Sodomite Sex Now Taught in Public Schools
Issue Date: March/April 2002

If it is not already there, instructions in sodomy will be coming soon to elementary schools in your neighborhood, if the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has their way. WorldNetDaily reports that, “Instructions on homosexual sodomy and a glorified account of lesbian pedophilia are among the instructional materials approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District for use in “diversity” and “safety” programs being presented to elementary through high school students.”

The instruction materials came to light as California Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy presented a bill to the state legislature banning instructions in homosexuality in the public schools. He presented as evidence, curriculum materials which encouraged homosexual experimentation and stories of teens who “discovered” their lesbian “orientation” after being seduced by a teacher.

Mountjoy’s bill died in committee. He could only conclude that the committee’s vote against his bill meant their approval of the continued use of the material in public schools.

Included in the instruction materials was a recommended reading list to “help parents understand and accept their gay and lesbian children.”

Young, Gay & Proud, One Teenager In 10: Writings by Gay & Lesbian Youth and Homophobia as Child Abuse are three of the 27 recommended titles. Parents who wished to review the books were told to look for them at local bookstores that cater to the homosexual market.

The strength of the juggernaut against decency and marriage in our culture is illustrated by the fact that 39 organizations registered objections to Mountjoy’s bill with only 3 in favor.

Several recent legislative acts have been passed addressing violence and safety in the public school. These are being used as a mandate by the school districts to provide sensitivity training about various hate-violence issues including homosexuality.

Organizations such as GLSEN are providing guidance to the schools on how to teach all students that the deviant sex practiced by homosexuals is really a normal and healthy expression of love. Their theory is that the more detailed the descriptions, the easier it will be for the students to decide their own sexual “orientation.” All this is done in the name of eliminating violence caused by intolerance.

This ruse is being used to introduce our children to gross and destructive sex that is an abomination to God. Studies show that those who practice sodomite sex are many times more likely to contract AIDS and other diseases which shorten their average life span by a couple of decades.

Christian parents whose children attend the government schools must be alerted to this danger. Make sure you know what each course contains and be especially alert to special assemblies or seminars geared to “sensitivity,” to “diversity” or countering “intolerance.”

SOURCE: Sodomite sex now taught in public schools.

Homosexuals Working Hard to Recruit Our Kids.
Issue Date: May/June 2004

The homosexual drive for acceptance and approval is increasingly focused on recruiting in the public schools. California recently passed a law mandating that K-12 students be taught to "appreciate various sexual orientations."

Christian members of the Westminster (California) school board are refusing to use this "diversity" curriculum and are being threatened with the loss of $40 million in state funding. Other states are also capitulating to the intense lobbying by sodomite activists.

Schools are being sued or threatened for any attempt to stop this drive to alert grammar school kids to the "possibility" that they might be "Gay." One school district in New York agreed to pay $30,000 dollars to a middle school student who was sent home for the day because she refused to change her T-shirt that declared "Barbie is a Lesbian."

Schools are facing lawsuits if they try to stop the establishment of a "Gay-Lesbian" club on campus.

The Los Angeles school district is instituting the state-mandated curriculum under the banner of safety. Homoactivists are screaming that "homophobia" in the schools is creating a hostile atmosphere toward students who are trying to decide if they are "Gay" or not. Then, they are demanding that even kindergarten and grade schools teach that some students are born homosexual and need a safe and affirming school environment to help them recognize it.

Often, the curriculum and classroom teaching is done without alerting the parents. Special assemblies are held where homosexuals can present the sodomite lifestyle in a positive, appealing light. Some have even presented detailed descriptions of the perverted techniques used in homosexual intercourse. And all of this to youngsters who are growing up in a highly confusing, sex-charged culture.

What then can the Bible believer do in a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to the gospel and biblical truth? We must become active in our schools. If it is a public (government) school, get a look at all the materials in your child's curriculum. Talk to the teachers to find out where they are on this issue. Talk to the officials who administer your school and if they are being pressured, find ways to stand with them against this evil.

We need to make our elected officials feel our revulsion and outrage. One Christian legislator in New Mexico was trying to stand against this kind of legislation but only one Christian showed up to testify at a critical committee hearing. She wrote an open letter in The Baptist New Mexican, pleading for help from the pastors and Christian parents.

Polls have indicated that the generation that is being fed these lies are buying them. One study found that over two-thirds of high school students polled saw nothing wrong with the sodomite life style. 

Jack Chick's newest Li'l Suzy tract, Birds and the Bees, hits this evil head on. It is written for the early grade school student who is being recruited by the homosexuals. It is tragic that their young innocence is being destroyed by the schools and culture. But Bible believers must wake up to the threat and strike back with prayer, voting, exposure, political pressure at local, state and federal level, and strong biblical teaching at home and church. We have allowed this evil to become so pervasive it will take a lot to stop it. It may even be too late but we must try.

SOURCE: School children being taught gay is okay.

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