By David J. Stewart | June 2012

I took prescription Klonopin for a few months and stopped taking it. The drug caused me to become a zombie, feeling lifeless and lethargic to do anything. It'll steal your life away.

I had similar bad experiences with other drugs. I take Lyrica still for radiating pain in my arms and legs (peripheral neuropathy); it helps alleviate the burning, tingling and pain about 30-40% at best. Unfortunately it also causes weight gain and arthritis-like pain in my fingers from interacting with my Ambien and Oxycontin. When I sleep every night (or take an hour nap), my tongue and entire throat dry out horribly. Mixing drugs can and do cause weird problems, which your doctor likely won't be familiar with. Be careful when taking multiple drugs, especially if you're taking Klonopin.

Seventies-era rock star Stevie Nicks is the poster girl for the perils of Klonopin addiction. In almost every interview, the former lead singer of Fleetwood Mac makes a point of mentioning the toll her abuse of the drug has taken on her life.

This month, while promoting her new solo album, In Your Dreams, she told Fox that she blamed Klonopin for the fact that she never had children. “The only thing I’d change [in my life] is walking into the office of that psychiatrist who prescribed me Klonopin. That ruined my life for eight years,” she said. “God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby.”

Nicks checked herself into the Betty Ford Clinic in 1986 to overcome a cocaine addiction. After her release, the psychiatrist in question prescribed a series of benzos—first Valium, then Xanax, and finally Klonopin—supposedly to support her sobriety. “[Klonopin] turned me into a zombie,” she told US Weekly in 2001, according to the website Benzo.org, one of many patient-run sites on the Internet offering information about benzodiazepine addiction, withdrawal and recovery.

Nicks has described the drug as a “horrible, dangerous drug,” and said that her eventual 45-day hospital detox and rehab from the drug felt like “somebody opened up a door and pushed me into hell.” Others have described Klonopin’s effects as beginning with an energized sense of euphoria but ending up with horrifying sense of anxiety and paralysis, akin to sticking your tongue into an electric outlet, or suddenly feeling that your brain is on fire.

SOURCE: America's Most Dangerous Pill? | Personal Health | AlterNet

Thousands of similar testimonies can be gleaned from the internet, evidencing the overpowering effects of the plethora of medications (drugs) available on the prescription market today.

My opinion is that anti-depression pills give people a false sense of hope. Klonopin is used to treat depression. Little kids are being prescribed Klonopin!!! America has become a druggie culture of death. Each pill that enters people's mouth makes them feel secure. Many people feel better popping pills into their mouth than they do walking with God. Literally, I think a lot of people are trying to replace God in their life with drugs. They seek contentment, fulfillment and peace through prescription drugs (or God forbid, illegal drugs).

Try this my friend and see if it doesn't make you feel better. When you wake up, make some instant oatmeal. I pour some water into a bowl with one pack of oatmeal and then microwave it for 90 seconds. Done! Then have an apple or an orange. Drink a can of V-8 juice, or some kind of juice. Go for a 30-minute walk, anywhere. Listen to some older music, like the McGuire Sisters or the Mills Brothers from the 1940's and 1950's. Drive a different route home than usual.

Someone once said that if you pretend to be what you'd like to become, then you'll eventually become what you are pretending to be. I think there's some truth to that. Or as Earl Nightingale used to always say, “What you think you will become.” That's true with the foods we eat as well. What you eat you will become. Don't let drugs turn you into a zombie. I had been prescribed various drugs that made me see hallucinations. Klonopin was one of those drugs.

Just doing this little routine has helped me oftentimes start off a great day. By eating oatmeal, which is very healthy, you are setting your mindset for the day. Then go do something for someone else. Give some money to a poor person. Pass out a Gospel tract. Leave a generous tip at a small mom-and-pop restaurant. Walk in a park. So many people are living to die instead of DYING TO LIVE. If you want to live, then die to self. Think about others throughout your day, and how to make others happy or help them, and I promise that you'll find some happiness.

True happiness comes from making others happy and knowing that you are right with God, that you're name is written in Heaven as a born-again child of God. Happiness cannot be found through poisoning the human body with substances that God never intended to be put in it.


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