The Evils of New Evangelicalism

by David J. Stewart

The biggest problem with New (or "Neo") Evangelicalism is compromise.  For fear of being labeled as a "nut," or a "fanatic," most professed men of God won't speak the whole truth.  There are preachers all across America every Sunday who preach watered-down, wishy-washy sermonettes. 

They are afraid to speak the TRUTH.  Jesus spoke the truth uncompromisingly and without apology.  As a result, many people said that Jesus was crazy, "And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him?" -John 10:20.  Likewise, the Apostle Paul made enemies by preaching the truth, "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" -Galatians 4:16.

In a mockery of true Biblical preaching, the Walt Disney movie Pollyanna portrays a hardliner Biblical preacher as being bought off by a rich woman in the church.  The movie gives the viewer the impression that harsh preaching which steps on people's toes is a bad thing. 

Towards the end of the movie, the preacher repents of his anger and starts preaching about love, love, love.  As far as I'm concerned, Pollyanna is straight from Hell, an evil mockery of the type of preaching that America desperately needs today more than ever.  We need to have our toes stepped on.  In fact, we need to have our hides whipped.  The ONLY hope for America is old-fashioned Biblical preaching.  America needs for preachers once again to hit the pulpit, foam at the mouth, and get really mad about sin. 

What is New Evangelicalism? 

Often called "Neo Evangelicalism," it is compromise!  It is moving to the left (sin), instead of to the right (righteousness).  It is straddling the fence, refusing to choose sides.  God said that He wants us to be hot or cold, "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth" -Revelation 3:15,16. 

In short, New Evangelicalism is vomit.  That is what God calls it!  New Evangelicalism is the compromise within the church which has caused many believers to move farther away from Biblical standards.  The root of this evil is a LACK OF CHRIST-HONORING PREACHING FROM AMERICA'S PULPITS.  This compromise has adversely affected the church.  As a result, we are seeing increasing compromise and even apostasy in America's churches.

It's better to be divided over truth, than to be united by error!

New Evangelicalism is sinful compromise!  It corrupts everything that is good.

Here are some of the areas in our churches which have been CORRUPTED by New Evangelicalism:

1.  The Preacher.  New Evangelicalism is definitely ecumenical in nature.  Satan needs to consolidate the world's religions into ONE in order for him to quickly gain power over the minds of the masses when the antichrist appears.  Ecumenism is the vehicle which Satan is using to accomplish a one-world religion.  Ecumenism sounds like a noble idea, setting aside our differences to unequally yoke together with unbelievers.  However, the Word of God condemns such unequal yokes, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?...Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you" (2nd Corinthians 6:14,17). 

That said, it was unbiblical for Billy Graham to yoke together with the Roman Catholics.  It was unbiblical for Jerry Falwell to yoke together with Sun Myung Moon and Benny Hinn.  Falwell accepted $3,500,000 from Sun Myung Moon.  I wouldn't accept a penny from such a sex-degenerate pervert as Moon.  We're supposed to expose evil, not benefit from it, "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" -Ephesians 5:11.  Falwell is Neo Evangelical.

Recently, a Southern Baptist church in Tennessee called a lesbian minister to be their pastor.  This is the work of New Evangelicalism, the work of darkness.

Most pulpits are deader than a funeral parlor.  America's pulpits need more Billy Sundays!  The reason why America's citizens aren't excited about the truth is because it's preachers aren't excited about the truth.  The truth makes things happen.  The early church in Acts saw thousands of people saved, but they also saw their fellow brethren executed by the government and angry mobs.  The truth makes things happen.  Most churches are dead because they are not proclaiming the truth outside of it's thick walls.

2. The Word of God.  Satan has used New Evangelicalism to corrupt the Bible.  There have been over 200 new translations in the past thirty years alone.  There's nothing wrong with the old 1611 King James Bible.  On the contrary, the new bibles which Satan has given us are straight from Hell.  The New International Version (NIV) is one of the worst.  The same parent company which publishes the NIV (Harper Collins) also publishes the Satanic Bible.  How can good fruit come from a corrupt tree? (Matthew 7:17,18).  Sadly, most believer are still IGNORANT of Satan's devices.  Very few believer love the Lord nowadays. 

How could any professed Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ defend an piece of trash like the New International Version?  The NIV removed "Jesus" in 35 places from the New Testament.  The NIV removed the word "begotten" from John 3:16, but God has many sons (1st John 3:1).  So that makes the NIV heresy!  In every Scripture where the King James Bible says someone "worshipped" Jesus, the NIV changed it to a weaker "knelt."  Anyone can kneel before a king, but ONLY God is to be worshipped.  Do you see how the NIV attacks the deity of Christ?  Look at 1st Timothy 3:16 and Philippians 2:6.  The NIV even removed the "love of God" from 1st John 3:16.

3. The Saints.  It is shocking that so many professed Christians don't see the harm of Harry Potter's witchcraft.  I didn't realize just how far gone America was until I saw this great evil.  Even Christianity Today magazine endorses Harry Potter.  This is sinful because witchcraft is sinful (1st Samuel 15:23).  How could any professed Christian organization endorse something so sinful as witchcraft?  I wrote Christianity Today to complain, they defended themselves by saying that they had only given Harry Potter "positive reviews" and weren't endorsing the movie.  That's about as lame as the Catholics saying they don't worship Mary.  Professed Christians all across America have fallen into the evils of Harry Potter. 

Children's minds are being DESENSITIZED to the wickedness of witchcraft.  Satan's work is to use New Evangelicalism to desensitize Christians concerning sin, false doctrine, and worldliness.  The fact that so many believers are indifferent concerning Harry Potter is a clear indication of the extent to which New Evangelicalism has corrupted our churches.  The same is true concerning all the perverted Bibles revisions. 

It couldn't be clearly to the believer who is AWAKE to righteousness that President George W. Bush is an evil imposter, masquerading as a Christian.  FREE Real Video: Bush Family Fortunes.  Yet, most believers think highly of Mr. Bush.  Little do they realize that Bush was an accomplice to 911.  The FACT that Bush signed Presidential Directive w199i before 9-11 is disturbing.  The FACT that NORAD was told to stand down on the morning of 9-11 by Vice President Dick Cheney is disturbing.  The FACT that WTC 7 imploded to the ground in seconds (even though no plane struck it) is disturbing. 

The FACT that Bush sat idle for five minutes on 9-11 after being informed that America was under attack is disturbing.  See, 911 the Road to Tyranny.  The average believer that I speak to immediately gets upset, ready to fight for their president, but they do so foolishly and ignorantly.  God NEVER told us not to stand up against thieves, liars, child-molesters, con artists, tyrants, betrayers, and mass murderers in government!!!  See Evils in Government.  In fact, it is our Bill of Rights

Yet, Satan has masterfully brainwashed the average Christian into believing a LIE.  2nd Thessalonians speaks of those who foolishly received not the "love of the truth."  Sadly, most professed Christians don't care about the truth either.  I fear most of them aren't really saved.  They have Churchianity without Christianity, religion without TRUTH!  Does the truth mean anything to you?  Jesus said that you cannot worship God except in TRUTH (John 4:24).  The TRUTH is important; in fact, it is everything.

Neo Evangelicalism has produced a generation of believers who aren't willing to defend the blood atonement of Christ, who aren't willing to defend the King James Bible, who aren't willing to go soul-winning, who aren't willing to preach against sin by name, who aren't willing to be considered a "fanatic" for Jesus, who aren't willing to suffer persecution for the cause of Christ, who don't care about truth.

4. Music.  The type of music which many believers are listening to nowadays is deplorable.  Often labeled as "Christian rock," there is no such animal.  To call Devilish music "Christian" is wrong.  It is like saying there is such a thing as "Christian adultery" or "Christian idolatry."  Much of the "Christian" music which believers are listening to nowadays is sensual, possess a rock-n-roll beat, is composed of jibber-jabber lyrics, and is sang by worldly compromisers.  Some of the most ungodly heathens are producing "Christian" music. 

Don't be deceived my friend, Neo Evangelicalism is straight from Hell.  The Truth is intolerant.  The Word of God is Truth (John 17:17).  If you don't like the plain teachings of the Word of God, then that is your problem.  I recently read a handout concerning better listening skills.  One of the suggestions said that we should "never express our views as if we know we are right."  I laughed at such a stupid teaching.  Listen friend, if you sincerely believe that you are 100% correct, then you are a coward if you don't defend your belief. 

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.  I may disagree with you, but I can respect a person who stands their ground.  If I don't believe in freedom of speech for those whom I despise, then I don't believe in freedom of speech at all.  It's tragic that the homosexual community is marching up and down America's streets parading their wickedness, while professed Christians are sitting comfortably in their churches playing religion. 

"Let's stop fiddling with religion and bring this lost world to Christ." óBilly Sunday

The United Nations, which was created and is controlled by The Council On Foreign Relations, is highly involved in bringing to fruition a One World Religion, as part of a New World Order, which is the Beast system of the coming Antichrist . . .

U.N. plans to bring together 1,000 world religious leaders

By Larry Witham, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, July 14, 2000

A global summit bringing 1,000 religious leaders to the United Nations will disclose some participants next week, good news to U.N. officials eager to plan security and protocol for the unprecedented Aug. 28-29 event.  The "working list" to be issued Tuesday will not include personages such as Pope John Paul II and probably not the Dalai Lama, who reports no invitation.  But the Vatican's Cardinal Francis Arinze, a Nigerian, will make the trek to New York City as will spiritual leaders from countries such as Peru who have never before left their native soils. 

"The leaders we've met in Africa, and Europe and Asia and Russia understand the opportunity," said Dena Merriam, a vice chairman of the summit.  "The challenge is to have so many top leaders, and they all have something to say," she said.  Miss Merriam, who has traveled with the summit's Secretary-General Bawa Jain to enlist participants, noted that even heads of state are given no more than five minutes to make remarks at the United Nations.

The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders is organized by an "independent coalition" of interfaith leaders, and is being held in a year when nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs, are seeking use of the General Assembly chamber more than usual.
"We're hoping in the next two weeks that their program will begin to gel," a U.N. official said.
"Any event that takes place in the General Assembly room requires major concern for security, protocol, the political [aspects], and making sure the program is compatible with the work of the United Nations," he said.

NGO use of the chamber averages about four times a year, but this year it will be roughly 10 times.
The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders opens Aug. 28 with an afternoon procession into the General Assembly and sessions all the next day.  It moves for two more days to the nearby Waldorf Astoria hotel.  The summit was announced last October after "conversations" between media mogul Ted Turner and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who will address the session of "the world's pre-eminent" spiritual leaders.

One casualty of the inevitable political delicacies may be the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet. China holds one of five permanent seats on the U.N. Security Council and long has opposed his speaking at the United Nations.  "His Holiness has not been invited to the summit," an Office of Tibet spokeswoman in New York said Thursday. 

The religious leaders are expected to issue a Declaration for World Peace and agree to some form of a permanent International Advisory Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.  Mr. Turner, the summit's honorary chairman, has promised full live coverage by CNN.  The chairman of the top advisory board is Canadian businessman Maurice Strong, who ran the U.N. Earth Summit in 1992, and a vice president of the summit's executive counsel is former Sen. Timothy Wirth, Colorado Democrat, who now heads Mr. Turner's grant-giving United Nations Foundation.

Other vice presidents are Gillian Sorenson, assistant to Mr. Annan, and the Rev. James Morton, an Episcopal priest with the Interfaith Center of New York.  A midtown Manhattan office near the United Nations has been the hub of the yearlong effort inviting notable people from 12 world traditions, from the monotheistic faiths to Zoroastrianism, indigenous religions and Confucianism.  Funding comes from 11 sponsors, which include the Better World Fund of Mr. Turner and the Templeton, Carnegie and Rockefeller Brothers foundations. Summit organizers would not yet disclose a budget.