Don't Let Satan Have Your Child

The evils of TV, Harry Potter, Rock music, Sabrina, et cetera

       I was reading a sermon the other day by the mighty preacher, Dwight L. Moody, when I came across the following quote:

"I was reading some time ago an account of snake-worshiping in India. I thought it was a horrible thing. I read of a mother who saw a snake come into her home and coil itself around her little infant only six months old, and she thought that the reptile was such a sacred thing that she did not dare to touch it; and she saw that snake destroy her child; she heard its pitiful cries, but dared not rescue it. My soul revolted as I read it. But I do not know but we have things right here in America that are just as bad as that serpent in Indiaóserpents that are coming into many a Christian home, and coiling around many a son and binding them hand and foot, and the fathers and mothers seem to be asleep." [Emphasis added]

SOURCE: Dwight L. Moody, From the sermon entitled: "HEAVEN'S INHABITANTS"

That's a good quote. Many parents today allow demonic influences (serpents) into their homes, not fully realizing what affects it may have on their children. Considering that Mr. Moody never saw a television, I can't help but wonder what he would think of the sinful world today. Certainly, the term "hellivision" is fitting for the evils of TV. There is no one threat any more dangerous to children today than television. Most parents don't see any harm in programs that promote witchcraft, horoscopes, astrology, spells, potions, and New Age philosophies; but these are all of the Devil.

Just as dangerous are teen programs that promote promiscuousness, fornication, dirty-mindedness, immodest clothing and Rock 'N' Roll. Walt Disney leads the way in promoting smut and filth. Hannah Montana is horrible, promoting immodest clothing for girls, feminism, dirty-mindedness, worldly pride, self-centeredness, self-glorification and demonic Rock 'N' Roll. Children are extremely impressionable and parents should never allow such wickedness as Hannah Montana into their homes.

TV is a Social Evil

The average child witnesses thousands of killings, rapes, violent crimes, thefts, and bedroom sex scenes committed right in their very own home. Is it any wonder why American society couldn't care less about the evils of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, booze, gambling, adultery, pornography and going to war against innocent foreign civilians?

Here is a good quote addressing the evil influences of TV...

"It's like alcohol, or tobacco, or gambling. The net result is socially negative. TV executives argue that there is no connection whatsoever between violence on television and crime in the streets, or between TV's sexual titillation and the behavior of the individuals watching these programs. Yet, the same TV executives will collect a million dollars for a 30-second advertisement during the Super Bowl. How do they collect money for these advertisements? Who pays for them? Why would advertisers pay such sums if the medium has no affect whatsoever on behavior? C'mon. Quit kidding us! TV does change the way we act. The average child sees 8000 killings on TV by the eighth grade. Is this in no way connected with the fact that violent crime is up 560% over the last 30 years? So, even if the TV had absolutely no affect on me personally, I ought to unplug itósimply as a social protest or boycott against the evil it promotes in society."

SOURCE: Fifteen Reasons Why I Should Unplug My TV

Amen to that! Few parents realize that there is a sinister agenda at work to corrupt every child. Television is highly effective at brainwashing, causing it's victims to unknowingly become "desensitized" to the awfulness of sin. Whereas the Bible makes sin "exceedingly sinful" (Romans 7:13); television makes sin appealing, acceptable and no big deal at all. TV seduces people to accept sins that the Bible clearly rejects. Increasingly, TV is persuading society that homosexuality is merely an "alternative lifestyle" and that homos are just "born this way." No Sir, God doesn't make mistakes!

Television raises feelings of sympathy, compassion and understanding for behaviors that are SINFUL. Consequently, few people nowadays are the least bit hesitant to file for divorce. Satan has succeeded through hellivision to convince people that adultery is attractive, desirable and normal. Nothing is held sacred by Hollywood (or should I say, Hollyweird). Late Night Shows all mock God, joke about sins, and blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ. 

You'd think that cartoons at least were safe for children; but they're not. Scooby Doo promotes witchcraft, summoning up demons and casting evil spells. Girls are clothed in miniskirts in most cartoons, such as The Jetsons. Although seemingly innocent, these shows send messages to children's brains that these sinful practices are ok, acceptable and harmless. The same people who will laugh at what I'm teaching are the very same fools who support abortion, pornography, gambling, booze and divorce.

The Evils of Television

Although the Devil has various methods to harm children, the television is his best way to infiltrate their minds. It's been wisely said, "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop"; but I moreover contend that, "A television mind is the Devil's workshop." Children who grow up saturated with television will become worldly, carnally and sinfully-minded. This goes for adults as well. TV is the diametrically opposed enemy of the Word of God. I realize that this type of preaching is not popular nowadays; but it needs to be said. Satan is the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4) and the television is his most powerful weapon against mankind.

When you think about it, the TV LARGELY controls what people eat, where they do business, what they think about, who they vote for, how they feel about critical issues, how they dress, the jokes they tell, and literally hundreds of others things as well. This is great power! American society has been destroyed by TV. The average American isn't affected one bit when they read about another murder in the morning newspaper. And what do they do?... they go home and watch some more murders on TV! Then they buy a book... a murder mystery! Then they pay to go see a godless Hollywood Theater movie... about murder! America is a murderous society inspired by murderous movies made by murderous producers. "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13).

Television is the rot of American society. The best advice is not to have a TV at all. I think I can confidently say that 99.9% of all people who own a TV end up watching what they shouldn't watch. It's just as sinful for parents to watch that passionate love-making scene as it is for children. It's utter hypocrisy for parents to cover their child's eyes, or tell them to leave the room, so the parents can indulge in the same vile wickedness on TV. How can parents keep Satan from harming their children, when they've invited him right into their own livingroom? You're playing with serpents!

I Want Your Children

I have come to visit your children
And Iím pleased with what I see.
They abuse all kinds of drugs,
And are getting drunk with me.

They live as in Gomorrah or Sodom,
Their minds perverse and blown.
I will claim their souls anytime now,
You shouldnít have left them alone.

I am glad you worked long hours,
I am glad you were busy a lot.
It would have been harder to sway them, if not.

At your schools I have been at work,
Making sex an acceptable game.
You slept while I fought to keep prayer out,
To add to your neglectful shame.

You donít seem to notice the witchcraft;
I broadcast on your own TV,
"Itís just an innocent program,"
Twitch your nose as they follow me.

Add a couple violent sitcoms,
Itís funny to see heads blown in two.
Now your little Tommy has his own gun
And thereís nothing you can do.

Theyíre mine and you cannot reach them;
Their hearts are cold, hard, and black.
Iíve showed them how to party,
With pot, cocaine and crack.

You have been a tremendous help though;
I couldnít have done it alone.
If you hadnít forsaken your prayer life,
These seeds I could not have sown.

So stay away from the Bibleís teachings;
Donít listen to what God has to say.
Your children are no longer your problem,
A price theyíll eternally pay.

Without Christ they are mine to devour.
Without God, nothing you can do.
Today I will take your children.
Tomorrow I will be coming for you.


You Need HIS Righteousness!