Fresh Prince of Bel Air is Immoral

By David J. Stewart

Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a sexually degenerate show, which is harmonious with Hollywood.  In one of the shows, Carlton, referring to the days in his mother's womb before birth, states to Will Smith... "I can't believe I was ever inside a woman."  Will Smith responds by saying... "We can't either."  The show is saturated with such types of lewd and sexually suggestive comments.  In another episode, Will Smith is teaching his younger female cousin, Ashley, to... "Shake it baby... 'com on, shake it good," he states, while listening to worldly music.  He then hops off the kitchen counter and begins to gyrate his hips wildly, with his rear-end sticking out, teaching his cousin that this is how she should behave.  This is the subtle, sickening, and sinful morality of today's world.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air is deceitful and spiritually confusing to young people, because the show sends a mixed message of morality.  On one hand the show teaches moral character lessons about being honest, honoring your parents, and abstaining from drugs; while on the other hand teaching that it's OK to party, drink booze, lust, fornicate, be covetous, dress whorishly, talk dirty, listen to worldly music, have a sexually-perverted mind, and do dirty dancing.  Hilary Banks, Will's cousin in the show, wears miniskirts and skin-tight clothing, and acts like a total whore.  In one episode, Hilary dresses up sensually in a tight black leather miniskirt, to entice an IRS man.  Carlton says she needs to do better, so she lifts her skirt to look more whorish.  She states to Carlton... "I look like an expensive call girl," and she certainly does.  This is the godless message which Fresh Prince of Bel Air is sending out to young people today.  Although the showed aired from 1990 to 1996, it is still extremely popular today. 

The important thing is not so much to shelter our kids from characters such as Spider Man, Harry Potter, and Will Smith; BUT, rather, to teach our children what is wrong with those characters so that our children won't like them, and know why they shouldn't.  My kids don't watch or read Harry Potter, because they don't want to.  They know that Harry Potter is all about Satanic witchcraft, because I have shared Scriptures with them, and showed them how actual schools of witchcraft now exist on the internet because of Harry Potter, where kids can enroll for free and learn the craft. 

Although Fresh Prince of Bel Air teaches some moral lessons, they also promote lascivious dancing, rap music, wild partying, immodest dress, whoremongering, and fornication.  In the series, Will Smith at times brags of the multiple women he's had in his life.  Jesus condemned such heathen living (Matthew 5:28).  Whoremongering is a sin (Hebrews 13:4).  So it's more a matter of teaching our children what's wrong with these characters, rather than just denying them the privilege of watching them.  Some parents are dictatorial and simply make rules, without explanation; BUT, it's MUCH better to teach your kids from the Bible why such people as Will Smith are a bad influence.  I've taught my children to honor Billy Sunday, D.L. Moody, and many other great men of God, who honored God with their life.  My kids respect Congressman Ron Paul, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and others who are fighting to defend America's freedom.  It is the height is ingratitude and wickedness for us to lead our kids to praise and honor Hollywood's godless whores and whoremongers, who pollute the world with their lascivious filth.

I am not trying to be unkind in any way, I am just saying that the world has a twisted sense of morality that continually changes.  For example: Homosexuality was widely condemned by society 100 years ago, and treated by psychologists as a mental disease; whereas today it is accepted as an alternative lifestyle, freedom of choice, and psychologists are helping people to accept who they are.  When Elvis Presley first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, they were prohibited from filming anything below his waist, because of the sexually immoral messages being sent by his gyrating hip.  Elvis was a sexual pervert, and whoremongering adulterer.  Such behavior was offensive to viewers back then, just 50 years ago.  Today, people laugh at the thought of banning Elvis' hips from the camera.  Today, TV is saturated with nudity, adultery, sexual perversion, whores, and lasciviousness.  Why should God bless this sinful nation?   God's hand of blessing is slowly being lifted from America, and we will ultimately bring severe judgment upon ourselves.  Sin always leads to apathy, and apathy to apostasy.  When people stop caring about morality and justice, apostasy sets in like gangrene.

The average person today has a sick sense of morality, which allows for fornication, but condemns adultery... allows for drunkenness, but condemns illegal drugs... allows for pornography, but condemns pedophilia... allows for gambling, but condemns theft... allows for cursing in God's name on the job, but forbids distributing Gospel tracts... and so forth.  As Christians, we should look continually to the WORD OF GOD as our moral compass, and NOT the sinful world.  The world can't make up it's mind concerning what is right or wrong, because they are saturated with sins themselves.  The Word of God is the Final Authority; NOT mankind, and God never changes (Malachi 3:6).  Don't be fooled by the subtle innocence of such shows as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air--they're filled with wickedness, which is clearly seen when the Light of God's Word is shone upon them.