Get Your Kid Out Of Public Schools!

Public School: An Agent of Moral Insanity

By David J. Stewart

Public schools have become hotbeds of heathenism, humanism, atheism, Communism , Socialism and paganism. Children are deliberately taught sex education to remove the mystic and encourage sexual activity. This is evidences by the unlimited supply of condoms to children as young as first-grade. Massachusetts' Public Schools Continue to Give Out Condoms to Kindergarteners!!!

Public schools are the fulfillment of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. The purpose is to give the government the power to INDOCTRINATE children to serve the state, hate Christianity, spy on their parents and turn them into the state. As far-fetched as this may seem, reality is stranger than fiction. Consider that the United Nations is planning to take away parents-rights over their children. I didn't make this up!

If these aren't enough reasons to get your kid out of public schools consider yourself forewarned that CPS is being used as a weapon against families by the new Homeland Security government in America. You are the enemy America! A teacher in Woodbridge, Virginia was arrested in April of 2012 for not reporting alleged child abuse to CPS. There is no accountability in child protection services. Cash bonuses are offered to the states for each child adopted out to transgress. It's a lucrative criminal racket.

Watch the following video which exposes the criminal CPS empire that is taking children away from good parents, caught up in legal kidnapping. The following video documentary is frightening...

The system converts children into cash which destroys families and their lives. The public schools are hunting ground for CPS. If your child has a mark from falling down in the school playground, the teacher can be arrested for not turning the parents into CPS for possible abuse. Once the call is made, innocent families are automatically sucked into a brutal bureaucracy of abuse, idiocy and irresponsibility. Children are quickly placed into foster homes and the biological parents banned by law from having any contact with their children.

According to The National Center For Child Abuse And Neglect in 1998 reported that “six times more children died in foster care than in the general public. And that once removed to official 'safety' these children are far more likely to suffer abuse, including sexual molestation, than in the general population. Think what that number is today 10-years later. Child protective services seizes children using the very system that is paid for by the tax-payer, who actually believes it is used to protect abused and neglected children. The bureaucracy of workers benefit financially by a system that converts children into cash while destroying their families and their lives.”

CPS is an official government kidnapping ring.

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