulent about this. In fact, it is a good way to market because the store owner is making is easier for kids to find the cereals they want to buy. But when a store owner runs a special and doesn't stock enough of the product on purpose -- this is crossing the line into fraudulent marketing. That's because the store owner is going with the assumption: "If the customer comes to purchase the special sale priced product, and it is unavailable, they will buy something else instead."

Do you see the difference? Good marketing methods are illustrated above when the store owner made it convenient for the potential customer to find their product by placing it in a good location. But he stepped over the line when he tried to FORCE people to buy something they really didn't want to buy in the first place simply because he claimed there was a special price on a product he knew he would run out of.

These same types of fraudulent marketing techniques are found every day all over the internet. I would say at least 75% of all the people who apply for the Honest Internet Business Award that I founded are participating in fraudulent marketing. Many of them without even knowing it.

To illustrate my point, many of you know that I used to publish BizLinks for Entrepreneurs. Every week I list free offers, many of which are submitted by other people offering free stuff on the internet. I stress very strongly on the submission form that I will check out their offer personally and if it is not totally free, they are wasting their time submitting it. I even given them an example to show them what I consider to be totally free -- but still over 80% of the submissions are NOT for free items and I have to trash them.

This fact proves to me that many people really think they are marketing right, when in fact, they are using fraudulent marketing methods without realizing it. Wherever they received their marketing education -- they were taught (and fully believed) that in order to sell a product you must come up with a gimmick to force people to buy what they're selling.

That's not true!! What you are selling makes no difference whatsoever. But finding the people to buy it is what takes time and skill. Con-artists and greedy people don't want to put forth this time and effort, and therefore dream up fraudulent marketing methods to trick people into making a purchase from them. Unfortunately, sometimes fraudulent marketing like this works, but in the long-run it takes away the pride you should have in your business.

So I guess it all boils down to you. Perhaps some of you reading this will think I am being a fanatic and believe that tricking people to order from you is a sign of good marketing, but let me ask you this: Can you name one company that has been successful simply because they tricked people into buying their product? Wouldn't it make sense that if you trick people to buy a product from you they would get wise eventually and stop being your customer? Of course they would. Only customers happy with their purchase would order from you again. And repeat business is the ONLY way your business will be successful.

Think about it. I hope you choose to do the right thing and build a solid business you can be proud of. Like I have asked before in previous articles: "What makes more sense? Making $1 million over the course of 3 years the right way or making $1,500 right now and ending your career using fraudulent methods? Even if you are greedy, you should still choose to market without using fraudulent methods."