The origin of this book, and how to use it:


This paperback is based on our 1,326-page, three-volume Evolution Disproved Series. Not included in this paperback are several thousand statements by scientists. You will find them (plus links to major Creationist organizations) on this website. 

SYMBOLS—The following symbols are used in the scientific data on this website:

* An asterisk before a name indicates that the person named and/or quoted is not known to be a creationist.

Underlining generally indicates a special evidence disproving evolution. This helps you more quickly grasp the key points.

(*#1/19 Scientists Oppose the Explosion Theory*) Example: This reference is found in our chapter on the Big Bang. Go to the same chapter title on our website. Then go to its Appendix 1. You will there find 19 more quotations, plus other data.

A WEBSITE OF SCIENTIFIC FACTS FOR READING AND REFERRAL—The Evolution Cruncher contains part of our 1,326-page, 3-volume Evolution Disproved Series, which has thousands of items of evidence, plus several thousand quotations by evolutionist scientists.

The Cruncher provides you with commonsense facts which you can use in study, conversation, and research. It is available, in small box quantity, at an extremely low cost. In fact, the boxful price is so low (only two dollars a copy, plus postage), you can easily purchase boxfuls and give or sell it to others who need it.

With an easy-to-read print size, you will want to keep this paperback for years to come—for general reading and to check on a controverted point. If you plan to take a science course in school, or go into any field related to science or technology, you will want to read this book several times. Many of the points will remain in your memory, so you can share them with others. The scientific facts presented here will help insulate you from the desolating effects of evolutionary theory.

The Cruncher is very interesting reading! Yet it is also an excellent reference manual. By using the table of contents and search feature, you can quickly find what you are looking for—just when you need it. By looking in the search for a key word, you will find still more information on a given topic.

HOW TO OBTAIN ADDITIONAL COPIES—In boxful amounts, the Cruncher is available to you at the very lowest cost, so you can share them with your friends. Others need this information as much as you do! For more information on how to obtain additional copies, go our Bookstore on this website.

Although the cover price of this book is already low,—the price of a small boxful of these books is terrifically low, whether you want to give books away or sell them at a profit. Where else can you obtain a new book with so many pages at such a low price?

COPY WHATEVER YOU WANT—Copy whatever you want from our website, at no charge, and share it widely. There is a real need for this information to be widely circulated. However, the Evolution Cruncher will be your best tool for the widest education of others, whether students, church members, or the general public. This low-cost book can be used to directly reach people, as few other books can.

The 3-volume set, also on this website, includes about 4000 quotations. More are added to the website from time to time. It also contains many more illustrations (50 diagrams, 27 charts, 10 reproductions, 74 sketches or drawings, 8 maps, 5 pictures, and 222 pen-point pictures). Only 43 pages of those illustrations are in this paperback.

QUOTATIONS IN THIS BOOK—There are 1,352 quotations in the Cruncher and over 4,000 in the 3-volume set. Nearly all of them are from evolutionist scientists. The statements provide you with solid scientific facts from experts. Dates of quotation sources vary from Charles Darwin’s time down to August 2000.

QUOTATION SOURCES—Quotation references are always given immediately in the text, not off somewhere at the back of the website. You do not have to repeatedly flip pages to find references.

UNDERSTANDABLE CONTENT—A primary objective of the website is to keep everything simple and easily understood. No complex mathematics are included.

MEASUREMENT EQUIVALENTS—Each measurement (whether given in English or metric) is immediately followed within brackets by its equivalent. This is a feature rarely found even in scientific publications. That makes this website useful all over the world.

TRANSLATION PERMISSION—You are hereby given permission to translate any part of this website into any foreign language for sale or free distribution. We would ask, however, that you try to keep the sale price low. There is an urgent need for people—especially young people—to learn what is in this book.

BACKGROUND OF THIS BOOK—In the summer of 1989, the author learned that the California State Department of Education had recently notified the private, non-tax funded Graduate School of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), that it would have to close its doors if it did not begin teaching evolutionary origins and processes in its science classes.

Since 1972, ICR has worked steadily to educate the public in regard to the many evidences disproving evolution. An attempt to close their college because it would not teach that which its doctoral scientists knew to be error—and had satisfactorily shown to be error—was ridiculous; yet this is the situation our nation is coming to.

That education department ruling crystallized in the author the conviction that an in-depth book needed to be written to help awaken the thinking public to what scientific facts really have to say about creation science and evolutionary theory. (Incidentally, by court action, the ruling was later rescinded.)

The three-volume set, on which the paperback is based, was the result. It brought together one of the largest, single collections of data on the subject, and is based on about 200 periodicals and an equal number of books. It is a book written for thinking people everywhere. Scientific professionals can learn a lot from it, but it was not written for them.

HOW TO USE THIS MATERIAL—This website, and the books it is derived from, is excellent for (1) personal knowledge enrichment; (2) data when you need it on a certain science topic; (3) private school and home-school chapter reading or research topic assignments; (4) church-group study; and (5) sermon, prayer meeting, and lecture source material. The index at the back of the books, and the Search section on the website, will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

There is enough material here to form the basis for a sizeable number of high-school, college, or university research papers. Even those working on advanced theses will find the source material, provided here, extremely helpful. When conducting such research, you will want to also use the greatly expanded collection of data and statements by scientists, found on the website, which are not in the books.

STUDY AND REVIEW QUESTIONS—The questions at the end of each chapter in the Cruncher are designed for grades 5 through 12. The student can use the questions as a basis for further study. The teacher may wish to assign some of them. The simplest are generally given first, followed by more advanced ones.

SHARE COPIES OF THE PAPERBACK, THE CRUNCHER, WITH OTHERS—The more you study and learn, the more you can help other people. They need this information as much as you do. HOW TO ORDER-

POSITION OF THIS BOOK—This book adheres to a broad range of scientific evidence that our world is only several thousand years old and that a worldwide Flood has occurred. See chapter 4, Age of the Earth, for more on this.

NATURE NUGGETS—The "design factor" is an overwhelming evidence of Creation. You will find examples of natural wonders, which evolution could not possibly produce, in the website section, entitled Wonders of Nature.


Because most of them work within limited fields, scientists assume that researchers in other fields have successfully proven evolutionary theory. Unfortunately, their narrowed focus of study, and their acceptance of evolutionary presuppositions, hinder them from recognizing the implications of very obvious scientific facts and discoveries.

This book contains many basic facts and principles you will not learn in the secular schools. Reading them will broaden your grasp of hundreds of reference points, which will enable you to have a clearer understanding of science and natural history. An understanding of truth always strengthens the mind; an acceptance of error always tends to confuse it.

The men and women with the greatest breadth of mental capacity are those who recognize and willingly accept truth when they see it, and are willing to identify underlying principles and trace from cause to effect.

This book can equip you with a more accurate overview of scientific facts, often superior to that of the average secular science teacher and even of many research scientists.

Because of this, you should not feel intimidated by science teachers, nor even by research scientists you may meet. It is true that they know more about less, yet you will be able to correlate facts they have never considered.

Be polite and courteous, but never forget that you will have a grasp of a number of basic scientific principles which, unfortunately, they do not have and probably never will. Although they have a deep knowledge of a narrowed field, their dedication to evolutionary theories requires that they ignore valid scientific evidence. False premises inevitably lead to erroneous assumptions and conclusions. Minds become cramped when men dare not consider facts which disagree with their theories.

The facts in this book will provide you with a bulwark against the acceptance of many false scientific concepts you will encounter throughout the rest of your life. Keep this book and refer to it in the years to come. —vf


"The evolutionary establishment fears creation science because evolution itself crumbles when challenged by evidence. In the 1970s and 1980s, hundreds of public debates were arranged between evolutionary scientists and creation scientists. The latter scored resounding victories, with the result that, today, few evolutionists will debate. Isaac Asimov, Stephen Jay Gould, and the late Carl Sagan, while highly critical of creationism, all declined to debate."—James Perloff, Tornado in a Junkyard (1999), p. 241.

"It was because Darwinian theory broke man’s link with God and set him adrift in a cosmos without purpose or end that its impact was so fundamental. No other intellectual revolution in modern times . . so profoundly affected the way men viewed themselves and their place in the universe."—*Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985), p. 67 [Australian molecular biologist].

"Unfortunately, in the field of evolution most explanations are not good. As a matter of fact, they hardly qualify as explanations at all; they are suggestions, hunches, pipe dreams, hardly worthy of being called hypotheses."—*Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried (1971), p. 147.

"No one has ever found an organism that is known not to have parents, or a parent. This is the strongest evidence on behalf of evolution."—*Tom Bethell, "Agnostic Evolutionists," Harper’s, February 1985, p. 61.

"As by this theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed. Why do we not find them embedded in the crust of the earth? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of being, as we see them, well-defined species?"—*Charles Darwin (1866), quoted in H. Enoch, Evolution or Creation, p. 139.

"Scientists have no proof that life was not the result of an act of creation."—*Robert Jastrow, The Enchanted Loom: Mind in the Universe (1981), p. 19 [a leading astronomer].

"Evolution became in a sense a scientific religion; almost all scientists have accepted it and many are prepared to bend their observations to fit in with it."—*H. Lipson, "A Physicist Looks at Evolution," Physics Bulletin 31 (1980), p. 138.

CONTINUE- Introductory  Statements by Non-creationists Scientists


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