Do Vaccines Really Work?


Inoculation (introducing an agent to cause an infection) was a practice used by many ancient peoples.  Various tribes in parts of the globe started in India moving on to Africa and Europe.  In 1717 Lady Mary Wortley Montague, wife of the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Court is hailed to have introduced it in Europe.  Yet due to England’s smallpox increase, the practice was put to a halt.[2]

wpe13.jpg (6341 bytes)Edward Jenner  was the first individual recognized to not only to come up with the idea, but to invent the method of inoculation in an attempt to trick or manipulate the IS into learning foreign  agents and pathogens for future prevention of infection with the smallpox vaccine.  His trial method involved making a small break in the skin through which he literally inserted the cowpox virus.  Though there were no scientific methods in which to irrefutably conclude that this actually prevented smallpox infection and or death, the idea seemed only logical.  So without further understanding of the functions of the body and it’s IS, smallpox inoculations began.

Antibody Theory

Here in is the theory:  When foreign viruses, bacteria and antigens are injected into the body, it will be recognized and memorized by the IS as foreign..  The IS makes antibodies against the foreign agent which will then be useful in case of future re-exposure of the foreign agents.  This supposedly results in the body’s ability to ward off infection and death from infection.  As we go through the various vaccines along with their history and present use, you will be able to conclude for yourself whether or not this theory is carried out and, thus, successful. 

Was smallpox eradicated from the globe?

wpe10.jpg (14828 bytes)We have been hearing this claim from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health and other institutions.  Even Focus On The Family has jumped on this bandwagon.  But, how about we look a little closer into the history of smallpox inoculations?

Edward Jenner first inoculated an eight year old boy, James Phipps, in 1796.  The boy was re-vaccinated twenty times and died at 20 years of age.  Jenner also experimented with his own son by inoculation and his son died at the age of twenty-one.  Before their deaths, these boys acquired tuberculosis which some researchers have linked to the smallpox vaccine. [3]  Though no results from these vaccinations ever gave conclusive evidence of safety and efficacy, vaccinations for smallpox were continued and deemed a preventative measure.

Despite the vaccinations, smallpox swept England in 1839 taking with it 22,081 lives. 1887-1888, 98% of the Sheffield population had been vaccinated and yet, there were 7,000 cases. In 1897 Redruth, Cornwall (United Kingdom) had 44 cases of which 84% were vaccinated. [4]   Not having learned from the apparent lack of efficacy of the vaccine, the government made the vaccination compulsory in 1853. Between 1863 and 1871 vaccinations continued to escalate.  Incidence of the disease continued to increase and again, there was an escalation to yet another epidemic in 1872 killing 44,840 people.  Most of whom were vaccinated.  Another increase of vaccinations took place in 1876 and also resulted in an increase of Smallpox mortality.[5]

Dr. L. Parry questioned the statistics that revealed a higher death rate in the vaccinated.  He asked the following questions:

“How is it that smallpox is five times as likely to be fatal in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated?  How is it that in some of our highest vaccinated towns-for example, Bornbay and Calcutta-smallpox is rife, whilst in some of our poorest vaccinated towns, such as Leicester, it is almost unknown?  How is it that something like 80 percent of the cases admitted into the Metropolitan Asylums Board smallpox hospitals  have been vaccinated, whilst, only 20 percent have not been vaccinated?”[6]

Mr. Marson, The Surgeon of the Small-pox Hospital made a statement to the Select Committee in 1871 “The public are pretty largely vaccinated now, and will be more so every year, I should think as time goes on.  There is one point which has not been very clearly brought forward this morning, and that is the increase of Small-pox after vaccination year after year.  …”

1870-1871 over one million people were infected.  120,000 died with 96 percent of which had been vaccinated.  At the time, Germany was known to be the best vaccinated country in the world. Meaning the most vaccinated coverage.   However, in comparison to other countries, in 1919, while there were 28 deaths in England, Germany had 707.  In 1920 with England  having 30 deaths, Germany had 354.[7]

 “The hopes placed in the efficacy of the cowpox virus as preventative of smallpox have proved entirely deceptive”-statement from an address sent to the governments of the various German states from Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany.[8]

 “Immunization against smallpox is more hazardous than the disease itself.”-Professor Ari Zuckerman, member of the World Health Organization’s advisory panel on viruses


“It is now accepted that the risks of routine smallpox vaccination outweigh those of natural infection in Britain.”[9]

 From the only complete series of official records in Europe, the diminished smallpox mortality parallels to that of decreased use of the vaccination.  One of the most severe epidemics occurred after the use of compulsory vaccination.  Not before. 

wpe16.jpg (7972 bytes)From the official figures of the Register General of England, 109 children under the age of five died, in England and Whales, of smallpox between 1910 and 1933.  However, there were 270 that died of vaccinations in the same period in these two countries.   1934-1961 there were no smallpox related deaths recorded.  Yet, there were 115 children reported to have died as a result of the smallpox vaccination.  This is what forced the government to put a halt to the smallpox vaccination program.

 Prior to 1905, in the Philippines, case mortality from smallpox was around 10%.  After the forced inoculation by U.S. military, morality range rose from 25% to 50%. [10] In 1918, at a time when there was no epidemic brewing three million people in the Philippines (natives) were vaccinated by the U.S. Army resulting in 47,369 infections and 16,477 deaths. One third of the vaccinated died.  The program was doubled in 1919 with over seven million vaccinations.   This forced practice resulted in 65,180 infections and 44,408 deaths. Two thirds of the infected vaccine recipients died.[11]  The highest percentage occurred in Manila which was also the most vaccinated area.  The lowest percentage was in Mindanao in which there was the least vaccination rate due to religious beliefs.  [12]

The Director of Health, Dr. V. de Jesus, stated that the 1918-1919 smallpox epidemics is what contributed to the 60,855 death total.[13] 

 America’s military occupation in 1898 turned into yet another economic opportunity for the US and vaccine industry.  Thus smallpox vaccinations continued and by 1920, there were a total of 71,000 deaths.  

 From the time in which smallpox was practically eradicated in the city of Manila, to the year of 1918 (about 9 years) in which the epidemic appears-certainly in one of it’s severest forms-hundreds after hundreds of thousands of people were yearly vaccinated, with the most unfortunate result that the 1918 epidemic looks, prima facie, as a flagrant failure of the classic immunization towards future epidemics.” -1920 Report of the Philippines Health Service

Compulsory vaccinations in Japan began in 1872.  Thirteen years later, in 1885, a law was passed requiring annual revaccination.  So from 1886-1892 there were 25,474,370 revaccination recorded.  However Japan also experienced, in that time period, 156,175 cases of infection and 38,979 deaths.  The case mortality was nearly 25%.  In 1896 another act was passed by the Japanese Parliament to have every Japanese resident vaccinated, and then revaccinated every five years.  They apparently saw a problem with the previous law to have citizens vaccinated annually.  However, this didn’t show any decrease in infection and mortality rates which were 171,611 cases of infection and 47,919 deaths between 1889 and 1908.    The mortality continued to increase to 30% which exceed the pre-vaccination period.

At the same time, Australia was one of the least vaccinated.   Within a fifteen year time period they had only three cases of infections recorded.

Italy is one of the best vaccinated countries in the world, if not the best of all.  For twenty years before 1885, our nation was vaccinated in the proportion of 98.5%.  Notwithstanding, the epidemics of smallpox that we have had have been something so frightful that nothing before the invention of the vaccination could equal them.  During 1887, we had 16, 249 deaths from smallpox; in 1888, we had 18,110 and in 1889-131,413.


Vaccination is a monstrosity; a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance.  It should have no place in either hygiene or medicine.  Believe not in vaccination; it is a world-wide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end.”[14]


“After a careful consideration of the history of vaccination gleaned from an impartial and comprehensive study of vital statistics, and pertinent data from every reliable source, and after an experience derived from having vaccinated 31,000 subjects, I am firmly convinced that vaccination cannot be shown to have any logical relation to the diminution of cases of smallpox.


Vaccination does not protect; it actually renders its subjects more susceptible by depressing vital power and diminishing natural resistance, and millions of people have died of smallpox which they contracted after being vaccinated.”[15]

The situation was no better in the U.S.  It is incredibly hard to find any credible literature from CDC and others that would give accurate reasons as to what really happened with the smallpox vaccinations in America.  There is much mystery.  While there may have been one reported case of smallpox, information was still leaked that 300 children died from complications of the vaccination since 1948.[16]   October 1971, Dr. Samuel Katz of Duke University Medical Centre, spoke at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics, stating that an average of six to nine individuals die each year from smallpox vaccinations.  The vaccine was later halted in 1972.

Dr. Archie Kalokerinos of Australia has stated, “About 10-15 years ago, some of my colleagues in the United States gave me some very interesting information.  They said that smallpox vaccination had been stopped, not because smallpox had been wiped out, but because they were having trouble with the vaccine.  They would vaccinate an individual and that individual would give active smallpox to a contact.  The whole thing was out of control and they weren’t game to use it.”

As one can clearly see, infections and smallpox mortality increased by vaccination.  There were and are very few willing to speak out on what really put the global smallpox vaccination to a halt.   And it certainly was not due to eradication by inoculation.    One such individual goes as far to addressing the Medical Freedom Society in regards to the Lemke Bill to abolish compulsory vaccinations.  Dr. William Howard did so through the USA June 25th 1937:

 “I have thought many times of all the insane things we have advocated in medicine, that one of the most insane was to insist on the vaccination of children, or anybody else, for the prevention of smallpox when, as a matter of fact, we are never able to prove that vaccination saved one man from smallpox.


I know of one epidemic of smallpox comprising nine hundred and some cases, in which 95 percent of the infected had been vaccinated, and most of them recently.


It is now thirty years since I have been confining myself to this treatment of chronic disease.  I have run across so many histories of children who had never seen a sick day until they were vaccinated, and who have never seen a well day since.


In England, where statistics are kept a little more frankly and accurately and above-board than in this country (USA), the actual official records show three times as many deaths directly from vaccinations, as there were from smallpox for the past twenty-one years.  I will guarantee that there are three times as many deaths that were not recorded, that are directly traceable to vaccinations.  That doesn’t take into account the many cases of encephalitis or sleeping sickness, and of this or that form of degeneration, that occurs as the result of vaccination.


It is nonsense to think that you can inject pus-and it is usually from the pustule end of the dead smallpox victim-it is unthinkable that you can inject that into a little child and in anyway improve its health.  What is true of vaccination is exactly as true of all forms of serum immunization, so called, if we could by any means build up a natural resistance to disease through these artificial means, I would applaud it to the echo, but we can’t do it.


The body has its own methods of defense.  These depend on the vitality of the body at the time.  If it is vital enough, it will resist all infections; if it isn’t vital enough, it won’t.  And you can’t change the vitality of the body for the better by introducing poison of any kind into it.”


Since 9/11, bioterrorism has been a well marketed fear.  The smallpox scare makes a come back with the government authored idea that America's enemies would possibly use the virus as a genocide on Americans.  Enemies that would like nothing more than to strip Americans of the many freedoms fought for and cherished for decades.  A month after 9/11 DHHS Secretary Tommy Thompson requested that the pharmaceutical industry and U.S. government produce a stockpile of 300 million doses of the smallpox vaccine by the end of 2002. 

The CDC has paid nearly 1 billion dollars towards the implementation of preparedness plans against bioterrorism.  This includes mass vaccination. The American public is suppose to believe that CDC, with the help of state health officials, are the only ones capable of keeping us safe from the threat of bioterrorism.  Are they?  

The Possibilities

The following theories have been discussed and suggested as to how bioterrorists could possibly use the smallpox virus to carry out the genocide of Americans: (1) obtaining the virus from U.S. and or Russian laboratory facilities (2) having the ability to maintain viability of the virus (3) having the ability to transport the virus without loosing the intended efficacy of terrorism (4) and the ability to deliver to mass populations.  These are strictly theories with no historical records of prior attempts. 

Dr. Tom Mack, infectious disease expert at University of Southern California School of Medicine, reported at a July CDC conference the findings of Dr. Kuritsky (CDC's director of the Preparedness and Early Smallpox Response Activity for the National Immunization Program) which revealed that infection requires prolonged, face-to-face contact of over 7 days with a carrier ill with fever and rash.  Smallpox containment projects in Pakistan showed that 20% smallpox cases were not transmitted by close contact.  He stated at the Public Forum on Smallpox on June 8, 2002 in St. Louis, Missouri, "smallpox is not explosively contagious." He has also said that "smallpox is NOT like measles; it is NOT a highly contagious disease." He has talked down the idea that it rapidly spreads through the population.   According to Dr. Kuritsky, the spread of infection was controlled in the 70's even in highly dense settings of developing countries. He retrieved information from a 1898 outbreak that transmission primarily took place amongst those residing in the same house as the infected.  Not by casual contact through the streets or in any other setting.  A recently published paper he quotes from also states that the transmission rate is less than 1 person per infected individual.

wpe18.jpg (12417 bytes)

Dr. Walter Orenstein, CDC's director of Immunization Program has also admitted that smallpox "will not spread like wildfire."  Another CDC official, Dr. James LaDuc, has been quoted by USA Today in saying that it is "not the Armageddon some would have you believe." Clearly, the idea that millions can be put at risk for rapid spreading of smallpox due to bioterrorism is admittedly unfounded.

Immunity by Vaccination?

U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-7th, of Thornbury, Delaware County,  made made a plea in 2001 for the need of a vaccine that can be administered before a smallpox outbreak.  On the other hand, believe it or not, the CDC admits the vaccine has NEVER been precisely measure in controlled trials and that the level of antibodies needed for efficacy is unknown. Nor does the presence of antibodies in the blood guarantee immunity.  According to an article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) there is nothing to validate the theory that the smallpox vaccine prevents [the spread of] infection. 

wpe20.jpg (26685 bytes)FORCED Smallpox Vaccination In The Near Future

The Nuremberg Code was adopted after World War II bringing with it the right to be fully informed on all known and unknown risks and benefits of any medical intervention.  The doctrine of informed consent was introduced into U.S. case law in 1957.  Despite these facts, there exists U.S. national vaccination programs which give public state health officials power to use state militia to enforce vaccinations any time in which they choose to declare health emergencies.  These programs allow for the targeting of all civilians, including children. Not just military personnel.   The right of informed consent will no longer exist.

The true danger is in smallpox vaccination of the masses.   By the admission from "experts" smallpox vaccinations carry a great national risk of creating a serious public health disaster.  According to the American Medical Association, "It has been estimated that if 1 million people were to be vaccinated, as many as 250 could die from adverse reactions to the vaccine".  Philip Russell, professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, has been quoted as having said that vaccination of the U.S. population against smallpox would result in tens of thousands of deaths.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, 50 million Americans may be at high risk of vaccine consequences.

The U.S. National Smallpox Vaccination Program set a goal to inoculate Health care workers and first responders that would be tending to patients at a time of an attack.   July 2003 they conducted a  phone interview with chosen hospitals in five states through 2004.  The study found that most of the health care workers refused the vaccine shortly after 9/11 because they determined from their own observations of participants that the theoretical benefits did not outweigh the apparently real risks.   Stated by Dr. Walter Orenstein, even within CDC, experts experienced severe reactions which resulted in a halt in the vaccinations.  Kathy Edwards of Bayler University oversaw a government study and was impressed with the severe reactions experienced by the vaccinees.  She goes on to warn doctors of unsightly and unfamiliar reactions should President Bush move forward with the smallpox vaccinations.  

There are no documented records of safety testing of the old smallpox vaccine prior to it's national and global mandate.  Thus, part of the reason it was halted in the early 70's.   Are there any positive safety factors for the newly manufactured vaccine?   None have been confirmed thus far.

Provided in the Homeland Security Act, smallpox vaccine manufacturers and administers will not be held liable for any vaccine induced injuries. 

CDC's list of those at risk for serious complications and or death due to smallpox vaccination include:

  • children 18 years of age and younger

  • infants

  • pregnant women

  • those with eczema or acute skin conditions

  • those with suppressed immune systems from cancer and AIDS         

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