America's Prison Spy Society

By David J. Stewart

        The U.S. is quickly becoming a Nazi-style, fascist, Police State. This is all so sickening and disturbing.

All we hear about is how good all this surveillance is for us, and how much the government is looking out for our safety and best interests. Bologna!

It's all a smokescreen for tyranny. It's all a foot-in-the-door to force oppression upon the entire American society. Americans are being chemically drugged. Studies have shown that Fluoride is lowering children's IQ levels. Mercury in the vaccinations has been proven to cause autism. It's all a gargantuan nightmare. Americans won't believe the truth until it's too late, and their children are brain damaged, and their freedoms are gone and

America is becoming a surveillance society with video cameras being installed everywhere, even in public bathrooms. Police departments nationwide are now using license plate scanners, which

EMD safety bracelets

License plate scanners help find those with unpaid parking tickets

Google Developing Eavesdropping Software

Microsoft Seeks Patent for Office 'Spy' Software

DHS Telescreens To Encourage Wal-Mart Shoppers To Spy On Each Other

America's Oppressive Society