Dr. Kent Hovind's Creation Science Seminar Online In RealVideo

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Dr. Kent Hovind
A 15-hour, 7-part multimedia seminar taken from Dr. Hovind's excellent creation science seminar. These RealVideo files are for 56K+ modem connections. You will find the audio very good and the video somewhat acceptable. We have these files encoded for broadband quality (larger and better) available on one CD-ROM for $8.00. The CD-ROM and Notebook are $15.50, including shipping (click here for more info). By viewing these online RealVideo files you will be able to see the hundreds and hundreds of visual aids used throughout the series. These RealVideo files are from the 7-video tape series available from Dr. Hovind's Web site (drdino.com) for regular price of $99. 



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Part 1---The Age of the Earth Video
Part 1 A: 44 Minutes, 11.2 MB's
Part 1 B: 1 hour, 15.2 MB's
This session introduces the creation/evolution debate, demonstrating that creation and evolution are irreconcilable worldviews. It also illustrates the impossibility of the Big Bang, and reveals a multitude of evidences that the world simply cannot be billions of years old. It concludes with a demonstration of brainwashing, and how many have been brainwashed by evolutionary theories.
Part 2---The Garden of Eden Video
One video: 1 hour and 11 minutes, 18 MB's
This session discusses the reason people disbelieve the Bible, unscriptural theories that try to reconcile the Bible with evolution, and the incredible differences of the pre-flood world.  This is supported with evidence from the Bible and from science.  Also covered are "cave men" hoaxes that are still taught today.
Part 3---Dinosaurs and the Bible Video
Part 1 A: 51 minutes, 12.9 MB's
Part 1 B: 1 hour and 29 minutes, 22.4 MB's
Did Noah take dinosaurs on the ark?  Does the Bible mention dinosaurs?  Find out in this session, and even see the strong possibility that some dinosaurs are still alive today.
Part 4---What is in the Textbooks? Video
Part 1 A: 1 hour and 11 minutes, 18 MB's
Part 1 B: 1 hour and 14 minutes, 18.7 MB's
One of Dr. Hovind's favorite sessions, see how evolutionists have permeated public school textbooks with false and fraudulent information.  See the circular reasoning of the geologic column, the leap of faith from micro to macro evolution, and even quotations by key evolutionists that agree they have no proof.  Also discover evolution's tie to abortion, genocide, euthanasia, and racism.  Find out what you can do to help fight the destructive lie of evolution.
Part 5---Evolution: the Foundation for Communism, Nazism, Socialism, and the New World Order Video
Part 5 A: 58 minutes, 14.6 MB's
Part 5 B: 1 hour, 15 MB's
In this session, Dr. Hovind reveals how evolution is foundational to the theories of communism, Nazism, and Socialism.  Learn how evolution is being used today to prepare people for the "New World Order."
Part 6---The Hovind Theory Video
One video: 1 hour and 48 minutes, 27.1 MB's
So, how could it have happened?  Viewing scientific observation through a scriptural framework, Part 6 explains Dr. Hovind's theory of the workings of the flood. This session also discusses the geologic evidences in the world today, and how they actually support the flood, not evolution.
Part 7---Question and Answer Session Video
One video: 2 hour and 10 minutes, 32.7 MB's
Find out the answers to many topics not covered in the seminar, including:   
    - Explanation for billions of light-years from stars
    - Supposed contradictions in the Bible
    - Carbon Dating
    - Where did the races come from?
    - Origin of races
    - Great Pyramid
    - Does God get old?
    - Bigfoot
    - UFOs

Evolution: The Big Hoax!

Pastor Kent Hovind Defended!