Indifference In America

by David J. Stewart | April 2005 | Updated January 2012

"Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger." —Lamentations 1:12

The children of Israel had sinned against the Lord. Jeremiah the prophet had been sent by God to warn the Israelites to either repent or face certain judgment and doom. The Israelites spit in God's face and continued in their rebellion and sin. In Jeremiah 25:11, Jeremiah pronounces impending judgment upon Jerusalem because of their stubbornness and unwillingness to turn back to God. Now it is too late to avert judgment, Babylon WILL conquer Jerusalem and dominate the Israelites for 70 years.

Nevertheless, God in His mercy still offered hope to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah. If the people of Jerusalem would simply surrender to King Nebuchadnezzar's military forces from Babylon, all would be well. The people of Jerusalem would have been allowed to remain in Israel, in their homes, serving the King of Babylon from Jerusalem. Howbeit, the Israelites were a stubborn and stiff-necked people. They imprisoned Jeremiah for preaching God's Word and left him for dead below the city in a miry pit. Israel refused to listen, calling Jeremiah a heretic and liar.

Perhaps the greatest enemy which America faces today is not a foreign power, nor even the Communist subversion from within; but rather, our own INDIFFERENCE (that is, it doesn't matter one way or the other attitude)...

"It starts with all of us though. Evil couldn't have gotten away with this if people by increment didn't give-in to evil and corruption!"

—Radio host Alex Jones, THE ALEX JONES SHOW; Friday, January 6, 2012

As Christians, we should care about the individual as much as the group. I realized when I started this website that most people would go away angry or laughing, but I didn't make this website for them. I made this website with God's help and guidance to reach out to the INDIVIDUAL. It's that one person in a hundred that I am here to help by Gods grace. I care because God cares (1st Peter 5:7), and you should care too...

“Without concern we're not Christlike. Without concern we're not Christlike. Ah, watch yourself. ... Now your greatest need as a Christian, and of every Christian, is a concern for lost and dying people. Without concern we're not Christlike. You have no claim to Christlikeness unless you're concerned about others. Without concern we're not obeying the Scriptures.”

Pastor Lee Roberson (1909-2007), from the needful sermon, The Revival America Needs | Download

This website is very unique. People sometimes criticize me for using scary music and photos to enhance my articles, but in a DESENSITIZED Hollywood generation, I write my articles with the prayerful hopes that people will be SENSITIZED (i.e., to make sensitive or aware). Respectfully, most people are woefully ignorant and complacent. You'll find MUCH information on this website. I've created this website as a database of information for those who need and want it.

King Nebuchadnezzar (a heathen Babylonian king) had heard about Jeremiah's preaching and spared Jeremiah's life when Jerusalem was invaded for the final time in 586 B.C. Babylon was brutal towards the people of Jerusalem. King Zedekiah's daughters and wives were raped and taken into captivity, his sons were executed by the sword in front of his own eyes and then Zedekiah's eyes were burned out of his head by the Babylonian soldiers. How tragic were all these events, yet the most tragic thing was that all this could have been easily avoided had Israel simply obeyed the Word of God.

Upon Babylon's final invasion of Jerusalem, the city was totally destroyed and burned to the ground. The women were ravished and killed, children were slain in the streets, men were slaughtered everywhere. The mighty men were executed. The remnants of the wealth of Israel was harvested from the city. At it's end, only the very poor, sick and elderly were left in the city, including Jeremiah. Jeremiah sat in the smoldering ash heaps of what was once the city of God's people and wept bitterly because of what had happened to the people.

In the months that followed, Jeremiah noticed that the remaining people didn't seem too concerned about what had happened. Jeremiah spoke aloud and asked the soul-searching question, "Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?" Jeremiah was simply saying, "don't you people care at all?" "Doesn't it mean anything to you that Jerusalem has been destroyed?" But the people didn't care, not one bit. How tragic! How sad! No one really seemed to care what had happened.

America is in the same grave situation today, but will we listen. Is it anything to us? Never in the history of the United States have American citizens CARED SO LITTLE about God, the Bible, decency, America's sovereignty, morals, and righteousness.

"Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play." —1st Corinthians 10:7

Most Americans only care about what's showing on TV tonight, what's for dinner, and is there beer in the frig. It is called complacency, and it's destroying our nation. Complacency will do more to destroy America than communism ever could. By the way, communism is alive and well. Feminism had it's roots in communism. Read about how the Wall Street elite created communism and the New World Order. America is falling prey to evil hands, the New World Order (aka "Globalism").

My Ministry is to Preach THE TRUTH

“We need porcupine preachers, so that the people will get the point.”
—Brother Lester Roloff, PAWING IN THE VALLEY | Download MP3 Sermon (right mouse click to download)




I want you to know the TRUTH! Respectfully, most people are woefully ignorant of truth. This site gives you THE TRUTH about many things. You should want to know the truth. Though I don't believe that we should be side-tracked from serving the Lord with secular matters, we still need to know THE TRUTH about the things that are going to deeply affect our children and grandchildren. This world has become a large insane asylum. Christians cannot just sit idle while Satan runs his course. We must fight against evil wherever it rears its ugly head.

I am a patriotic American, but loathe the corruption and injustice that exists in our government (which is so prevalent, especially at the highest levels). There are many articles on this website exposing such evils. It's high time that Christian people started waking up, because we are quickly losing our freedoms. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, because both political parties are as corrupt and evil as can be at the highest levels. 

There's not a dime's difference between the two parties! No matter which party has been in The White House over the past 35-years, abortion is still legal, baby parts are still being sold, the lies of Evolution are still being forced upon children, manufacturing jobs are still leaving America, the Federal Reserve is still destroying America, illegal drugs are still being trafficked into the country by the CIA, trillions of taxpayer dollars are being stolen, et cetera. If you don't believe me, then please listen to your elected officials who are trying to wake you up! Galatians 4:16, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.” —President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination!

Now you know in part why they killed Kennedy. The following quote is by Myron Fagan, which explains the rest...

* NOTE: Jack Kennedy [also known as John F. Kennedy], during his term of office as the President of the United States, became a Christian. In his attempt to "repent," he tried to inform the people of this Nation (at least twice) that the Office of the President of the United States was being manipulated by the Illuminati/CFR. At the same time, he put a stop to the "borrowing" of Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank and began issuing United States Notes (which was interest-free) on the credit of the United States. It was the issuing of the United States Notes that caused Jack Kennedy to be "assassinated."

We have every right to demand the truth from OUR government because everything they do, they do in OUR name and with OUR money, and with OUR children in the military. Hence, it is OUR business. It's not the unanswered questions that should worry us as much as the unquestioned answers. The media is filled with lying propaganda. The government is spending our money in our name and we have a right to know where it's going. This is our First Amendment right—to peaceably protest against the government. This is not anarchy, it is our legal right as citizens of the United States. Would to God that more Christians and churches would exercise that right. As Alex Jones says, “We are pro-family, pro-gun, and pro-Jesus Christ!” The sky may not be falling yet, but the dark storm clouds are gathering. The dots are in place and the lines are now being drawn. 

Isaiah 53:6, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way...”

Indifference is a sin! It is a sin because it always leaves the door open for Satan. Our government is going to do to us whatever we allow them to do. We must fight to defend our liberties and freedom. George W. Bush is a liar, he is not defending our freedom...he has taken it away through the Patriot Acts and other "terrorist" prevention measures by the Department of Homeland Security. The "war on terror" is an infinite war with no identifiable enemy. How can you defeat an enemy that doesn't exist, except in the minds of a brainwashed nation? Why are American so indifferent? Please read, You Need to Believe Some of the Things You Read.

One of the signs of a mature Christian is someone who genuinely cares about others. The world offers a synthetic type of love that is here one minute and gone the next (which is no love at all). If you are indifferent, then ask God to forgive you. If I didn't care, there would be no I do care and hope that you do also. God cares and He most certainly wants us to care. Love is all about caring form OTHERS. The hellivision has made people indifferent, desensitized about sin and wickedness. The Word of God can clean our hearts and renew our desire to fight the good fight of faith for the Lord. 

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